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  1. .pdf here, interesting reading https://www.researchgate.net/publication/299740204_Staring_into_the_abyss_The_state_of_UK_rugby's_Super_League
  2. It was part of the deal Super League did with $ky They insisted on traditional names being junked, Hull KR would have been called Robins rather than Rovers. The two other leagues didn't have to, but to try and cash in some did, to no effect whatsoever
  3. LW have announced this week's edition 23rd March, will be the last until the matches resume again
  4. The Evening Standard's circulation is around 800,000 and you can download an app for Android to read the full edition for free after about 1500 every day
  5. I certainly wouldn't park round there Anfield is an absolute dump in that area far better to go to Southport and get the train to Kirkdale and walk from there
  6. To be fair futtocks you're right, sports ones usually are - but the bog standard ones like CBS, RTE, ABC and channel 9 are usually ok due to the fact every man and his dog use the well known sports ones and the streaming can't cope but the ordinary fta stuff is ok
  7. Look at "doc squiffy" channel on YouTube for details App is available on Google play store too for updates too "Doc squiffy kodi and entertainment" Plenty there for exploring ! Including "swift streams" and "mobdro"
  8. On my unofficial android app the Australian channels available on my tablet are .. Fox Sports News Channel 7 Channel 9 quality is good with no buffering at the moment.
  9. An easy method with an Android phone is to use a Chromecast device (£30) This casts whats on your phone via your wifi router to your TV via your HDMI socket. These are very popluar and are used for unofficial streaming as well. The other way is to buy an Android box for about £50 - these use a HDMI connection to stream any content to your TV
  10. The AFL site also give their prices in sterling ... £125 a season £22 a month £13 a week A shame Channel 9 isn't on unofficial streaming - though Channel 7 is
  11. It's all to do with demographics .... ITV's audience at that time is made of of mainly female C2/D/E's (that's what "This Morning" is aimed at.) BBC1 caters for ABC1 (mainly middle class, middle Englanders) - who are loath to change (think Radio 4 listeners who moan at the slightest change to a format or scheduling) BBC2 has nothing to show at that time other than the Victoria Derbyshire "Radio 5 Dead" link up filler, (it's that or a PM5544 test card !). The BBC will not admit this - but that's why they've done it
  12. This is out today ..... http://m.nrl.com/landmark-international-rights-deal-with-fox-sports/tabid/10874/newsid/113968/default.aspx So it looks like Premier/Freesports have lost their coverage, with subscription streaming replacing it. Don't think it will be all that cheap either - the equlivelent sub for Australian Rules Football is £125 a season, so I think the NRL will be something near it.
  13. Was two interesting calls on Radio Manchesters RL programme last night. Seemingly a Salford fan had been talking to MK yesterday outside the ground and said two consortia had offered him 1.5 million for the club to move Salford lock stock and barrel to another city - but refused to do so. The caller also said in the talk he had with the doctor that he wasn't interested in bankrolling another club either. I don't know if the caller was a joker or not. Another fan also rang in and said half the fans won't go while MK is there, Again though, it could be a load of old book
  14. You are quite right, it is Figures have gone up to 325,000 (more in most cases than Sky's film channels) Considering it started off with 15,000 it's done very well It's running the popular ABC series, "The Human Jungle" from 1963 as from next month. (this weekend ITV station for the whole of the north and midlands used to carry a live 2nd half of a RL match on a Saturday afternoon at that time too !) I'm sure Freesports have seen this - there's a lot of people who have cancelled Sky, and use their Sky box for the FTA stuff.
  15. Freesports is now on Sky 424 proper went on at 1430 Provisional Schedule Friday 6:00am: North Queensland v Brisbane REPLAY 10:30am Parramatta v South Sydney LIVE Saturday 10:30am: Melbourne v Canberra LIVE 5:30pm: Manly v Penrith DELAYED 7:30pm: Sydney Roosters v Gold Coast DELAYED 9:25pm: Toronto v Whitehaven LIVE Sunday 9:25am: Wests v NZ Warriors LIVE 10:00pm: Newcastle v Cronulla DELAYED Midnight: St George v Canterbury DELAYED
  16. Yes, it is - The BBC didn't think it was a good idea to give Sky a free plug for covering super league games - but BBC Sport don't pay for the SLS, the regions in the north do. Premier League secondary rights had to go to a major FTA broadcaster, as that was what the PL clubs wanted - RL couldn't be bothered.
