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  1. Just checked mine again 08.27 and the 2 lines are still there I clicked one of them and it went straight back to last years Wembley ticket sales, so unfortunately it's as much use as a chocolate fireguard. That's me done with the Batley Bulldogs sad to say.

  2. Grumpy old ram is the closest, but now having problems. 

    it's been there for a while and there are 2 lines. No idea what it's about, so I ignore it.

  3. It's alright gang I have found the answer to this.

    He signed for the 2018 season and his first match was against Leigh at home which I believe we won.

    I was correct about him at the A J Bell Stadium and he did score 2 tries, I scoured my old records and it was Batley's first away match that season.

  4. Hello there gang, with Wardy playing for Castleford Reserves it got me wondering when he signed for Batley.

    The first match I remember him playing was against Swinton at the A J Bell stadium Salford, and I seem to think he scored 2 tries.

    He is my favourite player.

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