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  1. Player of the season, surely Suarez as been player of the SEASON. Yes bale has had a few good months. RVP started well but hasn't done nothing in last 2 month, Luis Suarez has been mr consistent all season. Loved gerrards quote saying if he don't he'll be the best player ever not to have won the award, and rightly so politics will be the only reason if he don't. That would be so wrong no one can doubt the lads ability on the field, and that's where the award should go to the player who has been the best all season!!!

  2. average player for £12m,but what baffles me is someone from hull being a scousepool supporter,but nothing suprises me on here you've got wigan rl fans who support liverpool and vice versa,what a joke,and then the warrington born and bred fan who supports Spurs weird

    I'm actually a scouser who likes hull fc as my family are from there and I wouldn't support the closes team as its st Helen's and I can't stand them, do people from a city/town HAVE to follow there local team? Surely then it goes down to amateur teams don't it do you go and support the most local team t you
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