  17. In a few years time they'll be plenty of grounds in London with a capacity of about 70,000 with superb corporate facilities to choose from. Ashburton Grove = Arsenal Olympic Stadium = West Ham White Hart Lane = Spurs - being rebuilt now (the NFL will use this - not Wembley) Stamford Bridge = Chelsea (to be rebuilt next season) And all available for a May / June time final. Wembley is finished IMO - it's easy to get a ticket for something sporting there, so it's lost it's USP. I've been told touts were selling tickets for the CC outside for a fiver - as they were stuck with them (doubt that will happen again). Time to go I feel ......
  18. Use the same parameters as for Sky boxes.
  19. Because nobody else in England does for any other sport The SLS came about due to someone high up in BBC Manchester being an big RL fan and rang the BBC in London so see if they could bid for secondary rights off Sky. (The BBC in England must carry a regional news and a regional politics show, but are not obligated to carry anything else.) BBC Manchester managed to get BBC Leeds and BBC Newcastle (who broadcast into Cumberland) to all divi up a very small part of their overall regional budget to pay for secondary rights, and BBC English regions agreed. If say, BBC London, or South wanted to carry the SLS, they'll have to pay for it - and they won't, and that's why no other regions bar up north carry it. BBC 2 England get it for nothing, as it's already been paid for - so it's used as filler. BBC Birmingham would also love to broadcast their own regional football programme (they as licence fee payers pay more into the BBC's coffers than either Scotland or Wales) but can't afford the rights for it. Wales and Scotland get away with murder with the licence fee shareout - it's England who effectively subsidise them for their sports content - they'd have virtually nothing on if if wasn't for English fee payers and both BBC ALBA and S4C get a big bung off their own devolved assemblies - while everyone else in England gets nothing. As for ratings the RLCC got 880,000 with 1.4m at peak. And for EFL football, Sky's figures are'nt really all that good considering they shelled out £180m for the rights. They are averaging about 80,000 - but Sky want to drive sales in the east of England (no PL football there) and they didn't want BT sniffing round for the rights. If you didn't know secondary rights move for the EFL next season from C5 to ITV using the same production company as now.
  20. The BBC have a problem due to the fact that all of England is a region, not the parts of it. This is why Wales and Scotland have lots of their own sport, separate from the national feed. BBC 2 Wales has live RU on it on a Friday night, and BBC 2 Scotland or BBC Alba have their own RU matches live on it at the same time. Also Scotland have their own football shows (Sportscene) on BBC 2 on Sunday teatime, and some delayed as live coverage of a SPL or Championship match on a Saturday teatime on BBC ALBA. BBC 2 England can't opt out regionally anymore due to their transmittion network, though BBC 1 can, but won't during peak time. In fact the SLS is the only regional sports programme in England on BBC 1, so we're lucky.
  21. As for viewers to Sky / Freesat it is NOT in the EPG or channel listings And according to what I've read, it won't be going on there until Wednesday next week !. Use the info below with the frequency etc and enter it into the boxes using the "Other Channels" feature in your Sky box when you do the stuff below first ...... Do this: Press Services. Scroll over to “Add Channels” (under Options) Enter the Frequency, Polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC Frequency - 11426 Polorisation - V FEC - 27500 Symbol Rate - 5/6 Look for the name "52556" - that's Freesports. It is on 28E, and broadcasting ATM - it's Sky who are slow in putting it in their EPG - Do what I've told you above and it will work ! As for Virgin Media it will NOT be going on that for a while - VM want paying for carridge, Freesports want VM to pay them for a FTA sports channel, and neither will budge ATM. Sunday looks good from about 1700 to midnight it's all RL, 3 NRL games and then the Toronto match with 'haven
  22. What will be interesting to see is how the Friday night Sky audience will react. Will they defect to the Freesports offering with decent commentry than watching and listening to Hemmings'es inane blather ? BTW slightly off topic, I have seen the ratings for the Sky RL matches since the channel renamings and the audience ratings have virtually halved from about 110,000 to around 62,000. Sky have already said they are going to re evaluate their RL coverage when the current contract runs out, (and probably offer a lot less money). Sky know full well that their satellite subs are falling - even for Premier League Football, (IPTV streaming is badly affecting them with all these £30 odd Android boxes floating about, though RL isn't affected by URL blocking, unlike PL football) though that's easy to get around, if you know what you're doing.
  23. It all depends when Sky do a EPG and channel update - they are usually every week (probably Tuesday / Wednesday) On my non Sky Sat receiver the channel isn't even called freesports yet it's 52556
  24. Freesports promo is now running on Sky and freesat. for other satellite receivers (like mine) it's - Frequency - 11426 V FEC- 27500 - 5/6 Standard Defination only -no HD
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