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  1. It was a good night, new East Stand is excellent we looked well coached fluid and strong.  Obviously floodlight failure was disappointing especially for Matty Ashurst but better it happen what was a test event for the new stand before season starts.  

    Up the Trin 

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  2. 6 hours ago, bigbaldnmad said:

    TH, Damien was replying to a post from KP on the quality of the side Wigan put out.... its only 10 posts back.

    Anyway, it's obvious that Wigan should concede the WCC and voluntarily switch places with Trinity, as it clear that Wakefield are far superior to Wigan.


    Not this season, it’s all about improving on and off the pitch ready for next season.  The future is looking good.

    Up the Trin 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, bigbaldnmad said:

    Wow, what a bite!!!!

    Slating Fev having had to beg to borrow our training facilities when coming out of the covid restrictions, your club is a joke.

    From the author of the sleeping giants thread, as if Wakefield could be classed as a sleeping giant. Apart from the sixties, when you won 5 of the seven major trophies you have won (champions on CC), you have done nothing.

    Just remind us all how many years you sat at the top table, taking all the sky TV money on offer, you wasted the same amount of money that got Saints, Wigan, Wire and Leeds where they are.

    You obviously think that now you have a money man you can talk a 'boad of lollocks', well jog on.

    Wakefield are just as bad as Cas, you've had the funding and done nothing. 


    Don’t know who’s the bigger biter.

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  4. 6 hours ago, daz39 said:

    Well going off comments on here and Social media and to save their fans from not losing face or being embarrased, i expect Wakey to go through the season unbeaten and in front of a packed out stadium every week, anything less and i will be accusing their fans of getting Leigh-itis with some of the guff they're coming out with.

    Wind it down a bit eh guys, season's not even started yet, it may just not go how you're expecting.

    That’s a surprising comment, I haven’t seen or heard any Trin fans being overly confident we know it won’t be easy.  Yes we’re excited and looking forward to the new future our club has.  It’s all about being competitive next season and building for the future.

    Up the Trin 

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  5. 43 minutes ago, The Masked Poster said:

    I can most definitely quote you saying that Wakefield will be in SL next year, 100%. And there were no caveats about not taking anything for granted or having it your own way, you were very much crowing about going straight back up. 👍🏻

    Think we’re 11th in IMG ratings at the moment looking to increase that score where possible so good chance we will be in SL.  Nobody’s bragging that’s just how it is.

    Up the Trin 

  6. 2 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Good, and all without having to earn it on the field of play, does that make you happy.

    You were questioning if we were spending big next season.  New owner has only been in just over a month and we’re assembling a decent team on and off the field with more signings to come we should do alright.  Don’t know how we will work the Wigan duel reg wouldn’t be surprised if Sam Eseh comes back.  We’re staying full time, investing in already successful academy plenty happening on and off pitch so yes I’m happy.


    Up the Trin 

  7. 2 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Wakefield have an Academy but have a dual reg agreement with Wigan this season, perhaps this is Mr Powell thinking he may require assistance this year, I thought that the new owner was a multi millionaire, why can't he spend up to the cap level for his club?

    Think we will be full cap for the 2025 season apparently we are looking at players for the 2025 season already.  

    Up the Trin 

  8. 1 hour ago, The Masked Poster said:

    Except most clubs don’t have the option to bring 2 juniors along with their ticket, so it’s not exactly clear. I mean, it’s a good initiative and I aren’t knocking it but it’s definitely not clear. 

    You seem to know though so I’ll ask you….how do you know it’s 3750 individual adult season tickets? Not being funny, I’m curious to know. 

    As stated before lot of clubs offer free/cheap U16 tickets some without even having to purchase an adults season ticket.  Nobody has said it’s 3750 adults tickets have they? It’s 3750 season tickets which will include child’s tickets just like any club.  Very positive for a championship club.

    Up the Trin 

    Love this Club 

    Love this City

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  9. 18 minutes ago, The Masked Poster said:

    He’s saying that it could be approx 1100 adult season ticket holders with 2 juniors each (ie 3300 or so) or it could actually be 3700 adult season tickets plus 2 juniors (ie approx 11000) 

    I don’t think it’s particularly clear which the figure refers to. Your particular circumstances might not be the norm. 

    It’s clear to me, 3750 season tickets purchased that’s what the figure refers to.  Just like any other club’s season ticket figures.



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