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  1. Thursday night games and derby games on Friday nights?
  2. He says in an interview that toronto will be making room on the salary cap in the near future which should let him atleast finish the season with them.
  3. Is it not if you get knocked out it's game over and a week off, or is that in Oz?
  4. Huddersfield played well, catalans played OK especially when the bigger forwards where on the field. Huddersfields tries came mainly from good kicks, and some good play picking out the young Romano on the wing as a weak link. catalans dominated Castleford in the forwards so the backs could play for a change. , cas looked tired, even in the warm up. Catalans played like they had something to prove.
  5. 18 6 Tomkins playing like the good old days! Folau having a good debut, catalans are finally playing some rugby, but cas look tired
  6. The little fella, born in 1993
  7. He supposed to have had a great game against st gaudens when gausch got sent off, they where losing at halftime to win by 30 points with 12 men, from what I saw of Albert at the open training session at lezignan he looked very fit. But he won't play unless one of the two half backs get injured, same for morgue although they played very well together in the last game of the season for the catalans
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