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  1. We're in a very good place just now, playing great attacking rugby coupled with grest defence. 5 in 5 and don't see us not going 6 in 6. 42-14.
  2. Got that response from Paul! Cheers Rog!!
  3. Thought I'd seen an announcement that tickets were available from the club. Can't find anywhere to order....
  4. Forum's congrats to Mr & Mrs Leak on a new addition the their and the Bulldog family. Leaky, let us know what you had!!
  5. I had Jimmy down as already giving scored.
  6. Still am DD!! THAT has to be the result of the season in this league. Anybody remember the TV show Where The Heart Is? Sums up this club, heart over cash.
  7. Jesus H....absolutely lost for words!! Anybody who knows me will be amazed.....
  8. 38-18, Fev to wear us down last 20.
  9. Rog; why is there such a wide discrepancy between your impeccable records of our points scorers and the RL Express's? Eg they have Tom Gilmore on 45 goals in the edition of 13.6, a difference of 26. Are they listing league games only? That also would appear well out considering he's kicked 23 in the last 3 games!! Surely EVERY competitive game ( friendlies not expected of course) should be on their list? Both JC and Hooley should be in the tries list?
  10. Cheers Roger.... as a further aside, that's 5 on the bounce, do we go to Fev as MASSIVE underdogs or simply underdogs? These lads, whichever 17 takes the field are ALL on top of their game give or take and I reckon we can run 'em close. If CL can stop our wide-open wing defence and not let 5 blokes not tackle a bloke on an 80 yard dash uphill.....!! Yesterday, 46 points in a half of rugby, I doubt that even Fev or Leigh have done that. 8 tries in 40m takes some doing AND a conversion tghat hits a post from a yard in from touch AND against the wind.....has to be the most impressive display from a Batley side even amongst those of us with 60 year memories.
  11. As an aside....if DaleM gets another try and moved into double figures, when was the last time we had 3 players do that in the same season?
  12. Honorable mentions to EVERYBODY on that 2nd half blitz but we gave look at tge people who drive the thing in general; Gilmore...if he could get into the game before about 15 minutes have gone we'd be REALLY dangerous Leaky...(not to say that Benny Kaye's contribution is negligible as he and Manu are largely responsible for fronting up their pack early doors) just look at his breaks and darts today. Wardy, immense charges today; just beat Cropper in the sounds of contact. Sorry to everyone else for not making my 3!
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