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  1. 22nd May Limoux v Carcassonne at 15h30 


    Catalan v Toulouse u19s at 13h30 


    The u17s final at 11h30 which will be between four of the following teams, Villeneuve,salon, Toulouse and Carpentras, 


    And the u15s at 10 am between either Lézignan,salon, Albi and Catalan, 


    All at Narbonne stadium, 


    Should be a great day 



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  2. I'll believe it when i see it! In France the clubs pay 20000 euros to play in elite 1, there's no prize money, the money just goes to the federation to run the comp and keep RL alive in France, the clubs have to then pay their players, pay the transport, pay the production costs for showing the games on YouTube or Facebook, the fines, the players license to play, the fines etc The clubs get nothing from the federation, 

    2000 euros to put a under 19s team into the elite u19s comp, 

    So it's the clubs that fund the federation. 



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  3. 10 minutes ago, dealwithit said:

    Great for him to be back. Quite a ridiculous situation to be banned for 2 years for using a short-lived stimulant for night out. 

    Is it still an illegal substance? Can you get suspended from work for testing positive? The second is a serious question. 

  4. Yes Maloney is back, he had a great game yesterday, As a parent I was a little sad hearing the younger Lézignan teams singing his name, we had a touch game with the u15s and u13s the morning before the game, one kid said I can't believe he got away with a months ban, a few others said "its nothing what he did as it was for a night out and not for the game" " he's probably been taking it for years, in Australia everyone takes it" they said and a few in of the  other kids  agreed, 

    Even the older people in the crowd cheered him when his name was mentioned to give him support, quite a few players have been banned for 2 years over here for doing exactly the same thing, 

    A few of the u17s parents (the u17s played the curtain raiser) left after the u17s game to show they're not happy with the decision to let him play, 

    It's the clubs choice and he definitely played a big part in Lézignan winning yesterday. I just hope the kids don't think it's a normal thing to take it on a night out and if they get caught they'll be back in a month! 


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  5. Farnworth is playing well every week against players that are contenders for the Australian, New Zealand and Tonga teams, the other English centres are playing against contenders for the England, Scotland,Wales,France and the combined nations teams, surely that's the difference. 

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