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  1. Could be the most away fans Huddersfield have had for ages ? Hopefully we won't underestimate them and treat it like we have for every other away game this year - ie - WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN !!(even though it's at home)
  2. Doubt a lot of the fans will, or will simply ignore that !!
  3. all the accolades should go to the Giants team and should read: "Super Huddersfield shock the current champions and keep them scoreless in the 2nd half despite only having 15 fit men for that period" "Huddersfield's magnificent defence helps them hand Saints a 1st home defeat since 2018" Instead stuff i've read on various forums is stuff like: "Poor saints performance allows Giants to snatch an unexpected win" "Under par Saints side lose again" "Huddersfield take advantage of poor Saints tactics and selection" It's brilliant how we keep getting ignored, sayig that we're usually getting hammered so i guess it's the nearest we'll get to getting credit.
  4. Fair enough, and fair play for admitting you were wrong too, again this is part of the problem we have with people believing something to be true without actually finding out if it is or not, same at a game, fans decided a pass was forward, a team was offside, the ball was stripped etc there and then so decide the ref is biased and think calling him names and abusing him cos of their own perceptions is acceptable, it isn't. I don't know what jobs most of the ref abusers do but i'm sure they would get upset too if someone abused them when they 'thought' they'd made a mistake in their job. What's written on social media and said in person cannot be undone so people need to start thinking more carefully about what they say and how it may affect others - NO ref cheats or is biased regardless of what you or any other rugby league fan perceives.
  5. There's some pretty nasty stuff on the St helens redvee forum this weekend - again in a game they lost, no surprise there then, the mentality of the defeated RL fan is appalling at times.
  6. How? you're suggesting James Child is biased against Wakefield, hates Wakefield and has a chip on his shoulder over Wakefield because Wakefield happen to have a poor win ratio when he's beenin charge of Wakefield's games in a 5 year timespan, you've then stated it's a Statistical fact, well yes it may be but that doesn't mean or prove who the referee is has any bearing on the result of those games you lost, with, coincidentally, Mr Child as the referee. I'm not misunderstanding anything i'm forming my thoughts from what you yourself have typed, if you think it's misread then maybe it's you who miswrote what you meant, the fact is your basically saying Wakefield don't win when Mr Child is the referee because he is biased and doesn't let you !
  7. So basically it's a sheer coincidence that your favourite team don't play very well on the day a certain match official is in charge of the game but this translates as 'that ref is biased towards my team and hates us and has a chip on his shoulder over us and does his best to make sure we lose that game but no other ref does, because we lost on occasions he was refereeing' ? what a lot of tosh!! I'm sure we could all find examples of our own team's losing more games when a particular referee was in charge if we were sad enough to make up a fantasy that he made us lose on purpose, i don't think it's the Referee in question who has a chip on his shoulder here..... Apart from the fact your team haven't won those games what exactly are you suggesting the ref in charge has to do with them defeats? my guess is it's just a pathetic attempt to deflect from the fact your team lost those games and have decided that it was the ref's fault and have decided to accuse him of been biased against your team. Very strange reasoning is that...
  8. They might have been the 1st cross code ones then i may have got mistaken.
  9. Did you not see the way they blew away League 1 and Championship clubs? they were obviously planning on doing that to Super League too, that's the joke that they have literally most of the squad that played against Coventry/Hemel/Oxford etc thinking they're good enough to challenge SL teams. Yes i know we keep getting told they've only been in existence 3 years but you'd think in those 3 years they would have actually improved their squad.
  10. Nope, and just to correct you saying Huddersfield were a yo-yo club, we got relegated in 01, promoted 02 and have been there since so hardly yo-yo if your interpretation of it is clubs who have gone down once and up once.
  11. there seems to be a few with a Wakefield connection on here that don't seem too convinced that it's not ok to abuse referees ?
  12. Fartown's "Famous 4 Fijians", John Ravitale, Tom Waqabaca, Joe Saukura and Tomasi Naidole who switched codes in 1964.
  13. Wrong in the eyes of the people who employ him to apply the rules of the games or wrong in the eyes of supporters who do not understand the rules of the game correctly and who's tesm have generally just lost that game ?
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