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  1. Went to Istanbul to see Deep Purple in 2011. Good concert despite a deputy filling in for the 65 year old bass player, who was on paternity leave.
  2. Not much idea to be honest. I used to support a team a couple of suburbs out, and an old friend told me a few of those supporters snapped them up to go occasionally when there's no clash. That's the only reason I heard about it.
  3. I went to see this film in London a couple of days ago. It follows the formation of the first ever women's team representing Papua New Guinea, and their appearance at the 2017 World Cup. It is a wonderful watch and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's showing at various places across the North of England and Australia in the next few weeks. https://powermerifilm.com/
  4. Thanks, I found this article https://www.rugby-league.com/leagues__competitions/london_and_south_east/article/54412/southern-conference-league--launched It is top 8 to quarter finals. Week off for Challenge Cup Final on August 24. Final at the Military Stadium in Aldershot on September 14.
  5. Hi, since the launch was done at the Broncos match yesterday I wondered if anyone knows some of the finer details on the format and timings. From what I can see: West Division: 5 teams, play each other 3 times, finishing 17th August East Division: 9 teams, play each other once, finishing 29th June What happens to the East after 29th June? Top/bottom half split, playing your own half again? What's the playoff format? Top 2 from each division into semis?
  6. Toronto v Sheffield will be a double header with London Skolars v Workington on 6th April. http://www.skolarsrl.com/2019/02/15/excitingdoubleheader/
  7. A ball bouncing off the head isn't a knock on, but heading the ball forward is now illegal, so a penalty.
  8. Game at Swinton 3pm Sunday 14th according to their Facebook. Among all the chopping and changing in playoff formats over the last 20 years, the one constant has been the Superleague Grand Final being held as the standalone fixture on the last weekend of the season. So that's another thing gone for the sake of this cobbled together match.
  9. https://membership.rugby-league.com/news/53591 Well that's that dealt with then.
  10. Not true about the ref being the sole decision maker in this case "Judging kicks at goal 11. If a Touch Judge is of the opinion that a goal has been scored he shall raise his flag above his head. If the kick is unsuccessful he shall wave his flag in front of him and below the waist. It there is no disagreement between the Touch Judges their decision shall be accepted. In the event of disagreement, the Referee shall decide." http://www.rugby-league.com/the_rfl/rules/laws_of_the_game/scoring
  11. Since last season apparently. I searched for info but all I could find was a thread on this forum started by Barnyia then. They played over 15 mins in that game without swapping ends at any point so it's not the same format as the NRL.
  12. In extra time Villenueve were awarded a penalty 10 metres in front of the posts (drop out kicked directly into touch). I'm thinking what a horrible way to lose after all that. They took a tap then one pass back for someone to attempt a drop-goal, it missed. Do the extra-time rules in France not allow penalty kicks for goal? Bizarre decision otherwise.
  13. Commentator was Nigel Reed https://twitter.com/Nigel_Reed
  14. Draw: Hull KR v Sheffield Swinton v London Skolars Bradford v Featherstone Toulouse v Batley Oldham v Haydock Gloucs v Doncaster Whitehaven v Oxford York v Rochdale London Broncos v Toronto Dewsbury v Newcastle Halifax v Hunslet Barrow v Keighley
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