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  1. As the Giants fans were taunting them with - "all you do is boo" they booed again so not totally silent
  2. Not really, we have some injuries but the kids are playing well so are keeping more senior players out. We could have put out a stronger squad but again that's our choice to play who we wanted.
  3. Huddersfield had loads of youngsters on Friday but for some reason Hull Kr and Leeds fans aren't batting an eyelid at that ??
  4. Coming up with immature stuff like that i'd suggest they need to get one before getting on with it.
  5. Why him? is there not plenty of other wingers that could qualify for GB?
  6. Absolutely agree with the OP, it does my head in when you hear the Ref's constantly shouting at the players to stop doing something or to do something, the players at pro level must surely already know the rules and should therefore adhere to them off their own backs, maybe at a junior level it could be utilised a little. There was one game where the ref shouted 'play the ball' to an attacker who was trying to milk a penalty or waste time 4 times before he actually did, surely a pro RL player will know he has to do this anyway and after refusing 3 previous times surely this is should be penalised? Another tonight where the Ref shouted 'markers you're not square', they didn't move but he just let them stay there anyway - again if you've seen them offending penalise them, especially if they don't respond to your calls. To me the problem is the players know they can push the officials a lot further than they used to and the ref's have almost become on field coaches to the players rather than an authoritive figure, the players are coached from an early age and regularly during the week so surely shouldn't need to be told what to do on the field on a matchday. If they are committing an offence penalise them for it rather than just telling them they are !!
  7. Been a regular at the Kcom library you won't be too familiar with noise will you?
  8. Cats? it's Giants versus Dragons, there's no cats here
  9. Huddersfield are Dual Reg with Workington not Batley.
  10. is that twitter? i don't do twitter can someone post on here when there's any news
  11. Does anyone happen to know when the next lot of televised fixtures will be announced as they only go up to 18th July and i'm wanting to make travel arrangements for some future games?
  12. There's a new Facebook page set up to promote any RL based events in Yorkshire, please like and share it and send your events to it if you have any and want extra publicity. search @rleventsyorkshire on Facebook
  13. Great stuff, glad this bloke has finally been allowed back in to RL.
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