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  1. RogerT

    What now?

    Won't they both be affected as well.
  2. RogerT

    What now?

    What I'm saying LTS is us mear mortals have no idea about this matter as clubs keep that type of info to them selves.
  3. RogerT

    What now?

    That's one question only the owners can answer.
  4. Don't know you let us know.
  5. As I understand it as moderator if you pin it there is only you who can edit it.
  6. RogerT

    What now?

    Where do's the club go from here, or indeed any of the others.
  7. Easy to do, I've done it for Batley Bulldogs.
  8. The Prime Minister said it could last up to 6 months Phil, but I have no doubt that it will, also that other rugby lot have full scrums why can't league.. Silverback we are already into for the long haul like since March this year for us of a certain age and health.
  9. Blinking heck listening to the PM just now it looks like rugby at our level might not start until at least March 2021. Depressing isn't it.
  10. Sorry I read it as he was Coventry and went out on loan to Workington.
  11. Cheers, wonder if he was part of the Bowring move.
  12. I have not read anything about him so I will remain neutral in this, snigger.
  13. RogerT

    Covid 19

    Keep your chin up.
  14. Where it says" so we think it's time for a bulldog inbound", to me that suggests the player as been signed on earlier in the week and released now to boost the half time draw, or is it the sceptic in me. Either way good news and let's have some more. Phildog in says inbound not a resigning.
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