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  1. Just done a small shop or should I say the wife as, linked through easy fund raising.
  2. Since the 20th of June it's all downhill to christmas, hope you have all got your crimbo presents.
  3. I only do it now and again, I have easyfundraising donation reminder attached and when ever a site comes up that easyfundraising is connected to it automatically cuts in and lets me know, and donates automatically to BISSA. Shamefully I don't use it often, by choice.
  4. As far as I know we are all doing well still in partial lockdown apart from all the demonstrators, give it another week and a massive spike might occur.
  5. I was tired last night when I posted that, now I have visited it again I understand it now. I think it's a brilliant idea the only draw back I have seen apart from the two special draws the total number of tickets sold as been falling regularly, that needs addressing, I have my idea's. I wasn't having a go at you I just didn't understand it.
  6. I have mowed the grass in front of my choices so I can see how much it grows.
  7. I first saw this about the face masks from Ravensport over a week ago, I assumed that they would be doing them in bulk like for the NHS so I never enquired about any costs, still have not, so any guide anybody.
  8. And on at least two occasions it as been mentioned that the squad as a whole are contributing to the draw. Just keep your head down and do what you can to help, every penny is valuble.
  9. Received mine today, they are brilliant I got the polo type shirt.
  10. RogerT


    The club chose it as a memorial to Beverley and I turned the sound off.
  11. RogerT


    It means a lot to Kevin and family. You just knew something was on when Halifax where not way ahead going down hill and Batley scoring first with a stand in winger.
  12. RogerT


    Draw number 643, winner Dane Manning.
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