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  1. Hi there gang still not 100% certain to be doing it, I'll make my mind up before Christmas.
  2. Hello there Phil thank you along with BatleyBird, I usually get the team sheet about 5 before kick off, then during the match I follow Facebook they give the try scorers but rarely the goal kicker so then I usually go onto the opponents facebook and it's usually there. But yes I will mention if I'm not going to a match.
  3. Ah now I get it thank you very much, I have put my name down on the Woodman trip to London as I've never been to any of their grounds.
  4. Thank you BatleyBird my only problem was I didn't always go to away matches and getting info from Facebook was like pulling teeth, they were OK with the tries but hardly ever mentioned the goal kickers I had to ask them. If I go ahead and do it I have it all worked out as I've done it since 2017.
  5. That's the problem there will be a call back clause.
  6. Hi there Distantdog go to October the 3rd and they are there under Player Stats 2022.
  7. Hi there, no I have not removed it all I did was unlock it and unpin it so it as moved down to about January 2022, to make room at the top if I do it again. Cheers Roger.
  8. Hello there gang after the massive season last time I have around to thinking about 2023 and whether I'm going to be doing it again or not. I have enjoyed doing it and I know there are loads who read and follow it. What I'm asking is do you want me to continue with it. Cheers Roger.
  9. Glad we have moved on for a little bit. That's now 21
  10. Hi there Nick, can you book me on please.
  11. Why argue you are making your point most effectively along with Toffeedog, I don't like it either but I'm not banging any drums about, the BOD and club will do whatever it takes to do the job, this constant harping on about it won't improve my headache or the club's position, there I have said it.
  12. It certainly seemed it from the hill that had the flag pole on at the Sugar Lane end.
  13. Sorry about your dilemma BSJ but I'm sure by the next Century you will arise again.
  14. Suspense dear boy, good things come to he who waits.
  15. I'm not too bothered about friendlies, I only went to Huddersfield last year as I had never been there and won't be going again what cold soulless stadium.
  16. Who's to say that they haven't re signed just not declared. We will just have to wait and see.
  17. Well said BatleyBird, I couldn't have put it any better.
  18. Go to the Easy fund raising site and log the reminder logo onto your favourite bar and every time a site on the system it drops a box down asking if you want a donation to your cause.
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