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  1. Problem with cheap tickets is when you can’t afford to keep selling tickets so cheap. A few years ago at Wakefield under the Glover regime tickets were cheap and the crowds were good but we made no money. Season after we had to increase season tickets back up to a normal price, but people had got used to cheap pricing and a fair few were unwilling to renew.
  2. I will categorically state having not been in attendance, that’s exactly what the radio commentary team stated. Own worse enemies was the most used phrase. Up the Trin
  3. Why now and not earlier? his 10m war chest could have saved your season
  4. I wouldn’t say so, it’s probably one of the most deprived areas of Wakefield but that’s why the community elements of the planned upgrade are so important. No access problems, new link road and not as landlocked as people think. Up the Trin
  5. I’ve always classed homegrown as playing for you’re hometown club. Up the Trin
  6. I don’t think we’re holding teams back we got promoted in 98 first 1 or 2 seasons with no SL money and not. been relegated, we’re not stopping other clubs doing the same. Stadium is an issue but that’s holding us back nobody else. Up the Trin
  7. You’re right we should be a bigger club like we once were and have the potential to be bigger club. Stadium is the major issue holding us back. Academy doing well, community trust doing well, merchandise record sales. Stadium upgrade will change image of club. Up the Trin
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