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  1. I’m no lover of Leeds Rhinos but Headingley is probably the best English RL ground.
  2. The Durkar debacle. Yorkshire CCC wanted the move but a 99year lease and legal action prevented them apparently. A Rugby ground was going to be built next to it. Another one on the list of new stadium developments for Wakefield that never happened. Can’t remember the detail of the project but often wonder what could been when driving past J39.
  3. We were unlucky, good match for a meaningless end of season game. Up the Trin
  4. With all the players we had missing, thought we might have struggled. Up the Trin
  5. The win against Wigan has made the run in a little easier. We’ve been playing well for the last month and when not decimated by injuries we are a decent side, so hoping for a decent performance tonight. Saying that I’ve been a Wakefield fan for too long to be overly confident. Up the Trin
  6. That’s new, there was no roof on North terrace prior to that.
  7. Thanks for the pictures, great to see the ground development. Up the Trin
  8. Well played Salford pleased for them, proper club with proper fans. As a Wakefield fan could have done with Huddersfield winning to put pressure on Catalans so they can’t throw the Toulouse game but never mind. Well played Salford good game and as always good coverage by C4
  9. Put in an appearance and be switched on, we’d have been safe weeks ago. Start well against Wigan we may have a chance. Up the Trin
  10. Probably right, unless we went for the straight back up first season gamble. If it goes to 2 x 10s season after next what happens then. Up the Trin
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