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  1. 46 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    I put the 'confused' emoji up because I was lead to believe that finances are not a problem that Toulouse will suffer from?

    Toulouse are paying the travel costs of away teams, so an extra 20k a game gets expensive I'd say. 

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  2. St Gaudens v xiii Catalan at 15h French time live on via Occitanie and sport en France. 

    4 Catalan squad members in the team ( vaillhan, Franco, le cam and Rougé) 

    A young English lad (Lewis) at hooker for St Gaudens who managed to get back to France after being at the Montpellier sharks club at the beginning of the season, and I believe a kiwi has arrived to strengthen the st Gaudens team. 

    Both teams haven't played since the 12th December,

    Lézignan v Albi tomorrow on the clubs Facebook page,

    Villeneuve v limoux Normally on the leopards you tube page.

    Toulouse v Avignon called off 

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  3. I'd do like the NFL in America, Lancashire league and a Yorkshire league, then the  champions of the Lancashire play offs  v the champions of Yorkshire play offs  to become the champion of UK and Europe or just say world like they do in the USA. 

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  4. Like most players when their contract is almost up, the young English players in England have NRL clubs and union clubs hovering around, he has English super League clubs and union clubs hovering around, I reckon I could make it as an agent too, I've understood the tricks of the trade😁

  5. 48 minutes ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    I can understand the frustration however personally i think its a sensible decision at present, the president is completely dedicated to overhauling and adding teams to both Elite 1 and 2.



    I hope so, he needs to find a team of helpers to back him up and do their jobs!!! The 9s fiasco at the beginning of the season, no communication to the clubs, messing up the draw (if there was a draw) regional games after the first round of the cup, with a floor plan up to the quarter finals so no draw, 14 teams being  left in the last 16 ! 

    Forgetting to run the u19s cup competition, increasing signing on fees even though the kids haven't played for 2 years but having  still paid the signing on fees to the federation for the two seasons , 100 euros minimum per player, 

    Rule changes coming in the week before the season starts including numbers of substitutions etc, kids being called up to the French junior teams but not receiving a letter or mail and finding out via Facebook, and the wrong dates and times being announced for the get together, 

    Stopping the season for a month for lower leagues and kids even though other fédérations haven't, but letting the feminine have a magic weekend with all the teams and the same ground and  one elite 2 game being played but asking elite 1 teams to cancel theirs. 

    Asking présidents of clubs if they want to continue in the cup with the club presidents saying yes then finding out on Facebook an hour later that they're eliminate without playing. 

    Clubs recieving the disciplinary decisions on  Friday or sometimes  not recieving them at all. Finding out the club  have a player suspended by telephone from a mate of a bloke on the discipline committee but not getting confirmation until 2 days later. 

    Starting the u15s and u17s league in November after not playing for a couple of years and leaving them to organise tournaments between themselves from September until November. 

    I could go on !!!!!

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