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  1. For a couple of seasons he was our only option for getting a ball out and perhaps it's hard for him to forget it. Is he better still doing it for the team or better being the hero and going for it?
  2. Seen the latest squad list, do we STILL have 4 trialists now that Nyle and Sam have signed? Thought Horn had also been signed? So who is on trial now?
  3. Got to be DannyY, was into everything. Everett first excellent game Bowman just cos he's on the park and has danger written all over him
  4. Loads of forwards, only 10 backs....
  5. Hardly mad with excitement....
  6. I'm disappointed with what doesn't appear to be the input from Karl Harrison, I, and I think a few more, expected something pro-active from him due to his contacts within the game. On looking at the squad, we look like yet another make do and mend side i.e Scotty as a winger, Browny as an open-side prop. I sèe from Rhinos that we're now apparently their 2nd choice DR club, let us have a centre and a quick winger at least and maybe a ball player. Have you seen that tweet Rog?
  7. DF, I disagree with your view of Widnes's squad, they're nothing special,that was a game we should have been well capable of winning. Yes, Hooley did have a decent game, Scotty offers nothing offensively? Scored a fair few tries I seem to recall....for heaven's sake he's an international player, regardless of where you place Scotland in international circles. Never mind eh...says on Rhinos Twitter they've done a DR eith us as well as Fev, will be interesting to see the quality they send us....
  8. Firstly, no disrespect to Hooley, but Scotty has proved beyond all doubt to be a superb full-back and must feel down at this positional demotion. Dale was in the squad, has kicked well (don't think he's missed one in the 5 games), did he suddenly become unfit between Friday and Sunday? As much I took great heart from running Fev close for so much of the game last week I lose the same amount of heart at this result. Widnes are nowhere near the same standard, a pitch is a pitch, can't blame conditions as Widnes played ok in it, yet we've gone down by 20 again after keeping it tight. We are in need of a real shot in the arm from somebody (2somebodies?) who can keep driving us for 80 minutes. Losing 2 games doesn't have to be a disaster but maybe another couple could well be.
  9. So Toronto go DR with Rochdale, another opportunity missed? Is there a SL team not DR'd left over?
  10. Reasonably happy after today, ok we lost by 20 but we've lost to Fev in a blown away fashion so often, today we competed and were well in it at 18-24. A couple of signings/She's would do a world of good.
  11. Rog, where is the up-to-date player/shirt number list? I assumed Bowman would take 19 so Flynn would be 25, yea or nay?
  12. What is his actual position? Saw him listed somewhere as a prop but surely not.
  13. Still not up to scratch. Face it Linners, in fact whoever had been the new coach, was passed a poisoned chalice; took on those left over from last year who has been shockingly treated by the coach, had little room in cash available, was left til last to DR or get loans and has been able to secure only 1 signing of any note. The input of Karl Harrison has not been what I was expecting, in fact it appears to the outsider totally non-existent. If Linners keeps us out if the bottom 2 it's a success, but won't help in further budgetting. To do that, he needs to find 9/10 wins....
  14. It was said that all trialists would get a run-out in the friendlies, what's happened to Kane Riley?
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