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  1. We’re going this year for the first time, as part of a week away. Flying BA from Heathrow on the Friday evening, then onwards to Alicante on the Sunday morning with Ryanair. We’ve a hotel out near the airport.
  2. Agree with all the superlatives, a fantastic win from a proper team. After the seasons’ tricky start, especially that battering at Sheffield, I questioned whether this was a season too far for this squad. This recent run of top class performances has well and truly trashed that theory. Looks like the whole club want to Linners to leave with another memorable season on his CV. Wembley would be a fitting achievement if we could get there, and another real crack at the play offs is, at this stage a real possibility. Keep it going boys
  3. Do we have any fans based in the Leeds city centre area? Due to the strike on Saturday, my plan to get the train is in tatters, and bus times not practical. If anyone has car space, DM me. Financial recompense offered of course.
  4. Yes, me too in Spain, I was surprised it was available. Sky Go and BBC iPlayer no longer available abroad..
  5. McGowan Walshaw Ward An enjoyable watch on The Sportsman, with The Beast expert on co commentary!
  6. Credit to the lads today, always in a game against an unbeaten side, who just had that extra pace, power and guile near our line. Frustrating first half where 3 mistakes led to 3 tries in the next set. And after HT if Jimmy & Browny had gone left we had men over against loads of offside defenders. Instead we concede 6 points! Ifs and buts, but sometimes we're a fantastic side to support.
  7. Agreed. I thought Walshaw too as he was remonstrating with the ref. He maybe got it for pulling back a runner or a late tackle? And yes it was a chaotic last 60 seconds….needless too, though I did think it was a deliberate ball steal on Buchanan. If that is correct about the 5 tackle set, that’s shocking. Almost a game changing moment as we lost our way for 5 minutes resulting in the try, and a few lost heads. Deserved the win though. We are getting better, although our game management is not up to last years yet, understandably after losing Gilmore. Jimmy is looking better each week though, full of confidence and that conversion from the touchline was match winning.
  8. McGowan Morton Kibula Both sides very average today. That try just before HT was a killer. How many offloads culminating in a knock on with 2 minutes to play!? Just complete the set and kick to the corner. We never looked like scoring second half.
  9. 24 hours later and I’m still struggling. Totally outplayed in every area of the field. White Kear Leak
  10. Leak - constant threat with the ball. Hirst - fantastic first spell. Meadows - got better and better as game went on.
  11. Hello DD, I would like to join in this year too. We’ll be at the boxing game too hopefully.
  12. Agreed about the defensive effort. Super human efforts to put giant, quick forwards (not mentioning those massive centres/wingers) on their backs. That spell from 10 minutes to 30 was incessant, brutal RL. Those 3 tries were just the result of the 4 or 5 committed players in every tackle just losing that yard against their fresh interchanges. But nothing but respect for those lads who put their bodies on the line for the full 80 minutes. We are all now just dreading the announcements of players leaving. Hopefully limited now after such a brilliant season….
  13. Wow! Watching on Premier Sports in Spain. I usually go for backs, but today full marks to the forwards. McDermott sent in his biggest boys and boy, did we stand up to them. Manning Walshaw Blake Mentions to Brown, who the commentators acknowledged they couldn’t put down and of course Leaky, a real game changer. Proud. See you in Leigh.
  14. I had Radio Cumbria too…it was hard to tell we had scored….the masters of under reaction
  15. Gotta agree with Srcim there… I’d be happy with 5th at the moment. We look tired and key players are struggling with fitness or form. I’m not sure we’ll win another league game, but need some sort of form returning for the play offs, that’s the important thing. Barrow away? I’ll take that now…
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