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  1. Ball stealing one on one just seems a massive risk when other players are close by and gives referees chance to make daft decisions. Admittedly the rules allow it, but unless you’re one on one with the full back or last man and the only man in the tackle by metres, leave well alone..... We deserved the win though. Should’ve won the league game there too, but for some cartoon goal line defence....
  2. Just got back, and wow we nearly threw that away at the end! Giving away a penalty in possession and then a daft penalty with seconds to spare. King Louis redeemed himself though with that kick after a fantastic set getting from our line to within drop goal distance. Well done son. Energetic, aggressive and bright performance from the start. There’s a decent side in there somewhere, but unfortunately the coach just can’t find it consistently.
  3. When we start sloppy, we rarely win, look at Doncaster and York away. We looked lethargic and without energy. Only when JB came on did we look like we had a figurehead to work off. Why does our best player not start from the off??? I love Dom but when the team around him has no energy, he really, really struggles nowadays. And although I have a lot of time for young Reece, Davey is better. For me too, it’s a sad fact but Crookes, Patch and Joel give Sheffield far more at this moment than Smeats/Wood , Louis and Downes give us. Did we ever see Joel play 80 minutes for us......? I thought we would win yesterday, we owed them one after the hammering down there, and the nature of the day, but as I alluded to earlier, after 10 minutes the seeds were sown.
  4. Let’s hope we can back it up next Sunday. We seem to have had so many false dawns over the past 2 years. Dewsbury didnt have much (always happy to see Sykes not in their 13) and as soon as we cut the errors and played positively, the game was won. Let’s see a positive, energetic, unforced error free performance on Sunday. We watched fax on Saturday, an impressive win. Every season, they seem to start slow and peak at the business end. It’s a big test. Ive got to say too, that for the first time at Blackpool, we were outnumbered by the Rams fans.....
  5. Never gave ourselves a chance today. Coughed up possession at key moments, gave away daft penalties and 2 shambles on our own line gifted them 12 points. Frustrated, as they are a supposed top 5 challenger and we could've won that.
  6. We always look far more solid when he’s in the second row. Great professional who has never given anything but 100%.
  7. Quick question to you all, is it cheaper to buy tickets online at £17 than paying cash on the turnstile? Also, which stands do you open for the RL? Thanks in advance.
  8. We gave them far too much respect yesterday. Brierleys pace and attacking plays the difference, plus our goal line defence was not up to recent high standards. In the first 20 minutes, taking the 2 (and missing it) always a sign to me that we don’t trust ourselves, even when we were rolling forward. And at that point the ref was in our favour with a couple of penalties, and them on the verge of a team warning. Of course, they never got the team warning....he was waiting for us.
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