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  1. Hooley- can’t believe we’ve re signed him. Fantastic player. Johnson - strong, fast, aggressive - his best game this spell. Flynn - no backward step, all energy and powerful running. Confidence is flowing through this team. If we can keep the momentum up for another 6 weeks we’ll cause the big boys some problems…
  2. Leak - class act, so much time and space. Campbell - safe as houses and powerful ball carrying. Gilmour - kept us ticking over.
  3. At 6-16, I feared if they’d added to that, they might have blown us away. But this team always hangs in there, and our superior size and pace took us away from them comfortably. Great dogged performance from all. They looked decent with ball in hand, but our superior pack and the guile from Tom the difference.
  4. Gilmore Buchanan Leek I could easily have included Hall, JC, Walshaw, Manning - as usual and Morton, who responded brilliantly to the mix up in their first try.
  5. We were leading most of second half but I don’t think we once kicked for touch to make them come up the hill out of their 10 or 20 line. Badly managed the slope for me by just kicking up and unders into the arms of running backs. Frustrating.
  6. Yes, beaten hands down by a far superior unit. When I saw that Gilmore was missing, I knew that our final plays would suffer and also the organisation, so never mind, let’s have an arm wrestle up the middle and play the conditions….well that went well…. Wake up call, but we can’t play collectively as badly again I hope. And the commentary was shocking. At least it’s not John Helm I thought, she was far worse. First time I’ve turned it off this year. Let’s hope we can start going again soon …
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