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  1. Maybe they'll do the squad numbers tomorrow as a build-up prop to the game...would make sense. I don't doubt that the players will already know, whoever it was who suggested so.
  2. Me too Rog, hence my new pic on the forum!
  3. So the ref wants to book one or send one off and it's not who's name's on the shirt....
  4. Seeing as we're due a match on Saturday won't they need squad numbers out by tomorrow? Dragging on Linners!!
  5. BTW is the Dewsbury match an official replacement for Boxing Day with the trophy up for grabs?
  6. Too good to be true for both us and Barrow...both looked to him as an important signing, both were never to find out!! Good luck.
  7. KTF...how dare you!! ME? Happy? Wash your mouth out....
  8. My apologies, have just read a different report encompassing all leagues. What's our first home match after or on that date?
  9. May 17th as far as I have read is for Super Duper League, that's at least 8 weeks after our season starts. Stuffed I'm afraid.
  10. For the first time in a long time we have a situation where we don't have to make do amongst the backs, no bringing a mobile 2nd rower to fill in at centre or using a spare centre on the wing, we have capable specialist cover in every back position. I don't see us being over-run by anybody, instead of being on the back foot trying to avoid the dreaded bottom 2 I feel we'll be able to take anybody on and come out with massive credit.
  11. We might see a squad list soon then!
  12. Yeah, waiting for squad line-up to see how Craig sees his side this time.
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