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  1. The Wigan coat of arms is interesting. Wigan FC used the Borough's one , 'Ancient and Loyal' which came in I think in 1928 Wigan Boroughs original crest was the wiggin tree, used by the Latics in the 70s. Wigan changed to 'Progress With Unity' in 1974, which was the Wigan Met crest, but it included Leigh in that, so the pie eaters dropped it later and reverted to the ancient and loyal one again.
  2. The i papers view on this ..... https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rugby-league-tv-deal-sky-sports-rights-champions-league-one-rfl-741881
  3. .pdf here, interesting reading https://www.researchgate.net/publication/299740204_Staring_into_the_abyss_The_state_of_UK_rugby's_Super_League
  4. It was part of the deal Super League did with $ky They insisted on traditional names being junked, Hull KR would have been called Robins rather than Rovers. The two other leagues didn't have to, but to try and cash in some did, to no effect whatsoever
  5. LW have announced this week's edition 23rd March, will be the last until the matches resume again
  6. Dug out one of my old books to look some of the old clubs up ... This was the Warrington Amateur RFL from 1968 Cadishead & Irlam (open) Crosfields Recs (open) Latchford Albion (open) Rylands Recs (open) St Albans (U17) Thames Board Mills (open) Warrington "B" (U19) Warrington Colts (U17) Woolston Rovers (open) I'll add the various other leagues and clubs pre BARLA as time goes on. BTW I take it the Thames Board company has long gone
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