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  1. He played on as he was given the all clear, and unfortunately got injured again at the next tackle at which point the Salford fans booed when he went down, i presume as they suspected he was 'pretending'?
  2. You do know why he threw the ball at him don't you and if so do you not think the Salford players misdemeanour was worse and deserved a yellow too?
  3. I've been going to Perpignan for 12 years now and i'm still discovering new bars and restaurants as well as our old favourites, and not once have i seen any Fartowner throwing a punch at a local !
  4. Bang on, i'd rather spend post match in Perpignan with 30-40 rather than the hundreds who pop up for a game during their pi** up, sorry holiday. Would hate them to hang around in the town and spoil it, mind you 99% of them think Perpignan only has 1 bar and that's in 'the square'
  5. Think you could have chosen your title a bit different then to maybe something like 'alternative England team containing 1 or 2 new faces' rather than fresh blood
  6. half of them are already in the team ??
  7. As i say, most who stay in Perpignan respect it, never stayed in Lloret as that kind of thing doesn't appeal to me or my group but i can imagine what kind of place it is and the people it attracts, maybe that's where the idiots were staying, or it could be a coincidence the trouble left when the 'beer buses' did.
  8. Not all, some of us stay in and respect the city of Perpignan, it's people and it's cultures and have no thoughts on commiting acts of violence - and yes we drink all day there too sometimes. Maybe it''s just the mentality of the individuals involved ?
  9. Traditionally ours are Halifax but in the more recent super league era i'd say it's more Wakefield and recently Leeds, although both their sets of fans claim they don't care about us they go bonkers when they beat us !
  10. And people complain about kids banging cowbells at Huddersfield??? reading some of the issues fans have with other fans makes me wonder if we're going wrong somewhere by drinking beer and behaving !!
  12. I've been in that stand at the top many times and never witnessed anything like that, more the opposite of shaking hands and friendliness etc.
  13. Huddersfield v Leeds CC SF 2006 ( we weren't given a cat in hell's chance) Huddersfield v St Helens, CC SF 2009 ( great game that we managed to come out on top in) Huddersfield v Halifax challenge cup 1995 (we were 2nd div, they were near top of 1st and we beat them convincingly in a huge upset at the time) Keighley v Huddersfield challenge cup 1995 ( 30-0 victory and their 1st home defeat for over 12 months) Huddersfield v Barrow Div 3 1992 ( the night we won the 3rd division and started our comeback up the RL ladder, also turned out to be the last league game played at Fartown from what i recall)
  14. As the Giants fans were taunting them with - "all you do is boo" they booed again so not totally silent
  15. Not really, we have some injuries but the kids are playing well so are keeping more senior players out. We could have put out a stronger squad but again that's our choice to play who we wanted.
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