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  1. Catalans had their cup final in Barcelona at the nou camp, I said it felt like a final with the atmosphere and the way the players got themselves up for it, hopefully McNamara will now blood a few young French players when it's not mathematically possible to qualify,
  2. Just let Bernard lead the community singing like in the old days, she's a lassy from lancashire etc
  3. It sounds stupid but the people in the vip area could have really done some damage to the Warrington people as if they'd have just pushed them downthey could have really hurt themselves,(it's quite high up and the stand is very steep) I don't find it as bad as what I've read from the video I've seen, it could have been a lot worse if the catalans fans in the stand had come over, it looks like 10 or so fans trying to get up to the vip areas and the business owners/bosses in the area trying to get get them down, I know who one of the people is in the vip who tried to calm it down, then punch one and then try to calm it down again. I'm sure that he won't get banned from the ground!
  4. It was about 5 or 6 hull fans sat on the front row in front of me, the real drunk angryfan wthat hates everyone on the field types, they screamed at the réf, catalans players, hull players, I said to my wife it was like watching a bbc documentary on young monkeys, one would stand up and shout and the next would jump up to and do the same thing, then another would try to shout louder and run faster to the barrier than the other each time dropping a bit of beer and each time screaming like a crazed animal, they where sat with their wives and with lots of catalans fans around them, then they started screaming and arguing with the catalans fans in the lower tier, the fans in the lower tier just chucked beer at them, as I've said earlier the real catalans are very very fiery and don't argue much they just jump in,
  5. https://www.lindependant.fr/2019/08/03/dragons-catalans-warrington-une-bagarre-eclate-dans-les-tribunes-de-gilbert-brutus,8345486.php
  6. Very drunk English fans and firey French who feel ripped off all the time by the réf doesn't help, à couple of weeks ago v hull it was the same, à few hull fans screaming and shouting and as some people say a bit of banter and the French just chucked beer at them and it kicked off, the French don't mess about with pushing and shoving they just jump straight in and think later, I don't like going in the stand behind the posts as it's a great atmosphere at the beginning and hostile at the end, bein sports are looking for an excuse to stop screening the super league, they may have now found it
  7. Does it say which ground they're going to play at? I'm still a non believer that they'll make it to Elite, with the players they've announced they'll win every game with 80 points as long as the players get paid what they've been promised,
  8. He started limping after the first ball he took up, was definitely not 100% after that, I thought he had a good game in a bad team
  9. Luckily they brought in a defence coach this season, they didn't have one last year!
  10. The best goal Kicker is the number 3 Thibault Marty, I've no idea why he didn't kick,
  11. Bring back the old treize tournoi at the end of each season, maybe play it between the 6th 7th,8th and league 1 winners and the top 4 elite, and invite the top 4 elite into the 1895 cup, but France play winter and UK summer
  12. Villeneuve currently play in front of around 80 paying supporters at home,
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