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  1. Just one Ron leapai, the others arrive soon, he has a very good game, all of my u 19s that are playing first grade got a try, so happy coach! Toulouse did have around 10 players that qualify for the juniors in their team though. Young césar had à great game in first grade for limoux, he played in the halves against England in the youth test this year,
  2. I'd set up a club in montpellier with a catchy logo of a predator , announce signings from everywhere including a few Australians , set up a online club shop. Promise to go straight into elite 1 then super league, get interviews and a full page spread in rugby league world, find a great stadium for them to play in, then resign as president to become the coach then leave them when they're in place and sit back and basque in the glory! Oh wait somebody as already done/promised that but didn't actually win the lottery!
  3. What happens if a player plays 5 games at the beginning of the season then gets injured and gets back in time for the playoffs?
  4. This is the under 19s shirt for this season, the first team have a thicker pink round neck No there is no club shop but ask fcl xiii he may to be able to sort something.
  5. Yes, lezignan have a quick set of backs with ferret, gouzy, Thor, miloudi and cardace so he'll add even more!
  6. There's 4 for foreign players arriving in December, the number of spectateurs range from 3 to 400 to a thousand, the new stand is being unveiled the first week of January, with a catalans training session then the u19 and first team playing limoux, hopefully we' ll get a big crowd and it's likely it will be Simona's first game too, The first team are currently playing with an all French team, with 14 of them that come from the town and came through the rugby school (including 5 of my u 19 players)
  7. He's coming to play, to get back into rl and using lezignan as a spring board, not being overpaid either apparently, just wants to get back playing was what he said to the presidents.
  8. You can watch the carcassonne home games live and on replay on their Facebook page,
  9. That's another club out of the running to sign Tony gigot, looks like he's going to be struggling to get a club in both league and union
  10. The two teams and staff from the first game doubled the crowd when they came out of the changing rooms to sit in the stand for the second game! Joking aside I'd say 3to400 each day maximum
  11. Toulouse v st gaudens canceled tomorrow, half the team have gone down ill.
  12. I know catalans tours are doing one,
  13. Did Bennet pick the squad on his own or by recommendations from his staff? as he probably doesn't watch much super league, I know the aussies have the belief of getting all the best players on the field even if it means playing out of position, they do like a stand off in the centres and full backs on the wing when it comes to the origin series, but surely he must have known he was short on outside backs
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