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  1. Hiya Canis Lupus, The following link is for the kit manufacturer and they do ship to Canada, I got A Batley Bulldogs shirt for Robert AM and they said they could post it to him. https://ravensport.com/ Cheers Roger.
  2. League Express only saying that they are the leaders at trying to get him followed by Batley and Widnes.
  3. As I understand it anybody who is on trialists forms can then be signed onto the playing register for this season on professional terms as one of the higher up teams did to get a player onto their books, in Archie's case it was a pre-curser to next season.
  4. But as he, still only paper talk according to the League Express this morning.
  5. It is with a very heavy heart that I post the latest player stats, and I dedicate them to the memory of Archie Bruce. Roger.
  6. Can't we all put the animosity to one side at this awful moment in time and remember Archie Bruce.
  7. If I have read it correctly they have been here all season under tuition and on trialist forms, hence I think I have five amateurs training with us on the 2019 players signed on list.
  8. Maybe, just maybe that could be part of the problem, I have my own idea's about that but keeping them to my self as I don't want to start another slanging match on here, I have talked it over with another person.
  9. When does Mannings and Browns suspensions start.
  10. When did or does the team fly over there.
  11. phildog, I started the list for signed on players on the 3rd of September 2018 for the 2019 season, so don't hold your breath.
  12. Updated player stats following the Dewsbury match.
  13. He was at the Batley v Dewsbury match yesterday(Sunday).
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