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  1. RogerT


    Bl**dy brilliant that, hope that's not the only action on the day.
  2. Where I'm sure a few ended up.
  3. Including today only 19 days to go to get your first Rugby fix. Any Christmas presents for the club and fans, new signings or loanee's to muscle out the sqad. Would you go with a full strong team or try out everybody?. Me I would go full strong squad, leave the mucking about with the team for the friendlies.
  4. I have never seen a church as full, even standing room only down in the school room and service relayed down there, and it's the first time I have heard clapping at a funeral. Afterwards the Nash was full and the crowd spilled over into the Old Wine and Spirits Vault. That is what I call a right good send off.
  5. Been and got mine today ready for crimbo.
  6. Exactly, fearing everybody else.
  7. And he's wearing a Batley Bulldogs shirt to boot.
  8. So long as the lads can keep up with him.
  9. Using this over on Batley Bulldogs, easy simples.
  10. Done another shop on easyfunding. On Thursday night I made a one off contribution to BISSA, I didn't want to do the standing order thing and don't do Pay Pal so made the contribution to them the equivalent of a years standing order of contributions.
  11. It's great somebody volunteering to do it, it's fun but not easy to do as 9'oller and me can attest to. he was with the community team and it is Christmas approaching, can't see owt wrong in that.
  12. Red and White for me this year, the blue looks dingy. The wife says the blue one looks great.
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