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  1. 1 hour ago, ShropshireBull said:

    I have no problem with what Carter did, clubs should financially live within their means.  He might have just ran out of time, they were protected 2020 by Toronto bust,  then rigged system vs Leigh and now they have proper competition. 

    If they stay up then new developement will let them compete but crucially If they go down they actually will have infrastructure in place to come back stronger and less dependent on tv handouts. Wakey with chance to compete at top end of división, winning games first season in champ is opportunity for a relaunch. 

    Its also why I dont consider any coach to be doing a bad job at Wakey.  Every year they are second to third poorest in league, Its economics not coaching That makes the biggest difference. 

    Also shows why 10 team SL would be a joke but thats another discussion. 


    2020 HKR finished bottom, 2021 Salford 2nd bottom to Leigh.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, daz39 said:

    For a view of the pitch and somewhere to stand or sit to actually watch the game you're paying for without risking a fall or other injury and somewhere something above basic to go to the loo yes, unfortunately Wakefield offer none of them for visiting supporters.

    Are you suggesting Wakefield can match Huddersfield/Hull/Wigan/Saints/Salford etc for the whole matchday experience and are justified in charging in most cases more than the other clubs?

    Not 1 Wakefield fan would pay that kind of price for a dump like they play at anywhere else for £25 or anywhere near it.

    God knows who actually decided to stick that price on, must have been a dare or something.

    We do pay them prices every home match or £300 for a season ticket.  If you want to sit down you can choose the east stand, you may have to pay extra for the east stand not too sure.  

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  3. 18 hours ago, DimmestStar said:

    Coote hasn't made the trip to France and neither has Frankie Halton. Vete and Garratt still  missing .

    Looks a very tall order to follow up after the derby with a day's less rest than the opposition and also the travel.

    Feels like this has been set up to provide Toulouse with a great opportunity.

    Is that covid rule still in force or has it finished?

  4. 1 hour ago, Chris22 said:

    Sounds positive. Might not be a new stadium but Widnes redeveloped Naughton Park into a more modern stadium with time and I hope Wakefield can do the same.

    New floodlights already installed, New East stand with everything in it, re surfacing north stand terrace. Community hub/ gym etc in South East corner.  106 agreement signed by all 3 parties 8.3 m released by developer plus I think the 2m by the council to fund the development.

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