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  1. Hi there RPH, did you buy a ticket to watch the match, I did and was satisfied with the game.
  2. Nice to hear you get a mention in the commentary.
  3. Making it as realistic as possible, even stewards there.
  4. Satisfied with that, like the idea of four teams lol.
  5. I know KTF got mine for a Christmas box.
  6. Done and also 1/2 time draw, done at 06.30 this morning, yes I was up watching the cricket.
  7. I tend to agree with phildog, in previous seasons the squad numbers and shirts have been announced before Christmas.
  8. Right I have added them to the list, so that's 28 on my list now.
  9. Hello I am mystified as well, I religiously put them on when declared, the website is never up to date so we should ignore that.
  10. No matter what time I will still back it.
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