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  1. Its never going to happen but an end of season top 4 League 1 vs top 4 Elite 1 would be interesting.

    The RFL aren't supportive of League One; if they were they wouldn't have cut the central budget by 60% or more and withdrew travel support the same season they introduced Cornwall!

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  2. 19 hours ago, fighting irish said:

    If that's true mate, what the hell are you doing there? 

    In our previous ground in Queensway Wrexham it wasn't possible to operate under the Welsh Government covid restrictions. The facilities at Eirias Park are excellent, and theres really not much else in North Wales that could accommodate us at a reasonable rent AND allow us to make some money on bar sales and hospitality.

    While RU play through from September to May there will be a few clashes but we can cope with that. If the RGC regional team switch to summer I think the current arrangements would be over. I hope I'm wrong but thats my gut feeling.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Oxford said:

    implications for RL   


    none, zero, zilch, rien de tout!

    I disagree. It could have huge implications for North Wales Crusaders as RGC (the local regional Rugby Union team) and the WRU are senior tennant at Eirias Park and I doubt they'd think twice about turnfing us out should RU become a summer sport.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    Might be the end of WWR, although how long they can carry on as they are  is debatable, but as far as the Cru's concerned the only real problem might be bickering with RWC about who has priority in accessing the stadium.

    RGC would get priority as the WRU have ploughed money into developing Eirias Park.... remember back to earlier this year when we played Hunslet in the Challenge Cup; we were turfed out because of the Wales v France U20s 6 Nations game and had to play in Caldy. The WRU and RGC would certainly have no qualms about taking Eirias Park of us in the summer should they decide to change to a summer season.

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  5. 18 hours ago, ShropshireBull said:

    Can you explain what is going on.  Pumping doncaster and 7 straight wins.  Awesome stuff. 

    It seems our end of season form continues from last year..... and the new players being introduced are buying into coach Anthony Murrays game plan.

    We've not looked at our best in all games but have still managed to hold out and win....but when everything clicks, its a thing of beauty.

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  6. Just got back in from Doncaster on what was a superb display from North Wales Crusaders. When there were any errors they got back as a team and defended like Trojans. Some great attacking play too.


    I too was expecting a close result and was delighted to come away with 46 point, no injuries and be top of the league with 7 wins from 7 games.

    Looking forward to our friends from Oldham coming to visit Eirias Park next weekend.




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  7. Wonderful to hear that the Wheelchair competition goes from strength to strength. 

    Wales WhRL have been involved in discussions with Nederlands and Brazil Wheelchair teams - in fact North Wales Crusaders WhRL supplied Brazil with their playing shirts to get them started. 

    It would be great to have LDRL and PDRL competitions in the World Cup too.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, FearNothing said:

    hornets, cougars and us for wins. The other two games could be very interesting - dons & yeds both inconsistent this year so far, so could go  either way. If Hurricanes played like they did against us last week they could well turn hunslet over, hope they do 🙂

    Ill go for a Midlands win too. They almost pipped us last week. Provided they play like they did against us I can see them beating Hunslet.

    Hornets win

    Doncaster v Oldham could be as close as a drop goal

    Cougars win

    North Wales Crusaders should go on to make it 6 wins in 6 games - need a big score to match Oldham to keep our points difference high - but WWR always seem to put in more effort for the Welsh Derby, but I can see past a Cru win.

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  9. On 24/04/2022 at 21:37, Yorks Tim said:

    Thanks to the Crusaders club for a warm welcome on a lovely sunny day.

    But for a couple of pieces of bad 'luck' we would have seen a well-deserved Hurricanes win. Not complaining though because that's how sport goes. 

    If we carry that form into next week's game against Hunslet then we have a great chance of beating them. We defended well but still need to be a little more inventive at the other end.



    You'll beat quite a few teams this year. Some big powerful guys running up the middle and your centre (No 4) has a good offload too. Best of luck (except when we play you at your place, of course!)

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  10. 36 minutes ago, OriginalMrC said:

    Hurricanes also have several missing through injury and had to reshuffle ahead of the game. You won the game, no need for excuses 

    Yep......I'll take the win and two points all day.

    Hurricanes played well but Crusaders made far to many errors. Our set completion rate was woeful and we kept letting Hurricanes off-load. Hurricanes were well worth their lead at half time and thankfully we showed a bit more composure in the second half.

    Perhaps last weeks game against Swinton took a lot out of both teams.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Phil W said:

    Just seen that and it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. I want to see any club do well but this isn't a good look for the third tier of rugby league.

    I know this has been done to death but there doesn't appear to be a plan or anything with West Wales. 

    Unfortunately not the first time WWR have cried off due to lack of medical cover....this will result in a compliance fine from the RFL as well as a 48 - 0 win for Doncaster. Lets hope that at the end of the season promotion isn't decided on points difference as Doncaster may claim that they could have scored more, if the game had been played.

