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  1. Sorry i meant due to how our players react to adversity and how we let decisions affect us in the whole, reading back i should have worded it better as it does appear i am trying to blame the officials. We seem to have had an issue for ages with letting decisions, right or wrong, affect us mentally and unfortunately for us it's usually a negative mentality.
  2. It's rubbish IMO, if you have battled back to force a draw or hold a top team like KR did you should be rewarded somehow rather than being told "well done on that, you get nowt though and you've now got to play another mini game called 'stop-the-drop-goal'" For me it doesn't add any enjoyment to games at all, i'd much rather come away from a game discussing how it was a point gained or dropped rather than a drop-goal that neutralising everything that went on before. I'm definitely not a fans of it AT ALL!!
  3. Where have i laid blame? that's why i asked what neutrals thought and whether they were justified or not, if yes then i can accept my teams indescretions without my 'Fartown specs' on. All teams fans think they're hard done to every decision against them, i just thought some were ludicrous and if i'm wrong i will hold my hands up and criticise my players.
  4. Even though it was my team i turned it off after half an hour and watched a documentary on the railways of Britain, due to the ridiculous decisions the ref was giving, 3/4 set restarts on the bounce for tackling and then sin-binning a player for another tackle that Leeds milked all the way - what happened to team warnings? bit harsh on 1 player being sin-binned when he's legitimately just made a tackle and got caught in the pushing and shoving. God knows what the rest of the game was like but i knew even leading 10-0 we would've lost that the way it was being reffed when i looked at the score later. Without it sounding like sour grapes and from a neutral's perspective were those decisions all justified? obviously i saw them with claret and gold tinted specs on.
  5. Indeed, not once but twice and even as a rival of theirs i was gutted for them as the prospect of us both progressing through the leagues with that rivalry was mouthwatering, instead just 4 or 5 years later we played them at CP in the NFP after we'd been relegated from SL and the crowd was something like 1,400 - with absolutely no comparison to what was there previously, it's so sad to see a governing body ruin such a (at the time) successful club just to suit their own agendas.
  6. Out of the new ones there's only the Halliwell Jones that i look forward to going to, although since the direct train and railway club have now gone it's nowhere near the occasion it used to be which was a great away day out regardless of the result, it's still a good do but has been diluted a bit. The others, including my own teams offer zero excitement to me if i'm honest, soulless concrete bowls that have taken away the atmosphere of places like Knowsley road, The Boulevard (even if it was a scary one) etc, they are boring places that are not a patch on their predecessors. The old grounds were ace though i'm more inclined to mention the smaller ones as we didn't have many opportunities to visit the 'big grounds' unless we got a lucrative cup draw, i enjoyed places like Mclaren field, the various Trafford/Chorley Borough homes and Gillford park at Carlisle, i think it helped that back then Huddersfield had a sizeable away following by their league's standard which made the away games more enjoyable. I also enjoyed trips to the Willows, which is strange as they were our bogey side at the time and we hardly ever played well or got a result there but it had a rugby league ground feel to the place. And as Meast has mentioned the trips to Cougar park in the mid-90's were something else due to the rivalry, and was the fixture that both Huddersfield and Keighley fans looked out for 1st, it's unimaginable nowadays to think there was 5-6000 rammed in to the place with half of it away support, likewise when we hosted them, great days which were sadly taken away by the powers that be.
  7. Who cares anymore? the whole season has turned into a farce now Hope we smash them though
  8. I know, just imagine how bad it could have been if we were without Golding, Mcintosh, Wardle, Gaskell, Sezer, Matagi, Ta'ai, Lawrence, Murphy, Clough, Walne and Butler - good job we didn't have to play most of our academy lads against a delepted saints !!! We were never gonna be in that game and the fact the games are coming thick and fast is going to seriously affect all players welfare i fear, young kids carrying injuries been asked to play twice in a week is not ideal and in my opinion seeing the depleted squads we are already suggests the season re-starting was a bad idea and is only to please the paymasters at the detriment to players health. Well done though Saints for being clinical, they'll do that to many stronger teams too so no shame - we are still the last team to beat them though
  9. Think we are the only team that gets penalised for forward passes!! We were poor today and goes to show how good our 1st choice half-backs are to us, as decent as Olly and Tom are and their effort they aren't in the same league as Sezer and Gaskell and it showed today, fair play to Hull though they smashed us and did the job in the 1st 30 minutes.
  10. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, i like my claret and gold hoops and own a retro version we had produced privately a few years ago. Personally i haven't purchased a shirt since 2009 although i've had a couple bought as gifts, i'm not one of these who buys them every year regardless as i think they are poor value for money and generally our designs don't appeal to me.
  11. There wasn't that many of us around when it was that never mind now!! doesn't really bother me as i call them 'Fartown' still but most of the new fans (and other teams fans) don't understand the relevance of the term thinking it's just the name of an old ground, they have obviously grown up and followed the club as the 'Giants' so naturally won't know the club as anything else. We were originally known as 'Fartown Giants' when the whole moniker thing came in. As a matter of information the name Giants was chosen to allude to the fact we were a previous giant of the game as well as a waking one at the time.
  12. We have a few out for this - will it count if we lose or will it be just because we were pap and shouldn't be losing against this black and whart sard?
  13. I see Wigan's next breed of talented young ........thugs are already coming through !! how old is Smithies? and already a dirty get !!!
  14. 2 of your wife's ??? how many have you got
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