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  1. That's the only reason I didn't go today.
  2. That's a non profit making competition out of the way
  3. Anybody know who the 18th man was.
  4. I have never known it been so quiet on here following the clubs run of victories, yes the league season hasn't started yet. What will it take to get people going again.
  5. Eyup sither, can you pay cash on the day at the gate.
  6. No not according to Widnes, there is so much sport on that day they decided I suppose along with Batley to a 6pm start.
  7. They are advertising the Batley Match and prices, Yes it's for the Challenge Cup.
  8. By heck they are quick off the mark.
  9. https://sheffieldeagles.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/sheffield_eagles_v_batley_bulldogs_1895_cup This is the site for advance tickets.
  10. The pitch up at the Mount will get a rest and hopefully dry up. We have next weekend Sheffield away if they win that one then it's York/Oldham away if not a vacant week in the 1895 cup. In the Challenge Cup they have Widnes away, so it looks like the pitch can recover well.
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