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  1. Funny we haven't talked about the BJB sin-bin; could somebody post a screen-shot of the incident? If JC had nobody in front of him in their defence and I don't remember there being anyone, then we should have had 6 under the sticks as he would have been favourite to score. There was little chance that his chip over was so strong that it would have gone dead. The ref didn't even consult a linesman for an opinion. Wonder if JC made the point?
  2. D'ya know, taking everything in after weighing up today, I think that's probably our best win so far. We've been behind to teams who I always felt were never confident of beating us, but I think at 18-10 and rampant York had every right to think they could kick on. That they didn't in 2021 like they would have say in 2019 speaks volumes for this squad and the coaches. What has been instilled is priceless. Re re-signings, forget about not knowing what 2022 might or might not bring, conversations have to be had and gentlemans' understandings reached. Anyway, can't see why anyone would be despera
  3. York struggled in the halves and I had expected ours to have noticed a lot quicker than they did. They only put anything together when we 18-10 down. They've not really clicked since Sheffield and it's them we need to get back firing from the off to start dominating again. One thing I have noticed, Walshaw's started running with and onto the ball again and has been on top form since Swinton game and if he'd had another step start he'd have gone himself off that break. Well done everybody, guts and character.
  4. 1 no way was the Hooley to Hall pass forward. 2 missed several short pop up forward passes by York 3 let York lie all over us on the floor and we got 1 fresh set, they got them hand over fist Other than that and Steve Mc Cormack building York up to NRL standard on commentary, a satisfactory day. York had that air about them that they were winners as soon as they came out of the tunnel I thought. Too many big been there, seen it, done it stars to be bothered by Batley....they got bit on the arriss, hard lines.
  5. Cuthbertson in York squad on their site. Hope Logan makes it gives us strong 1 through 7, Buchanan should be in centres where he belongs. Everybody pulling together and on top of their game we can win this.
  6. No Bowman again, short, sharp return.
  7. Careful of pushing it back too far that it doesn't get played it gets shoved in to tight schedule where it mightn't end up as the spectacle it should be.
  8. You just jotted that down Redditch?? How many with no chance of making it??
  9. I just logged in to OuRLeague and it took me straight to the booking page, hope I've not been done.
  10. According to a piece showing on our site, Greg Johnson of Batley has been selected for the Jamaica World Cup squad. Anybody got any light to shed?
  11. Sad to report that the Batley RLFC Ex-Players' Association is a member down as Trevor Walker has passed away. Remembering his holding the world record for tries by a prop whilst at The Mount. Condolences from The Mount and I would expect from The Tetley's Stadium and Dewsbury Celtic.
  12. I didn't suggest Rettie coming back as a winger did I? We took 17 fit players, had 1 gone sick on the journey or got injured in warm-up bang....3 subs. With Kev's explanation of who's badly and for how long yet we still have players playing elsewhere! Let's assume that 1 player picked up an injury at 'Haven but we don't bring back either player cos it's not his position that's gone down eh! Clever that....as for Sanderson NOT being brought in as 1st choice 7, then why bother at all as we already knew Ineson and he was obviously thought enough of to have already made a debut?
  13. We declared 22 players for Whitehaven of which by all accounts we knew 5 would not play, which left us down to an admitted only 17 fit players, yet we still have 2 players out on loan, one of which can hardly be getting much experience as his team are getting blathered every week. We have a half-back who we brought in to replace Danny Yates who, prior to us picking up Tom Gilmore, was probably expected to be our no7 who is out on loan but with plenty of league experience, yet a youngster who as yet has played only 1 semi-pro game is brought back from his amateur club and makes the 17. Slightly
  14. You must admit that it's not the first time we've had 2 or 3 men bunching in on the centre 10 yards in. Maybe it's a case of poor player choice and something that CL picks out in team meetings. Never said it was ALL his fault!!
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