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  1. Roger millward??? I get told every day by hull kr fans he's the goat
  2. Hope tonga wins this game cmonnn the tongans, smash these aussies!!!
  3. Just shows ya why Austin wasn't wanted in NRL. Been shown up big style here by NZ
  4. I've heard something about the Hull league starting up again!!
  5. I like him but I'm sort of glad he's missing out, we've got to think about the long term
  6. Only Hull Fc would do well in the NRL, there the most equipped squad to handle it. Fact
  7. They'll be fighting relegation next season
  8. Unlugggggggy!!! Remind me who was man of the match??? Keeeerrrrrchinnnnnng
  9. Hastings and lussick live in koucash's House rent free
  10. Who's everyone going for man of the match?? Some good odds for outsiders
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