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  1. Also remember to put your clocks forward and don't miss an hour of the game!
  2. It wouldn't have been able to have been played at Eirias....fortunately we got an away draw at Keighley.
  3. That would be a great draw. We haven't been to the Top House for a few years now!
  4. I think we have to remember that Thatto Heath Crusaders are one of the top NCL teams. Don't forget in 2019 they beat a stronger team than we had out on Sunday. I'd take an away game if it resulted in a bigger payday for the Club!
  5. Just catching up after yesterdays game. A real good crack from Thatto Heath Crusaders; a well drilled skilful team with some big lads who made good progress through our tackles and never took a backward step. I'm glad we won and don't have to face them again this season! Lets hope North Wales Crusaders get a decent draw in the next round.
  6. If anyone reads this please encourage other fans to use the Supporters travel from Wrexham...and book their place in crufansbus@gmail.com by Thursdays at the latest. Bus will be cancelled without the support of the fans to use them. Diolch
  7. Doesn't appear to be any incentive to run an Academy, or a Women's team....or a wheelchair or disability team. There doesn't appear to be any award for the work clubs do in their community.
  8. Dewsbury, Oldham and Doncaster in the other games....and of course a North Wales Crusaders away win at Hunslet!
  9. Good points: Ashtons try. Bad points: smith decision to send Brierley off, but worse was Drinkwater signalling "10 minutes" with both hands towards the ref. Ref should have spoken to him for that.
  10. Yet last year North Wales played within the top 3 all season, beating heartland teams to boot.
  11. I bet the lads at Thatto Heath are licking their lips at this fixture. Last time we played a CC game at their place they deservedly won. Lets hope its not a repeat this time around. Looking forward to going back to Thatto as we always get a great welcome there.
  12. Love the pre-game coverage on Channel 4. Instead of the usual tripe from pundits they've covered the inclusivity of Rugby League with comment from two Physical Disability RL players and namechecking PDRL, LDRL and Wheelchair RL. Great to see Channel 4 showing the great variety out there.
  13. If GB Police are anything like their Masters RL team, they dont train regularly together due to coming from different Police forces across the country. If Westgate are the well-drilled side you have watched then I'd expect them to win.
  14. A bit of a nonsense statement...surely every team will give everything to beat every other team....they don't just play hard because its Doncaster!!
  15. Dewsbury were physically bigger than the Cru lads and Paul Sykes is still a skilful half back, who bossed the game. Good to see our lads sticking with it right to the end and scoring a try on 80 minutes. Next week were back at Colwyn Bay for our Challenge Cup game vs Royal Navy....its on Saturday, kick off at 2pm.
  16. Last time we played at Widne,s it was a good job we played in the pink kit - at lease we could see our players through the fog! I think TJ has retired - but I'm hoping if he has the club have a testimonial game for him. Hes been with us through thick and thin and always given his all.
  17. I'll stick with my prediction; I'm a optimist. We've picked up a couple of really good young players and Jordan Andrade looks a handful in the forwards.
  18. Workington Doncaster Midlands Hurricanes North Wales Crusaders They could all be tight games though.
  19. The club has put of info on social media to contact club@northwalescrusadersrlfc.co.uk if any Rams fans need help getting to Widnes from Colwyn Bay.
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