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  1. Yes Bromley. Buchanan had a bit of a limp af one stage but he played through so hopefully not serious couldn't see much else to worry us. I know Craig's on the lookout to fill #s 1 n 2, if there's a problem sure he'll get someone in but as dar as I see we have plenty cover.

  2. Agree, we missed a trick by not having him last year as well. Never mind who he'd replace as yet but next year there'll be spaces in the pack and he is a 2nd rower really or at centre with Bucko in the pack. It often seems we're not looking far enough ahead, happy to be last minute.

  3. Woods organised well, always seemed to be talking and pointing and his kick pressure was excellent as I might have said before. He, and I, are a little concerned about his confidence kicking at goal, surprising since I believe he was Thunder's regular kicker, looks like when he's on the field Jimmy Meadows is the preferred kicker, he kicked both goals v York from the touchline and converted both tries whilst on. Still I suppose it's  handy having Woods, Meadows, Morton and White who are capable.

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  4. Those bombs were slightly reminders of the Oulton days, giving our lads time to get up front and in the mix. If I had to find a fault, very, very difficult I know, in TomG's game it was that he favoured shorter chipped kicks which were often well returned. A good team performance ( whatever we can turn out after yesterday's injuries) this week at home will see Woods bed himself in and start to run the game.

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  5. Morton converted Leak's try, Meadows 3. Woods 1.

    Great showing, kept going strong when players were picking up injuries and constantly having to push players into strange positions, Hodson on wing for 50 minutes, Meadows at full back probably longer. Spirit was there.


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  6. I agree about Workington, like yourselves, even a bad season in the championship is valuable experience for the lower league. Top 2 will be yourselves (ignore all the rubbish from Dogs fans crowing about Dews being where they should be, we need each other for crowds etc) Workington and Oldham. Our old mate Jack Blag should give them some punch, I was sad to lose him and don't know what went wrong with him at yours. Likewise you've got a big lad in Perry, use him near the line and on a wide pitch if you come across one.

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  7. Wayner not a bad idea, Rog I think 18 has to be named, otherwise you could, as Wayner says, have the entire squad on duty and pick an appropriate player to match the 3rd HIA, which I'd say makes a mockery of the rule.

  8. Well then, what do we reckon to these;

    Squads are now 18 men instead of 17, 18th man can only play if 3 of his teammates fail head tests.

    Penalties at scrums are now non-differential so kicks at goal allowed.

    Green card, player must remain off-field for 2 minutes to discourage injury-feignjng.

    One thing the RFL needs to clear up, or if not clubs need to ask, is does the 18th man get match money and does his being 18th man count on 'appearances'? Other than that, for the RFL at least, it all seems quite sensible! 

  9. It's papers and media that target the progress of clubs who are continually on the 'should they be in Super League' kick i e Bradford, London as IMG seem so keen to have their signature clubs. I think we were asking these same  questions this time last year when we were 'flash in the pan' fodder having reached the semis! For those who think I never have anything good to say; this will be Jimmy Meadows' season, he's really kicking on, if we can keep McGowan, if Kibula comes on as he promised on Friday night and the rest are still up to the challenge then we can make the 6. Sunday is a must win though to set the season off and really keep the confidence up. We don't want a 14 hour day and nothing to talk about on the way back!

  10. The lad said in Friday he was well up for it, fit and raring. As far as his time at Dewsbury goes, I'm sure you'd agree Coolie that he wasn't part of a well coached, motivated squad under Greenwood. He'll get his backside kicked up here, Mocko won't stand for it. 

  11. There was clip with James Deighton interviewing Luke at The Rhinos on FB; I began a tongue in cheek reply, trying to be lightly comedic, but was interrupted during the posting of it and I accidentally sent the post unfinished. Luke, quite rightly, replied to me with disappointment, thinking the post was being detrimental to him. I have responded to him, sincerely apologising for any upset caused and explained the error in posting.  If anyone from this forum has seen the interview and my comment I apologise to Luke, the club and supporters for the manner in which post came over.  I hope Luke has accepted my explanation and apology. He has go down in club history for the part he played in two terrific seasons.



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