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  1. He's already experienced a grand final over there, so all he had left to do was to win one I suppose. I bet the last few months have been difficult, injured, away from his family and confined, probably helped make his decision a bit easier
  2. Accumulater on the aussie rugby, you must be mad! I'm lucky to get one game correct
  3. Did wigan athletic not recently buy boltons training facilities?
  4. Ricky Stuart's tactics? Every time he does the drop off its to get near the posts to set up an attack or to attack a particular player.. It is a little boring to see, like giving up a tackle or an attacking chance. But it is the nrl, so most teams play the percentage /safety game (not a criticism)
  5. Maybe canberra isn't as appealing as Sydney or Queensland, he seemed to be enjoying the media side too. if you get the chance to play in Oz you may as well go to the nicer places if you can.
  6. They said yesterday that the rule is i m, if you jump you play at the ball, its normal to be so close to the kicker because if he doesn't kick you have to tackle him, then when he goes to kick its natural to turn your back to protect yourself.
  7. He almost signed for lezignan for a job and a playing wage
  8. Someone said on the French forum that Joel Tomkins wife isn't happy in perpignan, not sure if it's true or not
  9. https://uk.ambafrance.org/COVID-19-UK-and-French-travel-and-quarantine-measures It might be a bit dated, not sure when it was published.
  10. I'd definitely check, my parents are waiting until it's lifted before they come and visit,
  11. It's imposed on people going from France to England, but voluntary going from England into France for the moment
  12. Yes but will all the teams have to quarantine for 14 days when they get back to England?
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