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  1. We had to pay for the maintenance at Belle Vue when we rented it so it maybe common practice.
  2. The only reason Newcold is there is due to the Wakefield Community Stadium complex.
  3. I’ve not met anyone who thinks Wakefield will win and sadly that probably includes the players. Up the Trin
  4. Good little stadium at Salford FC the company they used to build it use a pre pack design quick to construct at cost effective, sure I read it cost around 4m which isn’t bad considering price of some new build small stadia.
  5. A bit better in defence still look unorganised in a attack but dare I say some glimpses of improvement, and something to work on. Up the Trin
  6. As a Wakefield fan of my generation it would be cas then fev and always wanting to beat leeds. For the older generation they always class leeds as the main derby/rivals due to been successful in the 60s and getting cheated in the watersplash final. Up the Trin
  7. It will be the standard RL procedure when dealing with crowd trouble. Both clubs will condemn the action of a small number of fans, say they are a proud family club and will ban those responsible ( say they have handed lifetime bans but not name them) the RFL will hand out suspended fines. All major finals Magic weekends etc will have fans unable to handle their drink goading each other spoiling it for others but it doesn’t matter because it’s classed as banter. You feel safer taking the family to the football than the Rugby, because idiots can cause trouble at Rugby and know nothing will happen to them.
  8. Everyone’s travelling support would suffer if you witness the performances in the last few month. Up the Trin
  9. Starting to put some effort in,not too despondent something to build on hopefully no new injuries. Up the Trin
  10. An improvement on the last couple of months performances and keep the score respectable. Up the Trin
  11. Oldham had some right battles with then late 80s early 90s when we always seemed to be yo yoing between division 1 & 2 together. Always well supported, remember Trinity playing away at Rochdale mid week match, think Rochdale were bottom of the old division 1 and us and Oldham above them fighting relegation. Loads of Oldham fans there wanting Rochdale to win good banter.
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