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  1. 5 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Serious question, why would anyone pretend to have funds to set up a small Elite 2 team - what would the purpose of that be? 

    That's what lots of people can't understand over here, he wanted to go directly into elite 1 at the beginning but the old ffr xiii president put them in the third division, the new president believed his lies and out them in elite 2 

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  2. 28 minutes ago, fcl said:

    I sincerely believe that this man is sick with mythomania and megalomania. I blame the people who allowed this more than this person who should have been unmasked a long time ago.
    besides, did he really play for Rochdale Hornets and Newcastle Thunder? Did we verify that he had solid support to embark on this adventure? A lot of question remains unanswered but personally I blame the media and the federation for having encouraged this man in his delirium.

    Toulouse also according to his Facebook. I feel sorry for the players especially the imports. It's not the first time he's brought players to France but had nothing lined up for them or money to pay them. At least this time the players only cam from the UK, last time it was four Australians that luckily got picked up by other clubs. I heard a story about his short time at Rochdale and London skolars 😁





  3. He's going to villeghailanc, they're Carcassonne reserves but Locke won't play for Carcassonne. The reserve part as only been used so far by the villeghailanc reserve team (fourth division) playing some Carcassonne under 19s players as they where shorts of numbers. I can't see villeghailanc letting their star player (that they're paying,) risk injury playing for Carcassonne. 


  4. 12 hours ago, The Daddy said:

    It seems as though Oliver Janzac is filling the Villeneuve Leopards team with mostly young players. Does anyone know the background around this, why so many youngsters? 

    For a team that's full of youngsters they have been very competitive so far this season.

    Olivier does a great job bringing young players through. He did the same at Lézignan when he was coach there, it's understandable as he's part of the creps set up in Toulouse (high level rugby league centre) where the players study and train at the same time. 

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  5. Carcassonne v Toulouse Saturday night at 18h30 the u19s game is streamed too on the clubs Facebook page, which shows be a very good game. 

    Catalan v Albi Saturday 16h30

    Villeneuve v Lézignan at 15h30 streamed on the Villeneuve YouTube channel I think. 

    Limoux v Avignon Sunday at 15h probably on the limoux/Stefan bonnery YouTube channel 

    All times are French times 

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  6. A club has suddenly appeared on Facebook with a logo a nickname and a new shirt! 

    I hope it's a real team and not another one of the phantoms teams to sell a bit of merchandise etc 

    Everything on the page is in English and a chance to buy the shirt in both the northern and southern hemisphere.

    Seems very similar to other ventures that never really happened.







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