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  1. Good to see early recruitment by Barrow, also in an area we have struggled at times this year. Will be a good signing ! Bullock would be a cracking signing and he still comes down to a few Barrow games, I guess you never know
  2. Going to be a cracking game, looks like Halifax had a hard game against Whitehaven and there wasn’t much in it. I think we could just win this one, I’m going to go for Barrow 28-24 Halifax with Ritson first try scorer and Miloudi MOM
  3. Well that’s absolutely brilliant news ! What a signing Sammut has been for us this year. Bring on Fax on Monday
  4. Sammut has been playing in Australia and I believe he is unavailable for this game, Carter and Johnson have stepped up a few times this year and down great.
  5. I don’t see any reason on current form why we can’t end up in 6th. I think we should get wins against Widnes (Bash) Whitehaven (H) Dewsbury (H), London (A) Bradford (H) Then for push games in my opinion are Sheffield (A) Newcastle (A) and Halifax (H). So I think our points from the season will range from Minimum 29 to 37 maximum and I think that should be enough to see us in the top 6. Although I don’t think financially getting in the top 6 will gain us much money. Unless someone can tell me differently? As I would imagine it would be an away game against Leigh or Featherstone where we would be hammered. No matter how we finish in the table we have had a cracking season and the club are doing lots of brilliant things so hats off to the Board, Steve Neale and all the staff.
  6. A result I definitely didn’t expect as a Barrow fan. Hoping that you stay up as we need all the Cumbrian clubs up in the Championship. Had a good laugh with some of your supporters and even went for a pint at the pub after the match with them. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  7. Brilliant performance by Barrow and I think we took 300-400 fans and often were louder then there fans, cracking performance by Barrow COYR.
  8. Well we have just set off on the 9:50 train and I would say about 120 barrow fans just on the first train. Also we have cars traveling and have a coach on the way up as well looking forward to a good game.
  9. Looking like one of the strongest teams of the year to be putting on the pitch, really looking forward to it.
  10. Hakim Miloudi is back for Barrow this week, so I don’t know if this will have any bearing on if Costello will be back.
  11. Should be a good game and I am looking forward to it. Always seems to be a close game between us and for the derby form goes out of the window. Last time you played at home you beat London and they are not a bad side although they struggle to win it seems. Barrow have Miloudi back with Ritson and we also have a much needed prop incoming. Adding to that as previously mentioned we have Sammut, Forster and Stack so I think we will have a bit too much for town but should be a decent game and I could be wrong. I am going to go for a Barrow win 34-16 with Ritson the first try scorer. See yous Sunday. COYR.
  12. We have signed Catalans Dragons forward Mathieu Cozza on an initial 28-day loan!
  13. Looking forward to Sunday ! What are peoples thoughts on the score ? I am going to go for Workington 16-34 Barrow, Ritson first try scorer. Looking forward to seeing Miloudi in a Barrow shirt again with Ritson. Also been put on Barrow twitter about a French signing, so find out later on who that is.
  14. Yeah it’s going to be a big game for Workington as really they need to win. You beat a London side which pushed York all the way which shows you are no push overs. Looking forward to seeing Miloudi back on the pitch
  15. Yeah looking forward to the game. I shall be travelling on the train, I would imagine we shall outnumber the amount of Workington fans that were at the last Barrow vs Workington game .
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