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  1. Looks like a desperate measure to me, that leg looks heavily strapped.
  2. Scott Donald going past Wellens like he wasn't even there 2007.
  3. If the ref can put a stop to Walmsleys bambi act wandering up the field before he plays the ball and keep them all onside for once Catalans might have chance. So on that basis Saints by 20+.
  4. Think mjm might be thinking of the CC semi final when they beat erm I forget now.
  5. On the face of it looks like a good appointment, loads of experience at the top level. Why did cas let him go.
  6. Cue Saint Toppy to come up with his usual anti Leeds bias, ahh tommie not that kind of player unlike Rhino thugs.
  7. Another one been sucking lemons. I wasn't in the ground too busy fighting fires. Leeds fans wouldn't have to shout much to out sing your motley crew.
  8. I will go along with that Paul, throughly enjoyed both games very entertaining.
  9. Well played HKR what a game they played in the second half. Of it could have been very different if George Williams had been playing.
  10. Could only watch on TV last night and they looked a lot more than 300 and made more noise than the Wigan fans.
  11. After last nights fare I'll think it was Wigan they were orgasming over. Clarke and Wells were so biased beyond belief. Need to get shut of the Wigan saints love in thats every game.
  12. I've just read somewhere the crowd was only 7300, with a decent Leeds support thats abysmal.
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