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  1. Neil Fox and Don Fox in a brilliant Wakefield side. Up the Trin
  2. Do huddersfield, like last season still have the cheapest season ticket prices in Rugby League? Undervaluing the product could have a knock on effect when fans have to pay a normal price for cup matches.
  3. If a referee is constantly wrong he gets abused by people who pay to watch a good game, it happens in every sport always has always will.
  4. The touch line conversion at the end for us to win it, completely missed so did that attempted tackle in extra time. Pleased we got back into it after the first half. With players coming back hopefully we will get better. Up the Trin
  5. Thought golden point rules had changed this season when looking at BBC Sport league table has us on 5 points. Up the Trin
  6. Thought we were going to defy all odds and win a James Child reffed game. Better game to watch once he let both sides play. Do we get a point? Up the Trin
  7. You’ve missed 1998 Wakefield Trinity. With no SL funding for the first couple of years. Up the Trin
  8. Wakefield good for 5 minutes Hull best side for 35 James Child gives his usual performance. Up the Trin
  9. Our hardest match of the season tonight, Hull are a good side and will be smarting from last weeks 2 half collapse. Can’t see us winning, hope we play well, James Child reffing. Up the Trin
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