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  1. I was sure it was Donny, didn't Fairbank, the player in question, score the winning try? Anybody....
  2. Wasn't this the game that nearly got us relegated for the ineligible player and got up Keighley's nose?
  3. Got it on Danny's Twitter ....
  4. Can't play the video ....
  5. I agree wholeheartedly, scrap 2020 apart from the Challenge Cup games. Aim for the Boxing Day/New Year derbies then bring forward the season by a fortnight. Players will then have a longer pre-season and be fit to start 2021. All clubs must keep same squads as well.
  6. The games we've been watching on Sundays Roger!! We've got a great record so far in wins.
  7. Well, the grass didn't grow under that one!! Us that 10 or 11 YouTube games and 1 on Sky....1 loss, 1 draw, that's table-topping form.....
  8. As I said, it was an enquiry not a criticism, glad to gave got those responses!
  9. I'm not even sure I should be considering posting this, but as you must know by now I have this propensity to not being afraid to ask awkward but what I consider sensible questions!! Supporters are obviously doing their bit keeping the club going, it's the club having to start contributing to the government help that is Kev and The Board's next problem, talking about an unexpected 8 grand (at least) expense depending on how long actions on hold.. As we clearly know, there will be no return to action in front of a paying crowd this year as much as we hoped as large gatherings won't be happening without a vaccination. Now, PLEASE don't shoot from the hip....are any of the players chipping in to the draws, are they in contact either individually or as a squad with the board/ coach with any suggestions/offers to help meet costs? I assume they're seeing Kev's video clips as we are. This isn't meant as a hatchet job in any sense, just a slant on thinking. As much as we like to think of ourselves as a family club of which the players are members, then as such they have to be aware of the situation as well and keep putting their shoulders to the wheel which might be in coming to the board with proposals for deferring some payments if they want the club to be there to return to. I am now retiring to the cupboard under the stairs just in case this hurts.....
  10. I know, cos I was there....sorry Max Boyce!!
  11. Took a party from The George to watch Carl at Headingley.
  12. Howard played amateur for The George just below Fox's and then Shaw's I believe, don't remember him having played for Dewsbury but could be wrong. He now owns the Eric Roberrs business.
  13. No Bi11, and he should have, or maybe the main gate. Still, neither has Ike Fowler. What happened to the club's request for fans to suggest names for the new hospitality boxes top of new stand? They were opportunities to honour past players.
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