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  1. Sorry I've been away gents, been on holiday for a month. Was a lovely stay we're i went. Lonely but hey ho!!! Stadiums going to be renamed. THE HULL FAIR GROUND
  2. Jake Connor should be England and hull fc full back
  3. Scott Taylor was the player who went in on the Friday to see the physio (pal of mine, D. Ferguson) then passed it on!!! Sheesha pipe partyyyyy!!
  4. To be fair I live behind Carlos. So what you know and where I get invited to isn't none of your concern my little friend. Sheeshas was blazing
  5. Glad I never went to Carlos tuimavave's party after the game now. Them sheesha pipes been past around will have been covid heavy let me tell thee!!!
  6. That's the last rugby game I go too. Shocking rugby league. I give up
  7. It's an absolute no brainer. Burgess has been nothing short of pathetic for Wigan.
  8. Just see him in city centre of Hull. Said he's done in Australia now. Time to move back home
  9. No anger here just straight talking. Little boys sometimes don't like it and can't handle it either. Guess that's what's happened to you as usual
  10. Won't have a impact on either hull fc or hull kr. 2 different sports and 2 different fan bases. Ridiculous thread
  11. Waste of people's time putting these stupid things up
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