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  1. All games off this weekend, the clubs have been asked by the fédération to cancel, next week should have been the cup which won't be played until the end of January or maybe later, the games from this weeks cancellation will be played mid February. So Lézignan won't have played since early December, they should play in a couple of weeks time on the 23rd Jan, carcassonne last played mid December and won't play again until at least 29th January. 

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  2. That's the most baffling thing, I know the lower division teams said they need to be able to sell food and drinks or they'd lose too much money, as for the kids there's no reasonable at all, especially as they've only played around 10 games in 3 years due to covid, and the licence prices have stayed the same and never been reimbursed, even last year when they didn't play a single game. 

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  3. Villeneuve v Catalan called off already, COVID in the Villeneuve team, I don't think it'll be the only one to get called off, only elite 1/2 and elite juniors and elite women allowed to play, lower division, all kids and teenage leagues on hold for three weeks including all lord derby cup games, the only sport in France to put competitions on hold, 

  4. The federation have messed up, there's only 14 fixtures in the last 16. So it would mean only 7 teams  in the quarter finals, 

    Luc Lacoste needs to have a word with his team, all this after a lobsided regional draw etc. It would be like having a Yorkshire draw a Lancashire draw, a Cumbria draw and a southern draw up to the semi final for the challenge cup in the UK. Madness. 

  5. They've done a regional draw for the first time ever and didn't tell the clubs, also the round after is all set up too, match 10 v match 14 etc, the winner of Carcassonne v Lézignan plays the winner of Ille a Catalan to keep it local, the only problem is is that all the better teams in elite 1 and 2 are in the same area/side of the first draw, 




  6. 4 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Thanks for this @barnyia . I love the black away jersey. Oddly it’s for sale on the O’Neills website but it forces me to go to their UK website where it isn’t available. https://www.oneills.com/int_en/shop-by-team/rugby/rugby-league/as-carcassonne-xiii.html?fbclid=IwAR25X-OweIjuKRXcN9esxLKclQJdLu0BuRlarODNCvSmmZZwUIYtPgngvTU&p=1

    Do Carcassonne get decent crowds, by Elite 1 standards? 

    The black is the home shirt normally, they get 5/600 for a normal match a few more for a derby. 


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  7. 5 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Serious question, why would anyone pretend to have funds to set up a small Elite 2 team - what would the purpose of that be? 

    That's what lots of people can't understand over here, he wanted to go directly into elite 1 at the beginning but the old ffr xiii president put them in the third division, the new president believed his lies and out them in elite 2 

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