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  1. You did indeed BSJ and some of us believed you!!
  2. If it concerns players leaving us, it's probably in the nose. Who would be REALLY upset at some of our props leaving anyway, they've done less than zero, Bienek hasn't been mentioned for 2/3 games, Dickinson was my choice to rip it up and hasn't, Cropper full of enthusiasm but no bust and rumoured to have packed in anyway, Everett is the modern day Mick Frain but without the tackling. Any of them who might stay has a long way to step up.
  3. 9Oller, depends on who the 50%' are in either direction!!
  4. It appears you won't be adding the name of Paul Brearley who has gone to Halifax (even though the picture used was of Jack Downs!).
  5. Not Paul Brearley it appears....Gone to Halifax.
  6. Don't know which number shirt he was wearing, but the club could have that number shirt in future seasons embroidered as The Bruce Shirt in memory.
  7. This is absolutely impossible to take in. We have been discussing his place in the scheme of the Bulldog world but never imagined we would be thinking of him in an even greater scheme of things. I'm a grown bloke, a lot nearer that 'dark goodnight' and find it hard to understand this and probably never will. Keep having to stop typing to wipe my eyes. My sincere condolences go to his family in this awful time, I hope the club finds a way to support both them and itself.
  8. Yes Rog, have seen them in kit at games, didn't know how they fitted in the the official RL roster. Can they play on Trialist forms, although I think I have seen that they are now signed??
  9. See, I have gained 2 bits of information in those responses....
  10. Ok Bruce and Senior selected v Toulouse...does this mean, as they aren't listed as T.Rialist or Sam Ogden Else, that they are Batley registered players and does it signify that they have been signed on short term contracts for the rest of 2019 or on ongoing contracts into 2020? As I said elsewhere...wheedling out information.
  11. DF, if it's right then fair enough, but why do we have to go around having to wheedle out information, instead of it being freely given? Instead of then having an even bigger downer on the coach we could instead be given out congrats on the site for such events!!
  12. We won't ask him for his keys, that's not how we operate is it, you see it's us who have to wait for him to return them!! Now, he'll have them for flaming years til there's nothing to actually lock up any more. Oh btw, Scotty STILL not got his confidence back? Going to take Louis leaving for him to be even considered now, could be an uncomfortable 2020.
  13. DF, Not sure I follow you in squad numbers relating to position in selection sheet. I would suggest that when a coach gives out shirts 1-13 at Presentation Night, that, in his mind, is the first 13. After that, if we were to expect the next 4 to be the first 4 subs then I would follow your thinking, but even I can understand that it doesn't necessarily follow. If one sponsors a player who isn't chosen on that first 13, you know it's a chance you take. A bad match from one of that first 13, after his previous standards, just doesn't sit right. Funnily enough I seem to remember at the back end of last season Ward was out ahead on the MOM list then couldn't buy a place.....are we seeing unfair benefit to a buddy?
  14. So Scotty, who leads the season's MOM table and has saved us more over 4 seasons, gives 2 tries away in one match and becomes unselectable? Louis is a stand-off, whether opinion says he's been good or bad, and whilst a combination of injury and non-selection has resulted in a guy I've spent £250 on not getting much game time I would akways back playing your best players in their best positions, Louis is 6 Scott's 1. Especially as he has put himself up for another year in an effort to help rectify a situation, what can he then expect of a coach who can't credit him when week after week he knocks down big guys and saves tries, yet can publicly point the finger on 2 errors? Sounds too late now to be discussing the coaching job anyway, 20 odd pages of disgruntled fans and 8 pages of talking about players appears to have no effect whatsoever on the thoughts of a board which is clearly happy to see people greatly unhappy.
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