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  1. Good luck with that. When I originally got my concession priced season ticket I believe it was 65, but I produced my free bus pass which you get at 60. Why not email the club they will tell you.
  2. On it's way via Paypal, cheers.
  3. It's enough, the weakest team amongst that lot is Dewsbury.
  4. People are wanting to purchase these things as Christmas pressies and we are only 24 days away from that day.
  5. Right that's friendlies sorted out then, just the Boxing Day fixture info to sort out, kit and admission prices, then we will be all happy.
  6. It certainly would have been, never mind we always had Bovril to keep us warm, it never seemed cold in the old long stand.
  7. Phil don't be too disappointed no need to involve lawyers or solicitors that's too costly, just enjoy the up coming season.
  8. There are 28 signed on now.
  9. Not good news about Flynn and Manning.
  10. Yes redditchbulldog a nice steady 2 hour drive down the M1, A42 and M42 easy to find, nice setting.
  11. Them's the one's I used to go on.
  12. Thanks for the correction. Yes it was and his dad used to go to the away matches on the supporters bus, not sure whether it was the Lyles one or the bus company one.
  13. We have had some flyers on our wings at times. There was one I believe used to used to race in the PowderHall Sprint in Glasgow, it was a race for money so the athletes couldn't take part amateur status and all that snobbery. I believe it was Jack Hemmingway, there used to be an 100 yds sand track at the bottom of the cricket field.
  14. But they where still called the Cumbrian sides.
  15. Your memory is correct, there seemed to be a few friday night games..
  16. Sorry B1ll I can't remember Bill, my main memory around the 60's was Joe Fryer as hooker, he lived a few doors away from us, then a bit later Ian Geldard, Brian Cartwright, Grit Barlow, Moyser.
  17. Fev hogging the telly, Premier nailed their colours to the mast.
  18. The sponsor would be Stan Whittaker, and the hooker would be George Harwood I believe. The home shirts where Cherry and White hoops and the alternative was Green shirts.
  19. Yes I knew what you meant and not offended in the least. I always get confused with apostrophes never know were to put them. I will this alone now and try to remember from 2010.
  20. Gittinsfan I was there at Craven Park Hull that match, what a win, going round from the open terraces at the end behind the stand where the changing rooms were and listening to the Batley players singing When the red red Robin comes bop bop along, priceless.
  21. Serves them right for being t'other side of the Pennines.
  22. I remember coming back to Rugby League in 2009, I enjoyed 2010 season ending with the NR cup. I was disappointed in 2011 when Karl and half the team or at least that's what it seemed like left for Halifax. Another stand out season was 2016 when we entered the middle eights and that final match at Heywood Road Stockport against Swinton and the team running in a big score, tidy little ground.
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