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  1. I'm going down from Newcastle for the weekend and meeting a couple of mates in London and taking them to the final. Really looking forward to it and I'm sure those that do go will have a good time!
  2. Really pleased with that win for Thunder. Had a few back from injury and hopefully if we can keep players fit we can compete.
  3. Good to see a few back tonight, it'll be a tricky game but hopefully with some back we can get the win!
  4. I'm going as well to my first final and making a weekend of it in London and really looking forward to it. I like the idea of going to London but wouldn't be against taking it to different stadiums. The options would be Anfield, The Principality in Cardiff, Murrayfield or The Etihad outside of London. I haven't included Old Trafford and St James Park as they host events already. The cost thing could rule out Paris although that could be decent in the build up to a French World Cup or The Aviva in Dublin.
  5. Although a union move at community level would be far from ideal for league. The union regions going to three could be an opportunity and present a chance for professional rugby league in Wales. Players could see league as an opportunity from whichever region goes.
  6. I don't think there's a solution that would please everyone here. For me personally i like the idea of getting promoted through the leagues and making it to Super League and opening up relegation from League One but appreciate that's not realistic. My question would be out of the twenty five teams in the Championship and League One who has Super League ambitions? If so could you have minimum criteria for Super League 1 and slightly less criteria for SL2. You could have a play off between bottom of SL2 and League One. Like i said no easy fix but think you might need more than two leagues of ten.
  7. True on the Halifax fans, hopefully clashes with the football can be avoided going forward. With London winning today it puts more pressure on that game. Hopefully we can get one or two back but we've been saying that all season! Thought the loan signings added something, it'll be a case of if we see them again.
  8. Summed up the second half nicely there to be honest. You guys blew us away in the first half and I was fearing a cricket score. As has been said more experience for our lads and the lads who came in on loan definitely added something. We might get some players back from injury soon if we're lucky!
  9. This is great games being played between Leigh and Featherstone. Leigh announce a signing and then Featherstone announce one!
  10. Think it's fair to say the team news report plays things down this week. The players brought in in loan gives a hint they might be looking to sign them next season, Betts mentioned see what we're about etc. As for the Halifax traveling fans enjoy your trip up!
  11. I know most teams would be on a level playing field in terms of lack of preparation and appreciate Covid has knocked the international schedule. But there should be a window of three or four weeks mid-season for international games. Teams will improve as they play together.
  12. At the moment we're missing Ta'ai, Woods, Mullen, Foster, Chapelhow and Dee through injury. Plus Halsall, Miski and O'Neill who have been in the squad on dual registration have been in the Wigan squad after playing against Widnes. Throw in Hallas going back to Bradford, Minns to Wakefield and Trout to Featherstone who haven't really been replaced there's a lot of experience. Think next season we need to have a bit more depth in the squad. Wright isn't with us anymore.
  13. It's really difficult to judge to be honest, think we all accepted last season would be difficult given initially we expected to be in League One. This season hasn't been helped by injuries but i'll judge things at the end of the season in terms of league position.
  14. Rugby league needs an international structure and recognised international windows. Even for now if it was a Test Series against France I'd rather watch that. Ideally would like to see autumn internationals and a European competition.
  15. Have posted a couple of times today on the Thunder party of the site and on the Championship thread for this weekend. We are struggling at the moment, our younger players are getting a lot more game time due to injuries. But we have to be patient with things as frustrating as things are. If you guys want to come and check out what's going on at Thunder appreciate some people might be coming to Magic. We're playing Bradford at home on the Friday night and yesterday it was announced the game will be in partnership with Northern Pride promoting inclusivity. The club have said we're going to look to break our attendance record of 6,631 for that game and there will be a special ticket offer for those attending Magic Weekend and Northern Pride.
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