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  1. Snuck that in! Happy with Lewis, don't think he needs positional coaching, just needs to pop a downer before the game !! Now, there MUST be a surprise coming in the the halves if we've got this far, have we cracked open the piggy, dare to dream boys n girls, dare to dream!
  2. Getting rid of Hooley would make a mockery of squeezing Scotty out....just saying, even though I'm no fan of his.
  3. Knew it said Inbound, was merely thinking Rams as in the comment previous. Response to this news is 'oh'.
  4. Don't be daft, we've already, at the moment, got Hooley...
  5. Half back shortage Linners? Johnston, York to Donny.....
  6. Said that 9'oller when we got Broughton,a real powerhouse pair. Put Morton with KBuch and play JC at FB.
  7. I was right, it was a ruse!! Getting a bit near the band-end for filling the halves ....
  8. Wot time u call lunchtime, having mine now!!
  9. .....no length of the field Rettie try from YouTube, unless that's the ruse!! 1 more inbound back and I think we're done.
  10. It'll be White or Hooley today....
  11. As Rylan says on The Sun Bingo advert, 'Exciting times'!! Fb, wing/centre or half needed.
  12. Campbell's number.....after saying putting 2 and together, any clearer!
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