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  1. Looking like the mostly full time Leigh have finally broken Batley down.
  2. As far as I know Horn as not put pen to paper yet or at least the club have not said so yet officially when they do I will add him. I have altered it now, I had slipped with this thanks phildog.
  3. Did the reserve match go ahead, if so what was the result and how did our lads do.
  4. Don't take any notice of Ramsfandan is moniker says it all, I don't know the answer, there where plenty in the main stand around me. Tyler Dupree not brilliant but then again he was only on for about 20 mins, it takes a short while to settle to the teams routine. Anybody know why part of the top stand was taped off.
  5. 1 Yates best game this season 2 Everett he didn't half stick it to them. 3, Campbell upon his return to the team scoring 2 tries. Creditable mentions to Ward, Manning and Bowman
  6. Game on have a safe journey over.
  7. No indication from the club as yet as to the state of the match, spells of heavy rain and strong blows of wind so far this morning, the main worry would be the wind.
  8. Bloody rough, but with the slope a quick draining pitch the main worry is the wind, keep an eye on Batley twitter site for more news tomorrow.
  9. Fair enough LTS, still don't and never will like DR.
  10. I fully realise that due to somebody mentioning it earlier. LTS I was only answering Graham Fisher, but I believe if you go back and read the item again I believe it states Leeds mentions it as a DR loan for a month. I stand corrected.
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