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  1. Australia played a ROW side in 1997. The match was organised by the ARL, the Super League war having left them short of options. Wigan released Jason Robinson and Gary Connolly for it.
  2. They did it throughout round 2. Not in round 1, so that must've been a decision to cover the silence after a try.
  3. I only discovered them as a live band a few years ago. May, Dick Taylor and three younger guys; absolutely fantastic. Saw them a bunch of times in those few years. They finished at the end of last year, and reading between the lines I think it was due to Phil's failing health. I last saw Phil and Dick make a guest appearance with Arthur Brown in January. Phil sounded as good as he has in the times I saw him, but it was noticeable he was being helped on and off stage.
  4. 1997 and The World Super League. Those were the days.
  5. I'd agree with shouldn't, but cannot..... 1966: 4 tackle limit introduced 1993: 5 metre defensive line increased to 10M 1995: Kick off switched to scoring team, ban on marker striking, ban on tackled player playing ball forwards 2013: Ban on shoulder charge
  6. Hemel played in the NCL for some years before joining the pro system (playing in the reserve grade). I think there was a Nottingham team for a while. I think both of those were late 80s/early 90s. London Skolars were in there about 97-01.
  7. I heard that clip years ago (probably included in an obituary in 2009). And instead of just telling it I remember playing my family this clip. Probably the same thinking as you, that there's no way I could tell it as well as Clement Freud.
  8. In the UK, the kick off was switched to the scoring team part way through the short 1995/96 season in preparation for the new era of Super League the following year (the ban on the marker striking and the tackled player playing it to himself was done at the same time). In Australia it applied only in the Super League for the one year it actually ran in 1997. It never applied in the NRL the following year, and was reversed in the UK in 1999 as the rules were harmonised. I really liked that one myself. In the modern game where possession is more key than position I thought it evened up things slightly, despite the concern over a team being pinned back in their own half permanently. I think we threw the baby out with the bathwater some there. Scoring team kicks off from their own 40M line could have been a good tweak.
  9. I watched the 1966 NSW Grand Final a few days ago, there was a reference to it by the commentator there. Limited tackles came in the following year, so I suspect it was made redundant by that soon enough.
  10. That whole business where a country splits up leaving a communist one and a democratic one. That always confuses me. Apparently I'm in need of some Korea advice.
  11. As recently as about 2004 the BBC would still give you the total weight of each pack as the first scrum went down. On the pulse with the modern game as ever.
  12. A while back I watched a couple of classic games on youtube from the time I started watching the game (1996). People were already saying scrums had become a farce with no contest by then, but it was really noticeable how the packs would bind and the two front rows lock together properly. Gradually since then we've moved more and more towards 12 players standing in the general area ready to break ASAP Interestingly, just last season the NRL did seem to make a slight swing back to competing for possession, with defences using the element of surprise to put a quick shove on against a pack just standing around. I'm sure I saw at least a couple go against the head throughout the season. Unfortunately it seemed that most times the referee would find an excuse to reset the scrum. Perfect example near the end of the season (wish I'd made a note of the game): Ball goes in, defence put a shove on, win ball, referee blows whistle and says "they [points to attacking team] weren't set yet". If they put the ball in before the forwards had set then surely you penalise them or give advantage to the other side.
  13. Is there an accent that rhymes 'fun' with 'ten'?
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