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  1. He doesn't seem to have played much rugby in the last 3/4 years through injuries or am i over exaggerating ?
  2. Once again i thought we gave the mighty saints a real test and with a bit more composure and discipline could have beaten them, although as they had loads of injuries and players out etc we probably wouldn't have got close to them if they had had their big guns and superstars playing !! I thought once again the likes of Yates, Lawrence and McQueen were very good for us while our backs weren't firing we looked pretty decent in defence till we were faced with someone running at us hard and we shat ourselves and buckled, we simply aren't strong enough on goal line D. Saints are now a si
  3. I was joking, it was a tongue in cheek comment, thought the smiley at the end may have given it away!
  4. Serious question here, when Koukash was throwing money out of the club for any has been couldn't they have bought the stadium themselves rather than wasting it on Gareth Hock etc?
  5. Do Saints have injuries? if so then we will win cos of that, if they don't they'll win. Though reading the thoughts of the Saints fans these days they aren't happy with a win, they consider it a failure and boring if it isn't a thumping free flowing victory - spoilt gets
  6. I've no idea as i am thinking about the bigger picture in the sport and society and not just the player involved. Something to make the news and make others think that we're not scared as a sport to stand up for what we have been trying to get thorugh for the last 12 months, it's no good launching campaigns and kneeling/standing for 13 seconds and boycotting social media if we are just going to dish out the minimum punishment available when someone is caught doing it, it's double standards and at the moment seems to me that all the stuff we do is just for show.
  7. Something that would have made society look and think wow they are serious about tackling racism, we had a chance as a sport to send a positive message out regarding the whole discrimiation business and we chose not to !!!
  8. Can imagine all the racists after this weekend's campaign thinking 'phew they didn't mean it and we can carry on' Should have made an example of him for the sport, any sport and society in general after what this weekend was all about - i don't care about the factors, the player's 'character' etc he was found guilty of it and should have been made an example of so people can finally see and take the lead of the RFL in that it will not be tolerated in this society and hopefully do the same in their sports but no we gave him a slap on the wrist and sent him to bed witrh no supper cos
  9. This is an excellent point and one that is used way too often by players, coaches, media and fans. X team had X amount of players out and that's why they lost, never mind that most teams have decent back ups and most teams will put out a decent 17 on game day that should always give their best and not use the injuries excuse to ease off or put in a less than 100% performance, it's almost as if players and coaches think they can have a day off or you get bonus points for playing well if you have injuries. Every team has injuries, every team has disruption at some point, every team has
  10. YES YES YES !!! Couldn't have been a better opposition or way to get our season up and running against but boy was that close. Apart from the OB disallowed try where Kenny decided to help Leeming's bowel empty i didn't think there was a lot wrong with any of the other 10, a shame we couldn't get the usual 345 replays of them. I thought we'd blown it again at one point but it's about time we did that to them !!!. Hopefully we can kick on now.
  11. This is a must win for Fartown in my eyes, we have been playing ok and getting better every game as Watto and GB mould the team into what they want and if we really do have aspirations about being in the play-offs this year we need to start picking up wins. Leeds are looking shot already and this should be a game we have targeted as a win after playing well the last couple of weeks, if we score 1st i think we will be comfortable as every games so far we've had to come from behind and left ourselves too much to do plus it's Leeds, when you pull on a claret and gold jersey it should be pump
  12. I'd prefer to see him at Full-back for Fartown rather than behind a camera, though he does do a good job, probably not cliched enough to take on the role with sky though.
  13. I'm sure some do but it made a change to give my ears a rest for a few seconds while watching the game.
  14. to watch a match without Barrie and Terry's constant talking, I actually got an idea on what was happening in the game. Tonight made me realise just how much 'noise' them 2 make. A much better viewing experience for me.
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