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  1. I'm doing exceedingly well, Kath just getting over an heavy cold. Hoping all's well over the big pond.
  2. I would like to thank you all that contributed towards this effort. Also to those that also sent contributions that will be saved and in case we go again they will be used, if not they will be returned or whatever you wish. Cheers RogerT.
  3. Ermmmmmmmmm, started with the French flag.
  4. Thank you all that have contributed towards our sponsorship of the half time golden gamble, we are at the game in three weeks time.
  5. Plenty of folks waiting for it to start.
  6. Hello Bob I have replied to him.
  7. Thanks Stuart much appreciated.
  8. Cheers Bob, hoping your keeping well.
  9. Ok, rithompson65@hotmail.com
  10. Hello there folks and thank you Stuart for kick starting it. I am paying the money into the club for the sponsorship of an half time draw and to this end I have been talking to Paul Harrison about it and the club are very welcoming of our effort. I have a Pay Pal account although I have never used it, so if you want to use that I'm registered under Roger I Thompson, or my postal address is 9, Roman Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 0BY. If non of these options are viable I will be at the first home match if and when we start again. Thank you in advance, RogerT.
  11. Hello there strugglers of the ticket system, BatleyBob is not the man to do it, it's Paul Harrison who's contact details are on the main website under contacts. Here's hoping you get on as it's a great way of helping the club. I got on last week have not tried yet this week, I shall be today though.
  12. Worked for me on my laptop once I reset my password, 2 tickets purchased.
  13. Correct lads. Lets have some more to help keep us sane.
  14. R.I.P Gwen, I always asked her what colour Bingo ticket we where playing on down at the Central Club.
  15. Don't go to the pub, club or anywhere else you enjoy with mates. What's left...…...……......……......…...……...…...……... Us over 70's might as well curl up and depart this mortal coil, that will save the government oddles and oodles of cash.
  16. Ok I give up, if people can't be ars*d to check it out why should point it out, good luck everybody.
  17. Agreed phildog is a mod on here, on the main Batley Bulldogs Website banner when it opens it is there, last game Toulouse, next game Whitehaven, I know that the club had problems with the website for about a fortnight for which they apologised. Correct under news it quickly shows it then reverts back to Sundeck 1895 cup. Unfortunately we don't have control over such matters.
  18. Just checked the main site phildog and it's showing Whitehaven away which is correct. The club did apologise about it.
  19. Certainly at Toronto when I went the atmosphere was brilliant pre, during and after the match, if Ottawa bring the same to the table count me in for one.
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