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  1. The owners are the previous directors. They put £5million into the latics but held on to the ground when selling on the club to the dummy who's in charge now
  2. They were formed in the oyster bar in the Alexander Hotel (now flattened) down Great Horton Road
  3. Dug out one of my old books to look some of the old clubs up ... This was the Warrington Amateur RFL from 1968 Cadishead & Irlam (open) Crosfields Recs (open) Latchford Albion (open) Rylands Recs (open) St Albans (U17) Thames Board Mills (open) Warrington "B" (U19) Warrington Colts (U17) Woolston Rovers (open) I'll add the various other leagues and clubs pre BARLA as time goes on. BTW I take it the Thames Board company has long gone
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