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  1. The stand was full as was the space in front and near the bar, the popular side in the sunshine goes the full length of the ground and was 4 deep the full length of the field, 4 or 500 for the pre match meal.
  2. They reckon there was around 4000 for the limoux v Carcassonne game, not bad for a chilly winters day.
  3. We play Avignon a week on Saturday I'll count the spectators.
  4. Limoux completed at 47% Carcassonne at 77% Limoux where at 37% completion at halftime, limoux never usually make mistakes like that!
  5. He was at the limoux v Carcassonne game too.
  6. https://photos.app.goo.gl/q2MA5EMp9vd17opd6
  7. From experience, and from the French forum, I've coached against them for at least the last 7 years and know that if the u19s aren't playing before the first team there's even less people, there's usually around 100 behind the dugouts and a couple of hundred stood around near the bar including u19s and u19s families. Take them away as they've no longer a team the numbers drop by at least 50. There's usually a couple of people from the visiting team but not many as it's a couple of hours drive for the closest clubs. It's a shame as they've a great set up and where u19s champions just before COVID.
  8. Everytime I've been to Avignon with a team the most I've seen is 3 to 400. Rugby league is miniscule in France, people seem to forget that, there's probably more French boules players in England than rugby league players in France,
  9. Also my son is looking to go to England for a couple of months in summer to stay with his grandparents and play, what age group would he be in summer if his birth date 12/12/2006, he's 16 in 7 days time. Thanks
  10. http://www.rugbyforumxiii.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=74373 Scroll down and you'll see the stand behind the camera, There was a bigger crowd on Saturday at Lézignan to watch the u15s v Carcassonne and then the girls u17s v Pia.
  11. Limoux v Carcassonne on YouTube today, it's being hyped up for the match up of the two full backs Santos v escaré. Should be a tough tight game,
  12. There would have been around 100 people camera side, they've no u19s so that takes off around 50 extra people/ spectators. Limoux are expected a decent crowd tomorrow
  13. The French checked and they only found a young 18 year old from the Rabbitohs junior set up, he played for France u19s in the Euro tournament in Italy.
  14. Avignon is a lot lower than that, a couple of hundred maximum, Toulouse around 200, there's usually more away fans than Toulouse fans, last year in the under 19s game at toulouse, the game was 20 all and we where warming up, there was a penalty 30 metres out for toulouse, I heard a loud cheer and thought Carcassonne had lost, no they'd missed and the cheer was from Carcassonne fans as there was no one there from Toulouse,
  15. Around 300 I'd say at Carcassonne v Pia, cold winter's day, Sunday there should be a large crowd for limoux a Carcassonne, They've already sold around 600 places for the pre match meal, Only 4 teams get decent crowds and it depends on the games, limoux, Lézignan, Carcassonne and Albi, probably the only teams that will get over a thousand supporters a few times during the season,
  16. Not been there for a while now , just containers for after match food and drinks for the teams.
  17. The federation reported that 53 teams had signed up for the Occitanie region league cup, which sounds impressive, then when you read further down this included, u13s u15s u17s u19s, the womens and girls teams, wheelchair, and even loisirs (touch)
  18. As from next week Pia will be a very difficult team to beat, Julien, whare, salabio and rumours of langi will be available from next week, they've already Paulo, vailhan, guasch etc they will be in the mix at the end of the season with Albi and the 3 Aude teams, also I've heard Napa will be playing in elite 1 for treize Catalan if he doesn't find another club.
  19. Yes less for u17s and there's around 15 u19s teams playing 13 a side. 10 in elite and a small number playing federal which is equal numbers (if they've 11 players both teams play with 11) My two sons play u15s and u17s at Lézignan, Which also shows the quality we have here when they can beat the English lions teams at u17s and u19s.
  20. Target the existing clubs as we're in a mess, this season there's 13 u17s teams in the whole of France (a few 9 a side teams but not many) and around 15 teams in u15s (again a few 9s teams) Not very good for the future of French RL!
  21. He'll come over to league and do his apprenticeship for a year or two and go back to union and be a great coach using the things he learnt in league
  22. It's nothing official as they don't have a single RL team in Andorra anymore, I don't know how to post photos on here or I would . I used to be able to but it's too complicated now. The same bloke was selling Carcassonne shirts then a copy of the final shirt we wore, Carcassonne didn't see a penny of this and didn't even get contacted by him.
  23. When is the online shop opening up again? I want a collection of make believe shirts, I've already got New York, a bloke on Facebook does shirts for Andorra and other teams that could one day appear, he thinks of a nice place and designs a shirt to sell just in case Luckily the New York training shirt was pretty
  24. If that's what happens that's what happens, I'm sure he regrets his actions, I'm not getting involved as he was out of order and there'll be a reason behind him cracking up, Definitely an example of where the referee standards aren't up to the level of the players standards, It's a definite problem we have in France, Neutral refs should have been used for this one definitely.
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