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  1. Looking at the above new kit launch we are copying a 1960s classic Trinity shirt. Up the Trin
  2. Another brilliant Wakefield home shirt last 3 years have been good but this one the best yet . Up the Trin
  3. Wakefield Trinity RLFC did it. Up the Trin
  4. A pitch that’s not sloping, adequate floodlights to see the level pitch and to win the championship grand final. Think that’s about it.
  5. Well before reading this thread I wanted fev to go up. Up the Trin
  6. Is this thread about Huddersfield £80 adult season ticket?
  7. Catalans had the biggest say in the relegation battle by stopping playing with a month to go and handing London, HKR and Huddersfield 2 easy points.
  8. We use your training Barn and I’m sure your Wakefield supporting CEO appreciates the income you get from us. Up the Trin
  9. We are the famous Wakefield Trinity. love this club love this City Up the Trin
  10. Well done Wakefield Trinity hopefully the injured players are back fresh for next season and we go again. Up the Trin
  11. Frustrating thing about this season is that this is the best team we’ve had for years. Hoping for a good performance from the lads and we get a win and the club can continue the progression it’s made in the last few years on and off the pitch. Up the Trin
  12. Plenty of trains from London to Wakefield Westgate Station with loads of taxis always waiting outside. Wakefield kirkgate is closer to the ground (10 min walk) but don’t know if many London trains stop there.
  13. 4 more injured last week, think I will be concentrating on the HKR - London game. Up the Trin
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