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  1. Not sure we can take much from today except a bit of spirit in defeat. Never looked like scoring and too many last tackle barges towards the line. Our try came from one of our few attempts to pass it through the hands. Big mistake not taking the 2 points on offer just after HT and get level, but no guarantee we’d have kicked it this season as we have no consistency there.

    Not sure where we go from here, but our recent performance levels don’t warrant a play off place. After the last 3 years I can’t write this squad off just yet, but only a complete transformation in 3 games will do.







  2. I agree with PD, it’s all about re finding some kind of form this week, play with spirit and compete for 80 minutes. It might not be enough on Sunday, but it will give us something to take into those last 3 games, all of which are winnable. I think we only need 2 wins to scrape in as London and Widnes have some tough fixtures. Last chance saloon for me this one. I’ll be there.

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  3. Agree, miles off today. Their yardage in the tackle was massive, we just couldn’t get to grips with their runners, even Blackmore looked decent. Lilley had a great game where everything he tried came off. They played like their team sheet looks on paper…

    These 2 games just need writing off, what I feared about mentality was right, but who can blame them? These lads have fronted up for 3 seasons now so I have no doubt that after next Saturday we’ll get back into the grind.  About this time last season when we went on a poor run, I remember speculating on here that we’d not win another game, and then we timed it just right for the playoffs.

    Hate losing to Bradford, we manage to do it far too often, but the potential play off meeting will be a different game.

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  4. I though we showed them too much respect in the first 20 minutes, but in the end, best team won. Bit like Toulouse when we were well in the game at HT, then overpowered through the middle yesterday, and by pace in Toulouse. Their pack looked stronger, but how much did last week take out of ours? and we were missing Browny. If Leaky had been on when we had those repeat 4 sets before HT, we’d have scored…

    And agreed, I though officials were awful, so inconsistent.

    We are where we are, top 2 should stay there, we just need to get in those play offs, in form and without injuries. Then anything can happen ✊

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  5. Manning



    At HT we were well and truly in the game. Weather conditions were good for us and we looked composed. Then they pretty much blew us away second half. Much quicker and dominated field position. No complaints, best team won, but I’ve a feeling we could be back there come September….

  6. Don’t know how we won that. Never really got going, conditions awful, error strewn for the best part of it. For 75 minutes, their half backs looked the difference with intelligent kicking and even a 40/20 which resulted in penalty for them to draw level. Then in last 5 minutes, they miss a drop goal attempt and kick early in the count with numbers outside….then up steps Jimmy and he wins the game!!
    Never question the effort again though, tough place to come, full marks for sticking at it to the death. Big 2 points.

  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that viaplay were showing a SF on the Monday evening, the other game being Sunday PM. Might be way off, but if so I'd expect us to be on the tele..

  8. You’re spot on DD. At 12-10, I was bemoaning us not taking that 2 points in the first 5 minutes. But this team is never beaten. It shouldn’t surprise us anymore how much will to win these boys have. A couple of pieces of magic and we’re back in control. Fantastic effort as always.

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  9. We’re going this year for the first time, as part of a week away.

    Flying BA from Heathrow on the Friday evening, then onwards to Alicante on the Sunday morning with Ryanair.

    We’ve a hotel out near the airport.

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  10. Agree with all the superlatives, a fantastic win from a proper team. After the seasons’ tricky start, especially that battering at Sheffield, I questioned whether this was a season too far for this squad. This recent run of top class performances has well and truly trashed that theory.

    Looks like the whole club want to Linners to leave with another memorable season on his CV. Wembley would be a fitting achievement if we could get there, and another real crack at the play offs is, at this stage a real possibility.

    Keep it going boys ✊

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  11. Do we have any fans based in the Leeds city centre area?

    Due to the strike on Saturday, my plan to get the train is in tatters, and bus times not practical.

    If anyone has car space, DM me. Financial recompense offered of course.


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