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  1. I agree kol, I would love to have a second team to bring talent through. For any championship player to come to a league one club who couldn't make top 8 there as to be a reason
  2. Still unsure whether I am gonna bother next season. Heard people saying that we had lined up good players for next season but we looks like nothing to get excited about. Off pitch as been poor for years and its getting worse.
  3. Work night, no chance of me going. Will watch cas on tv
  4. Yes good effort from lads yesterday but my God was shield purchased in poundland ? Seems to fair bit of optimism about next year but gonna have to get some right players if we are gonna trouble top 4
  5. Definitely bulls for me. You ask rfl
  6. Bulls and 1 other, hardly likely to be US. Then big changes by rfl
  7. To be brutally honest as a rugby club this is where we are at. Poor all season on and off pitch. Defended well today but London looked rubbish. Can't see how we can improve as we can't produce our own talent with no academy or reserve team. Go home and away every week but maybe time to do other things.
  8. Like Shaun Roberts. Heard we were trying to get Kyle Briggs but wanted too much
  9. Spent Saturday night in wrexham, enjoyed it. Hunslet were poor in match and crusaders deserved the victory. Good set of fans .
  10. Similar to every game. Certainly don't want to be away in final if we make it. I think every team we have played this year have made fewer mistakes in the game. Some of our players need to learn how to catch and hold onto the ball.
  11. Yes we have underachieved but winning it would be good platform for new coach to resurrect our fortunes. I will be there every match and hope the final which I presume will be around 23 rd September at the team with most points ground
  12. I make it oxford N wales and hemel away london coventry s wales gloucester home
  13. pudsey hawk


    This year's squad is made up of bit players and we must have tried double figures on wing. Team changes every week and players disappear for weeks then suddenly reappear. Everything about us at the moment is laughable and any major investment is unlikely. Now even players can't be bothered and look totally unfit. London were full of athletes last Saturday and once we gave them a sniff there was only ever gonna be one outcome. Now faced with long trips in shield won't help the club at all but we got what we deserved. For the second successive season it looks like we are the worst of the traditional clubs.
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    can't see many fans going to play offs
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    Brilliantly put Hawkwindbag
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    not sure where they got Sanderson getting all the points from. Muffa got a. Try
  17. pudsey hawk


    absolutely trash. Players not good enough
  18. top 8 matters to us if they form a new league 2
  19. seems like major changes in structure of leagues next season so finishing top 8 could be crucial.think we will struggle to win either of our last 2 games.
  20. Loved the trip and now hope you succeed.Brilliant fans
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    It was tax and tips that made prices sky high
  22. thought scoreline flattered us and once again our defence looked frail. coventry seem to be involved in a lot of games like that,.score plenty ,concede more.Looked better when Ansell went off , but that might have been to coventrys tiredness. Once again for me Flanagan was the spark. Two tries from wing so thats an improvement.
  23. Rock music ! Probably do Niagara falls and on lake Some very nice women and some not in Leeds
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