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  1. In my opinion we have 3 genuine big clubs in British RL Leeds, Wigan and Hull FC. You have the rest with some clubs who have more potential than others but for some bad luck, bad management, lack of a money man or in some cases a mixture of all 3 there’s not much difference between the other SL clubs + Halifax Leigh Oldham Bradford Fev Widnes.
  2. Yet we’ve won a lot more trophies than them clubs added together. We are the famous Wakefield Trinity Love this club love this City Up the Trin
  3. Well he certainly has had to graft since he took control of our great club and I’m great full for the excellent work he has done. Up the Trin
  4. Most will be in the same position a fair few will be in a worse position. Up the Trin
  5. Wakefield Huddersfield rivalry? I’ve not missed many matches since mid 80s never seen any real bother, a few relegation battles that’s it, but never a proper derby feel to it, don’t know what Huddersfields derby match is. When we play derbies with cas or fev always has the potential as groups of lads know there’s the potential for trouble so tend to be in attendance.
  6. The rebrand return to our traditional City badge and dropping the wildcats tag have been a massive success and we’ve had record merchandise sales for successive seasons ever since. ISC is quality gear heard they’re pulling out of British RL after this season. Rumoured Elgren making a comeback for next season. Up the Trin
  7. We don’t in Wakefield. That match still hurts.
  8. You’re right we’re selling more merchandise than ever and you see more people wearing Trinity gear around town. Don’t think it’s due specifically to ISC more to do with the good work the club have done on and off the field. Up the Trin
  9. As a Wakefield fan I’m going to be biased but it’s got to be King Wally Lewis.
  10. Used to be Elland Rd on a Saturday Belle Vue on a Sunday followed England away in the 90s but got bored with all the money in football the last 20/15 years. Wakefield Whites Up the Trin
  11. Have the final in May 3OClock kick off on grandstand and make sure that the teams journey from their hotel to Wembley is televised life.
  12. Nobody at any club or business would be able to answer that for a couple of years if not longer. Up the Trin
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