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  1. Only negative was some of the handling, but made up for it with great tackling , especially Watson one on one on the line. Stopped a certain try. 2 good all round wingers is excellent too
  2. would love to get rid of all copper that I get. Can you not have a box or large bottle for that in Phoenix bar
  3. Everyone we spoke to in Toronto had never heard of them
  4. I agree kol getting better each match. A fully fit squad would give plenty of options
  5. Great first half then backs to the wall caused by poor discipline or poor refereeing. Big plus Reece dean
  6. Half backs looked horrible and wingers didn’t get ball . Same struggles as normal but early days. Also I think Batley were way above our fitness level and are obviously a better team
  7. I’ve asked the question a couple of times but no response
  8. In an ideal world league 1 and championship clubs should refuse to do dual reg then super league clubs would be forced into reserve team. No supporter outside of super league seriously want success given to them by dual reg
  9. Unfortunately no one seems interested. Made loads of good signings too
  10. Grimshaw was a waste of time for hunslet last season. Could never get a run of games
  11. Be amazed if rugby league is here in 5 years . League one will end up playing each other home and away then loop fixtures which is farce. Had enough of this sport now
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