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  1. Nah pal he's an absolute meter eater. Surely he's a must. Bennett loves him aswel
  2. Robert hicks been praising the Hull kr fans, now he's reffing this game. It stinks, wakey should complain about this
  3. Scott Taylor is an absolute must, he's the best in super league by none
  4. Deduct points that's we're it'll hurt, if there real fans
  5. Chris Green has joined Wakefield on loan til end of season!!
  6. Wigan by 50+ all the Hull players had Sunday & Monday off majority of them was out on the ###### in Hull town both days
  7. Signed for Hull FC, brilliant signing
  8. Would he have announced this if wire didn't get to Wembley?
  9. Just get straight into full contact. It's actually therapeutic
  10. Ohhhhh and I bet jake connor would keep coming back coming back at you time and time again until your little man syndrome kicked and got your self in bother. He'd embarrass you
  11. Hull fc are the worst team in these conditions, shocking performance by Hull
  12. How sad are you, to search the distance. Leave the lad alone, pathetic
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