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  1. Is sky not owned by North Americans? I can't understand how the NFL has got its own channel and there's always US sports reports and highlights on Sky sports.
  2. I heard Brian noble trying to make davies say brilliant try. Maybe he reads the posts on here!
  3. The president is stepping down, but putting his voice behind his current team and pushing for luca Albert's mum to be the leader of the team. Andre Janzac.'s board is in the running, but is apparently against the new centre, maybe because his son works at at a centre of excellence school in the rugby league part in Toulouse ?
  4. They're back to school now so busy with homework and fortnite
  5. Financed mainly by the local council and the regional council,
  6. World class is pushing it a bit, he had a good game.
  7. He had a good game, he was lucky as he missed two tackles that could have been tries, which was from tiredness I reckon, made some good runs too, he's still not a convincing support runner though,
  8. Home page on watch nrl, and at the bott there's 3 options latest episodes, news, or highlights and you have the 20 minute of highlights of each game
  9. Mini games in the highlights press conference section, they compress the game into 20 mins, they do have just the trys too I think
  10. Ray French confirmed many times on the bbc that Graham west was a 6 foot 5 second row from new Zealand.
  11. Corentin le cam 2m05 not sure how tall in old money
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