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  1. Maybe Treviso to learn the game this winter out of the spotlight then a big move next year,
  2. I'm over for the game, amazing! A nice brunch in a bar near the ground then to the beer garden before the game which is great, friendly excited atmosphere, local craft beers, Wolfpack merchandise, food, then there's the atmosphere at the game, Canadians, immigrants ex pats, (most knowledgeable of the game) , screams at all the big hits, the stadium announcer shouting defence defence, stay seated and people selling ice cold beers directly to your in the stands. After the game the mayor pledged a big investment into the facilities and the TEAM which was greeted with a massive cheers and excitement , the people around me then told me about how he made the same comment for the basket ball team, he kept his promise and a few years later they won the NBA, then straight back into the beer garden(behind the goal line) party going on and it's like that for every game apparently with a dj playing music for all ages, then to another pub near to the ground with its own brewed beer, 5 or six times a big chant of Wolfpack Wolfpack all through the bar, then we get chatting to the die hard fans with Wolfpack tattoos origanlly from Nicaragua, then another few South Americans, a few Americans, also a few expat city types, people who work for TV stations, the city newspaper, all in their Wolfpack gear. The city has a great feel about it, I was surprised to see so many Canadians in the bars before the game having brunch and beers kitted out in their Wolfpack merchandise, Its a completely different atmosphere here, where the game is in fact a full day out with friends good food, good company and some very nice local beers, À great experience that's well recommended.
  3. Too many games in a week I think, plus a very good résidents team
  4. The u19 game is live on the nzrl Facebook page and the French fédération site, 7.30 cet Thursday morning
  5. It's east v west here in Sunday as a trial match for the French team, even though the elite season does not start until mid November
  6. I really don't like Beziers, worked around there for a few years ! It's supposed to be getting better though. Toulouse would be a good place,
  7. I have a feeling that super league will go to 14 clubs and no funding for the foreign teams that don't have a TV contract (Toulouse,Toronto and catalans)
  8. Ahhh the small print! Well seen! They forgot the Asterix to attract my attention
  9. Thanks but I think I'll wait until after the semi to be sure before booking, or an official answer from the rfl, I'm not doubting your knowledge but it's alot of money to risk,
  10. Just read it again, winner of game d are at home
  11. Even more complicated, the rfl sent me a link on their website Which complicates it further, as it show winner of game d at home
  12. I'll probably not take the risk! Thanks everybody for your replies
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