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  12. Can Crusaders make it 5 from 5? The confidence is high, the fans are behind the team, we're at home, our coach will definitely NOT underestimate Midlands; we've come unstuck against them in their previous guise as Coventry Bears - but I think this years North Wales Crusaders are too strong for the Hurricanes. Crusaders win.





    Swinton Lions (although it could be very, VERY close) and


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  13. 3 hours ago, clwydianrange said:

    About 25 years ago I had a subcontract kerber working for me whose name I think was Vic Doughty. Apparently he used to play for one of the Lancashire clubs. I was having a natter with him on site and he told me how he had to pack in playing in his early thirties as his body couldn’t take the punishment any more. He missed playing rugby so much that he switched to his local amateur union side where he continued to play until he turned forty.

    After 35 he could have continued playing Masters Rugby League and probably got as much, if not more enjoyment from it.

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  14. On 15/04/2022 at 23:04, Robin Evans said:

    I'm a fat old bloke of 61 years. I'm playing walking rugby now.... simply because I miss being in my 20's and going at it full tilt.. 

    I love the game. I laid here texting cos the game at fev tonight gave me such a buzz I'm as high as a bloody kite. 

    I just love rugby... playing, coaching, watching.... just love it 

    I started playing Masters Rugby League a couple of seasons ago, had a break because of the covid situation and started again last season. I'm now in Gold shorts (over 60) and don't received big hits but do get to participate in a fabulous social game. Long may it continue.

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  15. I was at Swinton for the Top of the League clash. 

    What an exciting game. Swinton threw the kitchen sink at us for 25 minutes and we had to defend multiple sets. Swinton had plenty of possession and territory but could not get past a resolute Crusaders defence.

    Two cracking Crusaders tries and a delicate drop goal was the very fine margin between the two sides. A really good advert for League 1. Swinton were excellent...but I'm so glad we won

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  16. 21 hours ago, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    Brilliant win, and the margin would appear to indicate that we've now fixed our rather leaky defence - roll on next week. With regard to that it might be time to do something about our website which is still showing the game as being on Saturday with a 17.30 ko.

    The issue is with the ownership of the website domain...the website has been designed by a company and we dont have ownership rights...thats about to change. A new website has been designed and is about to be launched and Crusaders will have ownership of the site and the content. The Supporters Trust are paying for the site to be set up.


    The Midlands Hurricanes game is on Sunday 24th April with a 2:30 kick off.

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  17. 8 hours ago, fearnowt said:

    Swinton will be ready for us this time, the Challenge Cup game would have been a wake up call for them. We will have to be at our very best to get a result this weekend, and if we do get the win it will be one to remember.

    Should be a great game (whatever the result), and I'm really looking forward to it.

    I think you are spot on there. Our defence has to be resolute and I think we can will....it will be a nail-biter though! North Wales Crusaders...by 2

    Other games





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  18. 40 minutes ago, Templegreen said:

    Very tough day for Skolars. North Wales were bigger,stronger, more skilful & vastly more experienced. Even at this early stage they looked very strong top 4/promotion candidates.

    Skolars only had 2 players on the pitch who played the majority of last season.Broncos move to part time has completely decimated last years team (Broncos even took the physio 😂) A quick scan of their team sheet had (approximately) 3 players making L1 debut appearances, 3 players making their 2nd L1 appearance and a few more with a very low number of games under their belt at that level.

    The lack of experience was clearly evident - Im not sure if Skolars completed a set in the 2nd half. They were not going to win this game, but experience would have helped keep the score down through game management that was non existent at times.

    There were positives to take forward. Skolars kept at it, there was not any arguing among the players which was commonplace last year. The new full back looked very good & their main prop was strong carrying & had to play the full 80 (must have had a massive tackle count.)

    The season is going to have to be seen as a rebuilding from scratch exercise for a young and inexperienced squad. 



    I really hope it all comes together....although I'm a total Crusaders fan I've always enjoyed my visits to Skolars, particularly the Friday Night Lights. Very best of luck with rebuilding.

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  19. 5 hours ago, Wiltshire Warrior Dragon said:

    Thanks for a typically generous post, Rocket.  No, I was never in journalism!

    My knowledge of Catharism was greatly enhanced by a short and simple, but comprehensive, leaflet called Catharism, published in English by Le Conseil General de L'Aude (www.audetourisme.com) 

    For getting a feel of what Catharism meant in daily, rural life, I recommend Montaillou by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, published in English by Penguin, who describe it as "The world famous portrait of life in a medieval village".

    Theres some great historical background and context about the Cathars in Kate Mosse's books such as 'Labyrynth', 'Sepulcre' and 'Citadel'

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