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  1. On the highlights clip, Jouffret was inside his own half, that's over 50, plus the slope....
  2. phildog


    Reserves Rog? We're runnung with a squad of 3 for next season!!
  3. Lots of talk about Robinson missing a long penalty at the end, nobody has bigged up Louis' 55 yarder (longer against the slope)!!
  4. Should put Wood in the other centre berth, Smears could go 2nd row if needed, got the physique, but don't understanding Tomlinson wasn't in when it's his shoe-in place for me. Hope Jack n Woody come back.
  5. phildog


    Who joined in the headshave after him?
  6. Can't fault the effort and pride in the shirt today. Couple of dubious decisions beat us today, had the last kick gone over it would have been a travesty.
  7. Well I for one would like to see the traditional town crest, Latin and all, back on the shirt, but that won't alter anything to do with this thread!!
  8. It's very, very, very quiet Roger!!
  9. My point exactly Ernie, for the reasons mentioned. Low position, little money, anyone coming in will be surplus requirements somewhere else rather than being chomping At the bit to come to Batley, no better how great a club it is off the field. It would be unfair to mention names but we will all gave a list ahead few lists will be reasonably similar.
  10. 2 points: LesTS..2 5th's, 3rd, 6th and a 7th are acceptable. Fred, a good half of the current squad are good enough to be retained, regardless of league position, or more to the point, would you want them moving to one of our opponents and ripping us up? Even more to the point, with an 11th or 12th place finish, very little RFL money due to it, who could we get in with any experience and ability? We'd be left looking to players like Downs, Wood, Bienek, on the distant fringe of their SL club. We need a coach who can get the best out of a squad, not force on it a system which doesn't suit.
  11. We really are clueless, and that's what Diskin refers to as bad game management, we don't know how to make opponents suffer. I'm currently re re-reading Underdogs, and there's a comment made by Patch Walker, with which I wholeheartedly agree (and have screamed incessantly at our players!!); you should always come away from your opponents 20 with something. If you decide to play and lose control of the ball, you are giving your opponent every chance of making progress, either from a poor kick, a scrum etc. If you come away with a penalty or a drop goal YOU are getting the ball back, and believe me, your opponent will get really sick of having to keep kicking off back to you.
  12. BSJ, interested to know who age has been catching up on? OK Brev coming up 36 but still fit as a butcher's you know what, and Dom Brambani 33/34, Rettie hasn't played for over a month, JC had a couple of weeks off. That only leaves Brownie and Manning who are the wrong side of 28ish who are picked regularly. I would agree with you regarding funding, no team outside the the top 5 this time is going to be blessed with a wedge, so yes, it's going to be tough attracting new players, and I think we, more than most will need some as I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 5 of ours move on.
  13. We have Campbell, I believe he's fit to come back to replace Walker, Downs/Smeaton could replace Brearley, no weakener in my opinion. Scott, Galbraith, Wood, Broadbent, Campbell, Jouffret, Yates/Brambani, Gledhill, Leak, Dickinson, Manning, Downs, Brown....Brev, Butterworth, Ward, Tomlinson...simples!! I assume Broadbent is stll here?
  14. And yes, at least Faz would have been on my list to keep.
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