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  1. He's building a house in Pia, great for elite 1, not good for him! I'm sure he'll be getting a hand to build the house by friendly builders from the Pia area
  2. Even when I went onto the our league site I struggled to find the live games, that was a year ago or so maybe it's changed, it's like they're even trying to hide the game from fans wanting to watch
  3. There's a big jump from u19s to elite 1, there's some tough physical players in elite, they've lost the best young stand off they have for a few months too against Lézignan Julian Laporte, he's still only second year u 19, he was at Carcassonne last year and played one first team game, well protected by Mila Simon, Bastien Canet and Bastien escamilla plus Clem Boyer, this year he's been thrown in at the deep end in a very young team,
  4. Three quarters of the team played under 19s last season, it's going to be a long year for them, maybe one or two players they had in France b will make a bit of a difference but I can't see Cesar rougé and tiaki Chan playing many games for them if they're not in the full time Catalan squad
  5. Teams posted on both Lézignan and Catalan Facebook page, same for Carcassonne and Avignon, just left the Irish pub in Carcassonne after an after match drink and a decent band playing at the ground straight after the game,
  6. https://fb.watch/fTQCOQ2xBn/ Tiaki Chan a bit excited to receive his shirt! Gave me goosebumps!
  7. They showed a documentary last week where they followed the French team before and during the Welsh match, via Occitanie was at the carcassonne training session on Tuesday filming and interviewing players and staff
  8. Salabio hasn't signed anywhere I believe he's spoken to almost all the elite 1 clubs but nothing been announced yet,
  9. The carcassonne game is on Carcassonne Facebook, Lézignan game on YouTube (Stefan bonnery page I believe) limoux on their YouTube page, (Sam Burgess will be there to see his mate Clark. He's been visiting the limoux rugby school and taking photos with everyone) Toulouse game is off due to France b commitments Albi usually stream on YouTube too, France b is also being streamed,
  10. My son's fixtures have just come out, u15s and u17s, there's only 11 teams in both categories in all of Occitanie/south west France, that's from Montpellier down through Perpignan and all the way to villeneuve Sur lot! Makes it even more impressive the way they manage to get competitive French youth teams, I think there's only about 5 teams on the south eastern side, Looks like there's only 10 u19s teams too, (maybe 13/14 max) including the lower Division (if there is one this year)
  11. The amount of food you get and the open bar I'm sure most people get their moneys worth!
  12. Been waiting on a old bloke who lives behind the stand to sell or pass away I believe, and then planning permission etc so it's been in the planning stage for a long time, A lot more corporation/hospitality boxes as they're all sold out behind the posts,
  13. One of my earliest RL memories is ray French saying his name on BBC in test matches monsieur rascagnere. For some reason his name stuck in my head with ray French's voice
  14. He played a couple of games during COVID , they took him from Montpellier I believe when the crazy Montpellier sharks team got kicked out of the league, Get a time and a date sorted and we'll play you
  15. The Catalan team that lost to Wigan recently got beat by Carcassonne by 50 points twice, so that means carcassonne could play in super League I reckon the top elite could make the mid table if they could get used to tougher games every week, elite 1 has 3 or 4 very good teams , a couple of average teams and a couple of teams that wouldn't even beat most national conference second teams, So a mixed bag,
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