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  1. 5 minutes ago, PREPOSTEROUS said:

    He's lost his spark somewhat recently but Fifita is a character. The 2018 and early 2019 version, the big bopper, eats pies scores tries version, the one who gave it to the Cas fans when he scored but then had to take some back when they replied shortly after, the guy who took on the Wigan wingers, swatting them out of his way as he set up a play straight from a kick off. More often then not you get the negative side od a maverick,  such as the ridiculousness od last season where he refused to wear a GPS. With more coaches looking for percentages, the mavericks are losing out to the reliable but dull professional.

    He might regain some of that spark if the new signing happens 


    Up the Trin 

  2. 6 hours ago, dboy said:

    He was stood down through measurable track & trace, not just because he or someone at the club thought he might have been in contact with someone.

    These aren't arbitrary decisions.

    My COVID app pinged the other week saying I’d been in contact with someone Covid positive the week before and I had to isolate for 6 days.  Don’t know how it’s measured there was no code on the app.

  3. 2 minutes ago, LeeF said:

    Huddersfield’s season ticket at £99/ £50 is a real bargain.

    Does anyone know how much they charged last season or how this compares to the cost of a match day ticket?

    Every season they seem to price their season tickets extremely low.  With the team and coaching set up Huddersfield have this season they could be pushing top 4 at £9 a match for an adult season ticket. It’s good while Ken Davy can keep subsidising  it.  

  4. 57 minutes ago, Wilderspoolmemories said:

    I'm not bothered about him being gay. I am bothered about him being an awful referee who seems to penalise us heavily while letting the opposition go unpunished for offences. I resign myself to the fact that Warrington will probably lose when I see he's been appointed to "referee" our match. I'm usually correct!!

    Totally agree not bothered about his sexuality, I am bothered about his standard of refereeing.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, whatmichaelsays said:

    Not necessarily. As much as I might think there are merits to one, there's nothing in my posts in this thread that suggest I want a licensed SL or to kick out / replace particular teams - I don't understand the thought process you've gone through to conclude that. 

    The original post you responded to was me replying to and disagreeing with a suggestion that the league should level down to one that Wakefield could afford to compete with. Given that Wakefield is the only club out of 11 that finished SL last year who either haven't won, or got within 80 mins of winning, any silverware in the last eight years, and given that the man running that club has a well documented and public record of treating his players pretty abysmally, maybe - just maybe - the problem is one for then to solve and not the rest of the league? 

    We’ve got the most settled and best squad we had in years, more players signing contract extensions than ever before in recent seasons.  Can’t be treated that abysmally.

    Up the Trin 

    Love this club 

    Love this City 


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