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  1. Ye I remember him for canterberry , he was a handful. Didn't he smack Ben barba?
  2. Didn't he go travelling to "find himself"
  3. Out of interest, how did you know him, or is this based on what you seen of him?
  4. Hull kr v hull fc this season was a good team try, crooks in the corner
  5. Well there was only one at hull fc that I'm aware of, played wing / centre. Built like a forward but was as quick and agile as a cheetah
  6. My nephew played for hull at the time Bell was in the academy. I must say he stood out every week. Was an exceptional talent
  7. Sorry if this as been asked n answered. I'm self employed married, I've lost my job die to covid19, however my wife still works full time. Am I entitled to any benefits?
  8. I played in my amateur days in the same team as 5 brothers
  9. I remember a kris welham effort for hull kr against St helens, i think it was on Francis Meli, Brilliant effort
  10. Impossible to get the best try, it's a matter of opinion
  11. I'd personally like Andy farrell
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