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  1. TMT will be fine, excellent club excellent players excellent coaching staff. West Hulls year again.
  2. I'd love to take Dwyer to Hull. We've not had a recognised replacement hooker since Heremaia. Playing Houghton 80 mins a week effects him and the team
  3. 2 excellent signings. Singleton went stale at Leeds, he'll do brilliantly at TW. Looking forward to seeing TW this year
  4. Knowles and Grace are the standout 2 who should have gone and possibly been 1st choice
  5. It was a recipe for disaster the squad he picked. I think he had the shackles on some of the aussie based lads aswel. Hodgson was poor all tour,!!
  6. Get this Bennett as far away from England/GB as possible he's finished. Was a sham from day one
  7. Yeaman should have moved to the back row around 2008/2009
  8. The Danish because I love there bacon
  9. Poor thread this, what he did with his best mates wife was unforgivable!!! That been said she played her part aswel. As I understand Huby and his wife are still in a relationship and ferres and his ain't so that must hurt him deeply
  10. Hodgson should be dropped for Clark, George Williams off the bench to rip it up 2nd half
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