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  1. Solid in each game so far,great signing . Hope you get promoted
  2. A decent dozen or so from Sheffield travelled and made themselves heard,let themselves down by singing football songs towards the end when they realised defeat was inevitable.
  3. Sammut Injured in warm up I heard but nice to see our young halves step up. Defence was hit and miss,I thought they ripped us up a few times and Thackeray try was a walk in. Our first try was not a try and they bombed one at start of second half which proved a game changer for me. Sheffield errors let us off the hook a few times and the fact they have played no friendlies helped us massively because they looked rusty at best. More than happy with the effort though and with 2pts in what is going to be a tough league
  4. Strong squad for tomorrow,let’s hope it will be good enough to pick up the points.I think it will be,weather not great but I’m taking a punt on 24-12
  5. I personally cannot wait for Sunday,hopefully we’ll get to see two full strength teams going at each other.IE not covid affected. Would be great to get a good crowd in although I don’t think Sheffield usually have that many travelling fans do they?
  6. A full time Newcastle Thunder arrive this Sunday to Craven Park,I understand Dennis Betts was at the Workington game on Sunday. Raiders could be fielding a much different side if players have recovered from Covid,it’s great to have the games back
  7. Trust me to open my mouth about the weather Hope you all had a good day out
  8. Brilliant,safe trip down to all and glad the weather has brightened up since yesterdayRL is back
  9. So Sunday throws up Workington in the first run out of the season. It will be a good chance to hopefully see some of the new signings. I wonder if many Town fans will make the trip down to see their new side in action?
  10. Yeah,being shown on Premier sports TV on Monday nights
  11. Dan Toal and Jarrad Stack both signed up,solid signings
  12. Some strong signings in there for a number of clubs,there is going to be much more quality on show next season.Time to purchase the best priced ST in the league
  13. No doubt some tough decisions to be made about the squad but I’m confident we have the people to make those decisions. The playing squad this season can be proud of themselves for what they have achieved. Of course with getting promoted the quality of players steps up,I’d like to think quite a lot if the current squad would like to challenge themselves at that level. Glad I don’t have to make the decisions though,I’m on the fence
  14. Brilliant end to the season,well done to Cresta,Stevie Rea and all the lads for seeing the job through Onwards and upwards for the club under the leadership of Steve Neale and all the workers and volunteers involved. Keep up the great work,well done
  15. Great kicker,I would have him in front of Dallimore if I’m honest. I guess you get what you pay for,he held his nerve and produced the goods. Good for him and Barrow. Good luck in the playoffs lads if that is what it comes to,still gutted we didn’t get to play at your spot
  16. How right you were,that touchline conversion has possibly won us the league
  17. Up to the young halves to pull us out of the poop again by the looks of it. Is Wheeler injured again,no sign of him in the squad?
  18. I’m sure big focus will be on the Rochdale game now,hopefully get a decent pack out to see us through. Up the Shipbuilders
  19. Dons beating Town puts us back on top of the table,please let’s stay there now.
  20. Looking forward to today’s game,hopefully get to see Gary Wheeler for the first time today.
  21. I think we play London this Saturday at home 2pm ko. This clashes with Barrow AFC home game with Bristol Rovers plus there are added attractions around the town taking place. Be interesting to see if we can maintain our crowd level. On the pitch we are desperate for some bouncebackability,I’m sure the lads will do this Up the Shipbuilders!
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