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  1. Soon to be announced as new head coach of Hull FC
  2. Can only see a KR win. FC usually dross in derby's, KR on the other hand usually raise their game and always seems to mean more to them then it does to FC. 14-8 KR, 2 Red cards aswel
  3. Doesn't Danny Mcguire have the roll of bringing players to East Hull? What a job that is
  4. He's got a business now with his in laws, so maybe part time suits him with an eye on his future outside of rugby league. Been an excellent servant to the game. Shame how he was treated by Hull KR
  5. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/kris-welham-to-join-rovers-Sj849 Don't get much if anything wrong me!!!!
  6. Been an absolute joy to watch. My favourite player, he's the only current player I'd pay to watch!! Hope he stays, however the reality is these type of players come to súper league to prove to the nrl they have "changed" it's when they get back to Australia with they're mates things can turn quickly!!!! Good luck to what ever he chooses to do
  7. Great news for the city!!!!! Wife non the wiser she still thinks I'm off to old Trafford.
  8. What's super leagues best back three?? That's what about it
  9. Kris Welham is signing for Featherstone
  10. Call it off. Get zero credit if you win this comp this year I'm afraid.
  11. No, the coverage has always been poor of the lower leagues. Programme comes on 5 min before ko. Waste of time. Next
  12. No fans allowed dont you listen to the government? Smh
  13. Sam Burgess natural game is to try his hardest every game, which has a knock on effect of inspiring the players around him.
  14. How is trying to hard a bad thing, if he didn't try you'd be complaining at that also
  15. Step forward, the Allams!!! All the best. The deal will be announced at the end of this current and mental season!! Allams in!
  16. Sorry I've been away gents, been on holiday for a month. Was a lovely stay we're i went. Lonely but hey ho!!! Stadiums going to be renamed. THE HULL FAIR GROUND
  17. Jake Connor should be England and hull fc full back
  18. Scott Taylor was the player who went in on the Friday to see the physio (pal of mine, D. Ferguson) then passed it on!!! Sheesha pipe partyyyyy!!
  19. To be fair I live behind Carlos. So what you know and where I get invited to isn't none of your concern my little friend. Sheeshas was blazing
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