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  1. Albi are the only real team that can hold carcassonnes powerful forwards, Carcassonne are a little more forward orientated this season and work around the ruck a lot more, the influence of teddy Sadauoi I reckon, if you keep gigot quiet especially if your wingers are ready for the 40/20s and cross field kicks Albi aren't very dangerous when gigot isn't having a good day, Lézignan beat them twice and both games he didn't do much, I love watching him play, especially his 20 mètre flat passes that beat 3 or 4 defenders on their own, I see a carcassonne win unless they have an off day like last year in the final v Limoux, but I know they've learnt a big lesson from that day( me too )
  2. The Albi u17s play Lézignan in the curtain raiser, in the semi final of the play offs, Lézignan beat them 2 weeks ago in the cup final by a couple of points,
  3. Limoux will win I reckon, Albi haven't played for a month and have been struggling since their 11 match winning run, and limoux are almost back to full strength. Stop gigot you stop Albi.
  4. Villefranche said they'll step up, ille didn't accept last year and got told they couldn't play in the play offs this year, that wasn't true, they got deducted 2 points because they only had 6 players turn up for tyr 9's comp, the funny thing is? The federation has completely forgotten about the 9s comp ! It's at the semi final stage with Villeneuve, st Gaudens, st Estève and Lézignan in the semis, they played the pool stages before the start of the season , Villeneuve and st Gaudens didn't make the elite play offs so they last played 4 weeks ago and are now on holiday,
  5. Villefranche where training at the Lézignan ground last night, look very pro with full training kit etc,
  6. No idea why, no they don't need so many, they do tests and trials to get into the 19s at the Catalans, the rest of the u19s teams just have a walk up policy and anyone can come and play, so you can have a french 19s international training with a player who's never played before,
  7. They should maybe try to take the best players, coach them all week and the players non selected go back to their original club at the weekend. But that would improve the quality of players but would probably cost a lot of money on accommodation etc to get all the best players staying in Perpignan all week.
  8. And the 40 aren't all the best players in the 19s category ,It's annoying especially when the rest of the division have played at least one game with less than 17 players!
  9. Rostang Avignon, Jammes limoux, Aubry, Carcassonne, martin Lézignan, should definitely be in the team, the Catalan team steam rolled everyone but have 40 players all first and second years but most didn't play any elite 1, lots of the Toulouse 19s played elite 1 until the serious part of the season and dropped to the 19s for the bigger games. I reckon it'll be a good mix, Guillermo is a shoe in from the Catalans, but probably the only one playing elite 1 at UTC in the list,
  10. There's still at a squad of 30, that will be cut down to 21 I think, with quite a few that play elite every week, even in a super league squad with Guillermo, Jammes, rostang, garrigues, I'd say at least 1/2 of the 30 play regularly in elite 1,
  11. Toulouse have lots of players playing first grade that drop back for the cup and play offs, Villeneuve 19s may create a surprise
  12. https://viaoccitanie.tv/ The link to the channel, hopefully it'll work in the UK, 2pm kick off in England, 3pm France
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