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  1. You and the gang do a good job ernieone, well worth your sausage sarnie. there's a lot of work goes on that we don't see and take for granted.
  2. I was there last season with Batley Bulldogs, I quite liked the stadium also the transport system, the 3 Brewers in fact the whole dammed experience.
  3. If you go onto the Batley facebook page the hair shave is on there.
  4. Well done to that York supporter that volunteered to have his head shaved as well as Wardy it raised an extra £200.
  5. Yes we are, due to back problems unfortunately I couldn't be present. Well done that York supporter that also had his head shaved as well.
  6. They are all the same even here in Batley it's tripe, I much prefer to get The Press more coverage, the owner of it is ardent rugby league follower I believe he used to play and not frightened to speak his mind either.
  7. Here are the updated player stats following the York game.
  8. No laid low with a very bad back, followed it on twitter.
  9. RogerT


    Yes I know I was there and also going into the Taveners to thaw out or that was my excuse, and even before then going through the turnstyles at the top end of the cricket ground and walking across the field careful not to tread on the square.
  10. RogerT


    And just look at that crowd in the shot.
  11. RogerT


    Brilliant he was PM, still looks fairly fit.
  12. RogerT


    Shame he didn't put the top on lol.
  13. Correct until the club release any information or Bissa it will stay that way, Iro who does a lot of the spade work is away on holiday.
  14. I think you mean Toulouse as we have played Toronto twice.
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