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  1. After what seemed like a good appointment it seems like York fans were right about Thornton. His style of play is slow and one dimensional. We have some good players in the squad but no spark or pace. We made Newcastle look like world beaters yesterday and were outplayed in every department. I personally will take a breather and see if I really want to carry on watching lack lustre performances in a sport that doesn't seem to have any real direction.
  2. Our playmakers are very pedestrian and we have a very ordinary kicking game
  3. Yeah totally agree again with your thoughts. If the format changes it could be a trip to workington who are good at home but not unbeatable. End of season as developed into some real rubbish and we need to look to next season for a real push. One or two key positions need altering player wise with a bit more x factor needed.
  4. Agree that it was an entertaining game but once again hunslet went from great moves to some utter rubbish. Need to play well for more than just half a game. Think you're right about Newcastle game been vital and I wouldn't necessarily trust us to win it. Ashton looked good on wing but really can't get two settled wingers which is probably half the reason our goal difference is not good enough in comparison to our competitors.
  5. Ashton missing too kol. Having said that York were excellent and we were like a bunch of kids who had never played the game before. Other results means we can still make top 5 but I wouldn’t even trust us to beat Newcastle at home let alone Whitehaven away
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    Hard work watching that. First 20 we were lack lustre and we had a similar spell in second half. Putting that aside some great tries and 54 points basically crammed into a point a minute. Looking at remaining fixtures for everyone I have worked out its between us and Whitehaven for fifth place with Oldham possibly missing out. Could come down to points difference with Whitehaven so it's vital at Whitehaven we keep it close.
  7. Brierley played for hunslet last year in toronto
  8. We were there at 1.30 and I would say at least 3 of their players were drinking alcohol but great credit they never gave in and showed imagination at times. Great set up and friendly people. Hope they improve
  9. Keep putting ourselves into bad situations but the lads deserve massive credit for their second half performance. For me based on a strong pack. Hopefully looking at the fixtures back in the 5 after Hemel home then it’s upto us. Either way great set of lads who enjoy our support
  10. If ever the club wondered why we don't get better crowds yesterday was a massive reason why. £15 to see players play like 7 year olds. Every mistake possible was committed. We have had great spells in matches but rarely played 80 mins this season. Our goaline defence is shocking. With the exception of Chappell our three quarters we're non existent. Thornton coming across as very limited now with constantly swapping the team around and still can't believe we have played all season with one lightweight winger
  11. Flanagan turned the game, but hunslet stuck to their task and final score flattered bulls. Donny home cougars away and tough away games at York and Whitehaven means we have plenty of hard work to make play offs.
  12. Sin binning turned game and we played dumb rugby . 4 players on debut 2 of which haven’t played for ages and some key players missing means there is more to come from hunslet yet
  13. We can win this anyway . Fancy us against anyone but Workington excellent at home
  14. Refereeing is so hard nowadays and standard seem terrible at all levels. Definitely under bar and I personally felt we got away with it but never realised any of the other controversies
  15. Unbelievable character shown by a great set of lads, keep believing in yourselves.
  16. I agree with that kol . He is now named in fev squad , what. Joke super league is. Surely to cover for Ryan HALL they could have used an academy player for one game.
  17. Thought Coventry played well and hunslet seemed to panic. Goal line defence been poor all season
  18. Oldham at home will tell us where we are at the moment
  19. Yep agree . At times we are awful then brilliant. Was happy with win in the end. Nice to have decent props and zac looked really good. Settled half back pairing but nothing if one gets injured
  20. Yep ! Amazing game.we looked well beaten with 10 mins left , but yet again amazing never say die attitude. Puts right in there with a play off chance.need to have winger on other side to foggy, think that’s the way to win tight matches.
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