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  1. That whole business where a country splits up leaving a communist one and a democratic one. That always confuses me. Apparently I'm in need of some Korea advice.
  2. As recently as about 2004 the BBC would still give you the total weight of each pack as the first scrum went down. On the pulse with the modern game as ever.
  3. A while back I watched a couple of classic games on youtube from the time I started watching the game (1996). People were already saying scrums had become a farce with no contest by then, but it was really noticeable how the packs would bind and the two front rows lock together properly. Gradually since then we've moved more and more towards 12 players standing in the general area ready to break ASAP Interestingly, just last season the NRL did seem to make a slight swing back to competing for possession, with defences using the element of surprise to put a quick shove on against a pack just standing around. I'm sure I saw at least a couple go against the head throughout the season. Unfortunately it seemed that most times the referee would find an excuse to reset the scrum. Perfect example near the end of the season (wish I'd made a note of the game): Ball goes in, defence put a shove on, win ball, referee blows whistle and says "they [points to attacking team] weren't set yet". If they put the ball in before the forwards had set then surely you penalise them or give advantage to the other side.
  4. Is there an accent that rhymes 'fun' with 'ten'?
  5. Attendance was ~65,500 two years running, maybe 2002/3. Those were both sell outs
  6. I think substitutions is one that really needs tweaking. We're unusual among the football codes in having interchanges rather than permanent substitutions. And in recent years we've gone from 12 to 10 then 8. The problem for me is that injuries become a big double whammy. You lose one of your first choice players - unfortunate but part of parcel of a heavy contact sport - but you also have a slimmer bench to work with the rest of the game. I'd try something like: 12 changes total (maybe 10 but 8 a step too far IMO) No 17 on the teem sheet designated a permanent sub. By default, if he comes on, the player off is now out of the game. Alternatively, a team can declare a player out to the reserve official, so if a player goes off injured the remaining 16 can all be used as interchanges. Hopefully this would open up an opportunity to have a utility back on the bench as suggested above. Super League Australia had something like this for it's one season in 1997 (possibly 14 and 15 unlimited interchanges, 16 and 17 permanent subs).
  7. Yeah last of the Walkabouts in London was the Temple one that shut 2 years ago. I watched an NRL playoff in Belushi's Shepherds Bush last year (convenient for heading to Broncos game after). They confirmed it was on when I asked on Facebook. Sound got switched off near the end for the midday Premier League game though.
  8. An idea that intrigues me is whether in future it would be possible to vary the adverts for different broadcasters to open new revenue streams. For example, when Sky Sports broadcast instead of Victoria Bitter UK viewers see Tetley's bitter. Hell, I fancied a KFC today but I've no idea what £5 gets me these days.
  9. Interesting post, and it would be nice if the virtual markings could paint the numbers in if they're not there physically. In the meantime I'd settle for London having the actual lines painted white rather than greeny-blue while you try to ignore the white 5 and 22M ones.
  10. I think having the logo visible on the close-up has only started to come in in the last few weeks, and only at certain games.
  11. Went to Istanbul to see Deep Purple in 2011. Good concert despite a deputy filling in for the 65 year old bass player, who was on paternity leave.
  12. Not much idea to be honest. I used to support a team a couple of suburbs out, and an old friend told me a few of those supporters snapped them up to go occasionally when there's no clash. That's the only reason I heard about it.
  13. I went to see this film in London a couple of days ago. It follows the formation of the first ever women's team representing Papua New Guinea, and their appearance at the 2017 World Cup. It is a wonderful watch and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's showing at various places across the North of England and Australia in the next few weeks. https://powermerifilm.com/
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