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  1. Hey, hang on, only just looked at this!! I knew the coach, Stozzer and Render, Gibbo try and Henry 2 goals 44-8 I believe the score was. Mick Frain was a no.8. Graeme West also played for Wiggin, new green shirt with gold numbers for the day, Gibbo scored bottom right corner and yes, bleeding cold!!
  2. It WAS tongue in cheek, simply suggesting the disparity in age ...
  3. Play as good as his best 17 to start.
  4. Gareth Moore....now there's an idea!! We have 2 inexperienced/young halves who need a head around the place and in the abscence of any other current option.....
  5. Blimey Dogfather, they accuse ME of being the negative one!! Smith is only 31, a year younger than Lunty and nobody said he'd had his day!! Having him would be another shot in the arm, a couple of seasons of that experience couldn't do us any harm at all, after all Rams still go head over heels for Sykes and how old is he? We've now shown that we're not afraid to ask players to come to Batley....
  6. Fantastic atmosphere and expectation in the air. The pink Ithink is actually supposed to be gold!!
  7. Matty Smith available from Dragons .....Craig, get on the blower!!
  8. Like I said before and said to the coach last night, just ask....we never thought we'd get Shaun Lunt, that was really out of leftfield and nobody had to talk big money. Get him on loan even, that could suit everybody, us, Wigan and player. He'll have seen us get Shaun and he might just think that there could be something in this.....
  9. Impressed by the look of Blake and Riley in the trialists....
  10. It's a seasonal thing, we'll probably go back to the cerise and trim next year. Ax forvtge leisure wear, it's a pleasant change, we were running out of options design-wise in the cerise.
  11. Heard so last night....we've left shirt 19 free for somebody....
  12. Fantastic atmosphere and expectation in the air.
  13. Regarding Boxing Day, I believe Dewsbury's last win was 2011, but I could be a year out....
  14. TonyF, at present we don't have any other options at half-back do we, it'll be White at 6 Yates at 7 unless something wings in between now and January. Yates I suspect didn't expect to be first choice last season seeing as we had Brambani, but I don't think he let us down and actually topped the try scoring chart for a while. There will have to come a time when he steps up and blooms, coaching set up clearly has no objections to him or he wouldn't have been re-signed.
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