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  1. Hope so, I’ll only believe it once it’s official.
  2. If we’d drawn at Haven as was the case when Doran had his brain fart we would have still stayed up on points difference.
  3. He can’t do right for doing wrong. How dare he want to play international rugby and play for his club. He’s just missed 5 games so I’m sure he can manage 2 games on the bounce.
  4. When / where do Malta play? If it’s Saturday he could surely play both games?
  5. RLDB

    Swinton H

    I’d say there was at least 50 if not more from Swinton.
  6. Don’t know why Barrow signed Saunders, they knew exactly what they were getting, decent distribution and rapid out of dummy half, not the best defender but that will improve with game time. Wasn’t even 18th man on Sunday. I’m surprised he’s hung around so long.
  7. Personally think Luke Broadbent has been Barrows best this year. Johnston is improving all the time.
  8. RLDB

    Swinton H

    I thought both halves were good yesterday, playing it simple with no mistakes. Now isn’t the time for Sammut to be trying his tricks, maybe Cresta has told him to keep it simple.
  9. RLDB

    Swinton H

    Made some good yard’s yesterday, good to see him finally looking fit. Also what a difference some confidence has made to Bulman, starting to see the best of him now.
  10. RLDB

    Swinton H

    Plenty of effort today, pleased with that result on the whole. Great atmosphere with a good following from Swinton. Emslie mom for me. With Swinton playing Haven next week I still think we need 1 more win.
  11. RLDB

    Swinton H

    Lose this game and I think that’s the end of the season pretty much. Cut out the basic mistakes and needless penalties and we’ll be ok.
  12. Must win game this. Won’t be easy though, Keighley will be desperate to win it too.
  13. Think damage limitation was achieved yesterday, not too many points conceded. Keighley, Swinton and Haven all lost today. Next 2 games are massive for Barrow.
  14. Here’s the 18 man squad Jack Billington Keanan Brand Andrew Bulman Greg Burke Brett Carter Rio Corkill Luke Cresswell Charlie Emslie Ben Evans Adam Jackson Ryan Johnston Jarrod Sammut Connor Saunders Roly Seward Ryan Shaw Shane Toal Josh Wood Greg Worthington
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