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  1. The thing is Batley's squad is low on numbers but they are playing for one another which should see us through, but either way lets hope it is a good game.
  2. Cobbled team comes to mind.
  3. they appear to have a decent squad turning out according to their website.
  4. Just booked my stream ticket, they have changed things slightly since crowds are allowed back in and it's not quite as easy to navigate. The main thing to remember is once in via either way is to go to Book Package and there you will find the York match.
  5. Why where do they go then weighman.
  6. Deadly over 10/15yds no stopping him. I remember him picking me up at the Gate pub one friday night in his taxi, I was too intoxicated to walk far, like uphill to the bus stop.
  7. Thank you all who have contributed over the four draws we sponsored, I'm sure we have helped the club in no small way.
  8. Player stats up now for this match.
  9. This should be a good match, can't wait and it's on Our League.
  10. Very happy with that result. I'll be watching Fev v Bulls and the only time this season I will be supporting Fevbecause, if they win they will knock the Bulls down to 4th and put us up to 3rd once again.
  11. Yes I managed to get the kicker off the Whitehaven twitter page, blinking shame our club can't do the same.
  12. Whose kicking the bloody goals, why don't they mention it on twitter/facebook.
  13. Strange choices going on, I do see the need to blood some of them.
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