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  1. 7 hours ago, Rupert Prince said:

    Care to reconsider?

    What's going on?  There are some wierd results going on these days. 

    Glad to be proved wrong, wasn’t expecting anything today.  With the players they’ve got and coach who’s starting to get them playing I thought they’d be too strong for us. How wrong was I, absolutely destroyed them in that 1st half.   Better team by far throughout the game.

     Up the Trin 

  2. 2 hours ago, meast said:

    Not  a fan then?

    Wouldn't a fairly successful football club in Wakefield have benefits for trinity and the city?

    They want to play at Belle Vue but we said no due to wear and tear on pitch so they ended up at fev.  Don’t know if that will change when we get 4 g pitch laid.  I’m a football fan (lapsed against modern football) and would like to see a fairly successful football club in Wakefield and playing in Wakefield.



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