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  1. Biggest and greatest rugby league club ever in UK!!!!
  2. https://www.hullkr.co.uk/rovers-bring-in-nrl-forward-korbin-sims-on-two-year-deal/ when you know you know...... All the best lads. Don't hate me because you ain't me
  3. I was laughing at the post. Because its so far off the mark its laughable hence the laugh!!!! Is that ok with you!!!?
  4. Andy Last won't be sacked live on sky after the game then. Wigan by 40
  5. Korbin Sims signing for Hull Kr aswel. He's a great player
  6. Quite simply isn't and wasn't good enough. He must have played around 15 games maybe wrong, did he ever score a try?? Roosters was the best team about when he was there aswel. I rest my case.
  7. Brilliant!!!! Not a Leeds fan but a rugby fan I am. Actually a sports fan overall. Love the family bond it creates and the willingness to do what it takes for a fellow team mate. Having been in these environments from been 6 yr old (now 41), it's what I miss the most now Im no longer playing!!!!
  8. That's a brilliant badge, the worst one in the league has got to be Saint Helens
  9. If hull can stop widdoo they'll stop ww and win this one easily. Hull 24- wire 10
  10. Has the competition now concluded or does it carry over into the plays off
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