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  1. Saints, Wigan, Wire and Leeds had more money than just the sky money, we didn’t. Up the Trin
  2. That’s a surprising comment, I haven’t seen or heard any Trin fans being overly confident we know it won’t be easy. Yes we’re excited and looking forward to the new future our club has. It’s all about being competitive next season and building for the future. Up the Trin
  3. Think we’re 11th in IMG ratings at the moment looking to increase that score where possible so good chance we will be in SL. Nobody’s bragging that’s just how it is. Up the Trin
  4. You were questioning if we were spending big next season. New owner has only been in just over a month and we’re assembling a decent team on and off the field with more signings to come we should do alright. Don’t know how we will work the Wigan duel reg wouldn’t be surprised if Sam Eseh comes back. We’re staying full time, investing in already successful academy plenty happening on and off pitch so yes I’m happy. Up the Trin
  5. Think we will be full cap for the 2025 season apparently we are looking at players for the 2025 season already. Up the Trin
  6. It’s a hard league won’t be easy but hope we compete well and keep the improvement off the field to keep increasing our IMG score. Up the Trin
  7. The club will know the figures just like any other club.
  8. Last night quoted figure was 3750 which will include child’s tickets purchased with adults tickets. Up the Trin
  9. I purchased 2 adult and 2 child season tickets for £500, that’s 4 season tickets. Up the Trin
  10. As stated before lot of clubs offer free/cheap U16 tickets some without even having to purchase an adults season ticket. Nobody has said it’s 3750 adults tickets have they? It’s 3750 season tickets which will include child’s tickets just like any club. Very positive for a championship club. Up the Trin Love this Club Love this City
  11. You have to request a child’s ticket they they don’t just come with adults season ticket. Up the Trin
  12. It’s clear to me, 3750 season tickets purchased that’s what the figure refers to. Just like any other club’s season ticket figures. UP THE TRIN
  13. It’s an option and details of child will be needed before child’s ticket is issued. Most U16 season tickets are subsidised in RL nowadays I only paid £30 each for my 2 kids last season, think other clubs were cheaper some clubs were giving them away without the need of purchasing an adult ticket. This season I’ve paid £250 for my season ticket got kids free. Know loads who are purchasing season tickets who haven’t had them for years or at all, good times ahead. Up the Trin
  14. Can be a frustrating player had plenty of potential, good lad though, seemed well liked wherever he played. Up the Trin
  15. Only last season, isn’t the grading over 3 seasons. Up the Trin Love this Club Love this City
  16. Looking forward to next season can’t wait. Up the Trin
  17. We’re struggling to put a quality squad together at short notice so I’m happy with the duel reg with Wigan. It’s not embarrassing in my opinion. Up the Trin
  18. Good interview on Radio Leeds this evening, all sounds good. Up the Trin
  19. We will still be self sufficient, full time, elite academy and running a reserve team. Because we’re late signing players duel reg with the strongest deepest squad in SL will help. Up the Trin
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