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  1. I noticed Wigan's wingers were really narrow when we had the ball, it baffled me why we didn't try and exploit that rather than cutting infield whenever the ball was heading wide, maybe they knew thwy could leave their's in field as we weren't going to try and use a wide play. I'd like t see Deakin given a go or Ash at 9 to try and get some ruck speed, Milner's ok defensively but offers little in attack for me.
  2. Ah, the one where an OAP on our bus got hit by flying glass from the bricked coach window!
  3. Did you take a Kilner bank seat as a souvenir as a lot of you lot did that afternoon?
  4. Same, cue the jokes about how were both here!!!
  5. Good effort from our boys, looked like being one of those all too often batterings coming our way after 25 mins but credit to our lads they regrouped and looked pretty decent after that, keep a couple of those early tries out and we may have had a chance. We will get a better idea of where we are next week against Cas rather than the current and former world champions in consecutive weekends.
  6. Oh give up, everyone knows they are decent crowds for the respective clubs, Huddersfield and Salford never 'pack them in' so put your stirring spoon away.
  7. RIP Darryl, a very good coach for numerous clubs including my own. It could be argued he laid the foundations for our return to the top flight of the sport and a big part in the awakening of a sleeping giant, he managed to bring players with such quality as Garry Schofield, Greg Mackey and Phil Veivers to the 2nd divison. He put together a quality team in the Claret and Gold before moving on.
  8. I though it had just gone, it could be back though now!
  9. Good grief NO. Let's not even get into that 'look at me, i' have the power' rubbish they have in the premier league.
  10. Exactly, do we need another now if folk have said what they had to say?
  11. I said after the 2022 cup final how graceful in victory he was and how well he spoke, he still does, he's such a likeable bloke for our sport, there's nothing to dislike about him. Remember him coaching Wigan's academy and scholarship against our lot when i was more involved and he always seemed to acknowledge the opposition players, always had words of encouragement for the kids and coaches and even then it was clear his man management skills were outstanding. An asset to our sport and a damn good coach too.
  12. Despite the scoreline showing 0-28 i came away from the ground feeling not too disappointed, yes i would have liked to have seen us score but Saints are a damn good side who were pretty spot on all game, once Welsby went over and it was 0-18 it became damage limitation as it was clear we weren't going to threaten their lead and apart from the 2 late tries, both from very flat passes at the very least, we didn't do too bad in containing them. Attack wise we did ok but same as last year just don't have the nouse to unlock defences on the last play, it's always a un-challenged kick and keep them as close to their line as possible, it's becoming predicatble and boring, we have 2 fast, exciting attacking wingers who see little to no ball, wwe brought Adam Swift in to replace club legend Jerry who scored tries for fun and we've not passed him the ball in 2 games?? Anyway well played Saints, it's only the new world champions next so another tough effort. Agree with comments about Tui being a full back, he isn't brave or fast enough in legs or mind to play there. We missed Jake Connor's guile a bit last night i thought.
  13. Should be Wire by loads as FC are ###### but this is Wire and they also have a tendency to be ###### too....home win but i reckon a close one, 10-16 points.
  14. Be nice to see a London team back in Super League, they're an unknown quantity and may spring a few surprises, if they can match Catalans for 20 mins i reckon they may pull this off.
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