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  1. 16 minutes ago, Simon Hall said:

    Super League in particular needs to be a more attractive proposition for people and have more destination clubs, where fans and their families visit the place for a day/night out or weekend away as well as take in a game to get full value for their time and money. 

    Places like Leigh for instance.

    Can normal RL fans afford that every other Weekend?

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  2. 1 hour ago, AB Knight said:

    Depends how far you’re willing to walk. 2 hours free parking in Morrisons round the corner. Plenty free parking on Huntington road.

    Plus not far from all the major banks if you are a RL club owner from Lancashire who wanted to acquire a giant cheque to give to charity, for example 🙃

    Got dragged to John Lewis the other week,  I left them to it and had a look at the new stadium and looks good.  Typical out of town set up loads of parking obviously full of shoppers at a weekend.  Is the stand opposite M&S the main stand?  Looks good anyway.

  3. 2 minutes ago, silverback said:

    (The terrace behind the sticks with the roof is fine.)   no its not, should a been replaced way back in 1975 when it were condemned,i remember it clear as day in wakefield express when i lived in wakey,i could see the roof out my workshop in 70s with barrass  & mc ginuess on, all they did was paint the sponser out with black paint for years,then it seemed to get a cover over it of different sponsers over the years,so the original roof is still up after all these years.

    Your thinking off the old southbank that was knocked down 40 years ago.  The North stand roof is only a few years old, terracing under it needs sorting but that’s the plan 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Wholly Trinity said:

    The one with the bad spacing and continental 7 was the original mock-up but was corrected before being used officially by the club. The mock-up was leaked before the official launch and jumped on by fans as it was so popular. If you see it used it's a clear indication that it's not from the club.

    One of the best decisions in our recent history by the board to revert back to original badge.

     Up the Trin 

  5. 15 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    The strugglers will be the team that suffers the most injuries over the course of the season, when Leigh got relegated in '17 because of the injury situation they utilised 37 player's that season, Uncle Eddie on commentary would lament about the teams near the top of the division and how a injury crisis would/could effect their season, it made me smile that he didn't comment the same for the clubs at the other end of the table though.

    Injuries are a massive factor we went from top 5 in a relatively injury free season to having to win our last match to ensure with stayed up in a massively injury hit following season.  

    Up the Trin 

  6. 32 minutes ago, Clogiron said:

    So what's to happen about Wakey, who did away with their logo but still retain a unique brand in Trinity, and the two Hull club's, one without a logo and the other with a Robin? Will they have to adopt a aggressive Robin like the one they had previously (but surely not with a Scrum Cap, not on trend) and will this be relevant to the club's seeking to join SL?

    Staying with our traditional badge I hope, we’ve had record merchandise sales year on year since we dropped the daft wildcats name and introduced a modern version of our traditional badge 4/5 years ago.

    Trinity Forever 

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  7. 44 minutes ago, Oldbear said:

    Very true, this is why clubs making these decisions is wrong. I really don’t want to pick on Wakey, but how come they get to decide when if they had to apply their bid would be significantly worse than some of the applicants who would have to make do with half central funding. Could Wakey even survive with half central funding, yet that is what would be asked of prospective applicants like Leigh, Fev, Toulouse and Widnes, all of whom have superior facilities and appear to be better run. And before Wakey fans jump on me, the same could be said of Cas and HKR

    Did Wakefield get any SL funding when promoted in 98?

    Up the Trin 

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  8. 32 minutes ago, Smudger06 said:

    People from in and around the Featherstone Club's catchment area have slowly abandoned the sport over the last 25 years. Its been a long and gradual process but cant really blame them, what with SL antics.  

    This Club's area is not just Fev (15k) but also Pontefract (30k) Ackworth (7k) Hemsworth (13k) Normanton - 50/50 Cas & Fev (20k) Knottingley - 50/50 Cas & Fev (14k) & yes, Selby! (15k) the reason we have a fanbase in Selby is because people from Fev moved to Selby for the Mining & obviously as well as those they brought mates along to the rugby at Post Office Road and it caught on across there. 

    A fair few have eventually turned to Castleford, Wakefield & Leeds for top flight rugby, however a great majority left the sport. 

    These people can definately be brought back into the game with the promised land of top flight competition and less funny business in the governance. 

    Derbies....genuine, fierce sporting rivalries can be brought back. Not just bringing more interest to Fev but also to the Cas Catchment area and the Wakey Catchment area. And actually across the fans of Rugby League and much much wider! Derbies are gold in sport, proper derbies that is. 

    Normy 50/50  cas/fev? 
    WF6 Mopsey 

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