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  1. It's on viaoccitanie.tv next week at 2pm your time I think.
  2. 12 all at half time. Finished 26 18 for lezignan
  3. Cracking game this afternoon too. Well it seemed it from inside the stadium anyway!
  4. Send a cv. You'll be snapped up. Any club can promise lots of money and a great team. Not many can put their money where their mouth is. Especially in french rl!
  5. 36 degrees now forecast. With a bit of a breeze thankfully 25 to 45kmph. But in the sun it'll feel alot more i reckon.
  6. It's a bit warm already! I'd say almost dangerous to play the game at 4pm!
  7. Yes. It looked like a try to me. The touch judge is a good ref who does the touch in super league sometimes so he probably got it right.
  8. If the Avignon try wasn't disallowed when Carcassonne where playing with 11 men I think it would have been a different result. Tomorrow will be a great game. A bit more physical. 37 degrees forecast for tomorrow apparently!
  9. Simon and mullaly have stepped up a level since they went down to 11.
  10. I think the crowds will be affected by the need for a proof of a test of less than 48hours, or proof of having had a second vaccination. The heat will play a big part. 33 degrees is forecast and with the games beginning at 4pm french time it'll still be that temperature during the games. Will the almost 3 weeks off help lezignan and carcassonne? Or will Avignon and st esteve have the advantage having played last week in high temperatures? Shoild be two very good games.
  11. He played really well yesterday for Villeneuve. I think the narl is on hold isn't it? They can't have a top flight comp if no Aussies are allowed to leave Australia and no Brits can get into America. Either that or they've not received the money they were promised. He'll do a good job for red star, he was the assistant coach for the last few games of the season at Villeneuve.
  12. That's my first prediction completely wrong!
  13. If the catalans don't load their team with dragons squad players i can see villeneuve winning this. Janzac knows the catalans system pretty well as it's quite close to his system and the dragons super league side now. I think limoux will be too strong defensively for Avignon especially now pat and gigot have left.
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