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  1. He's doing an after dinner speak at hull fc on 29th January, probably signing for them aswel
  2. After watching hull fc I'd choose them, he's got to be sacked. Not one of them young kids are good enough for Halifax so why are they on hull fc books? Poor poor showing
  3. Nope absolutely not they give me nothing or change my life in no way shape or form
  4. I put my money down on things that are worth putting it down on, also I buy the sky sports package in February cancel it in October!!! Makes me pretty much a paying supporter
  5. Just because you buy a shirt with a name n number on, it's one of my biggest hates for anyone over 16 years old!!!
  6. Nope I won't go because I don't go, nothing will tempt to going either. I'll watch or listen to it as per usual and support em that way.
  7. Define support??? I want my team to win when or whoever they play, I don't go to matches or buy any merchandise at all. Does it make me less of a fan???
  8. I usually sit on the armchair, 5 minutes before ko. But if we're playing away I'll sit on the settee!! Radio/TV on the cheer the lads on
  9. Hang on a minute, so all the tripe the kr fans give hull fc about not owning there own ground........ And yet kr don't either hahahahahahahaa embarrassing
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