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  1. Firstly, I fail to see why Batley was 'a tough one to take', I'd say we were always going to be favourites after winning 5 from the last 7, only losing to the 2 full time teams and in that run beating Bradford and Sheffield at home and Widnes away. That said, I don't think your assessment of your team's is any different to any other. We lost the first game of the season to Fev by 4 points having gifted them 10 points off two dropped high balls, it happens. We then went on to a heavy defeat at Dewsbury of all places but with a different set of circumstances and no Josh Woods. It's how you follow up and how your coach and senior player group respond. The main thing is, losing becomes the norm, every tiny bit of bad luck adds up to something bigger than it really is and gets into their heads. It's a sad fact that someone has to go down and I'm sad for those who do and are already down there because it's a forgotten place. Barrow imo are the biggest Cumbrian side but like Batley they, and your neighbours, don't have the cash income, a Derek Beaumont benefactor, so don't get the players they need. I simply say good luck!
  2. Under current circumstances I'm sure cash will be more than acceptable!!
  3. I gave the message but no indication of how to clear an inbox, anyone clever? Obviously you'll have to put it on here cos you can't message me!!
  4. What more can a limited number of people do, that's the question? I've answered Kev with some suggestions, some of which I offered upnin the past, let's see.
  5. Isn't it funny how more often than not teams who are first up with coach interviews and highlights only do it when they've won. The only time they're not is when they've lost to Batley.
  6. Sorry friends over the hill but your 13 match losing run isn't coming to an end this weekend. Not that we're running white hot or anything, but we've won 4 out of six and learned to grind it out for an hour then kick in. It'll be close as Rams will want to show they're not everybody's fool, but our last 20 minutes will swing it, 38-18.
  7. BB he cut it off at home on the Monday, says he'll play this weekend. That'll cause selection problems in the centre!!
  8. KTF Rog took time away for his own reason, not anything to do with the playing side, but still able to talk to other people and get bits of info.
  9. Barrow started lively and looked up for it, could have scored first 5 minutes but then they took the 2 points, almost an admission that they didn't fancy it. After that we woke up, started putting our game together and Barrow's started to fracture. Woods, White and Hooley kicked on and took control, I said at 4-2 at the break that they wouldn't come up the hill. Their lad who posted hooker was their brightest spark and Stack gave him some support, wish we could get him, but nobody else made any impact up the slope.
  10. Welcome back Rog! Simple equation; if we tackle like we have today and keep our game tight against currently a better side than Dewsbury, then we win. Manning back, possibly Ward, stronger side. Msgd you re 18th man today.
  11. Mitsias, brilliant today, completely tied up their left edge attack, made good yards on his returns, covered plenty loose ball plus great positioning around Kear's charge for his try. Hooley, took some knocks today, (not all fair) but still steamed in, added a 3rd dimension in field kicking, took every ball and a great cut-out ball to get us into the game. Woods, commander-in-chief today, good positioning of himself and others, took the line on today, the old Stainburn drop off pass for Bucko's try, good field kicking and goal-kicking.
  12. Linners will know at his last training session who's in his team, even if the 2 or 3 we use and listed. Woods looked fit on the training clip, Leaky will be back for Halifax, Manu will be mad enough to put his hand(!!) up next week so we're harfmdly going to be turning out no hopers. BTW, anyone know what happened to Browny's 'on report' incident v Toulouse, we've played 2 faces since and as he's named in this week's squad is it possible it got dismissed? Hey, listen at me, sounding upbeat....
  13. Neither Luke or Sami in Cas match squad.
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