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  1. Are you from the future pal, 2112 grand final who won it?
  2. This thread didn't go how you wanted it too did it hahahahahahaah
  3. I think she's just not happy been with Joel, who would be
  4. Replacing Zeb Taia at St Helens. You heard it here first
  5. Oh here he is. Having a sly dig at me again, I must keep u up at night
  6. I just get told things by people who are also in the know mate. Got quite a lot of connections in this game and also in the media. Once I retired I kept alot of friends within the game!
  7. Way past it, he'll get dominated
  8. No there don't and this is what makes them normal lads. Unlike footballers who are worshiped and idolised it makes them into ########
  9. Canberra ain't a good side. Hodgson the slug, just slow and lethargic. Williams were has he been?? Whitehead is the best canberra player by a mile
  10. Aussies get a bad name for coming over here past there best. He's doing the same, after watching him this morning he seems he has nothing to offer anyone
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