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  1. Citreon Dyanne, inherited after my dad died and my mum didn't drive. The first one I bought was a Vauxhall Viva estate car.
  2. Correct Colin, that will make 22 signed on.
  3. No I'm just saying it as it seems to me, I would love us to be up there or there about's. Now lets crack on with the new season once it starts.
  4. Maybe so ernieone but they are 4 times more successful than Batley, so people would flock to them. On the whole I'm happy with how Batley operate, just need a bit more success on the field. Given how York, Featherstone are recruiting it looks like we will do well to get better than last season.
  5. Yes saw the same article in LE as you, I answered my own question within 30 mins of my question through looking him up.
  6. 22 year old utility back, came through the Hull academy system, done spells at Toronto, Doncaster and Hunslet.
  7. Any more info on him, use my lap top and not these fancy super doper phone thingy's.
  8. I can't enlarged it enough but looking at the hint saying zoom in on the ball it looks like Jack Broadbent stood there.
  9. Not another Ram surely, oh well will have to wait until 07.00 tomorrow.
  10. And Lewis Galbraith staying with us at Batley so you can knock him off your rumoured in list.
  11. We all know that there is no aspirations of SL, even if there were the SL would not let us in, as for the Challenge Cup not mentioned but realistically it's a closed shop so I would say no, what he did say was that it wrong to make certain promises, but the team once everybody is signed on will be having a get together and everything laid out to them and then set the goals for the season(all this is my interpretation of his presentation). This was in stark contrast to his predecessor. I was a bit apprehensive of Paul Royston never having heard of him, but it appears he as been around for about 20 including Halifax and Keighley There are two further signings being declared either over the weekend or very early next week.
  12. Added him to the list, need them look how we suffered last season once the injuries kicked in.Got your wish PM
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