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  1. It needs to be a dominant prop, keep saying....
  2. Have sent my condolences to the Roughyeds....
  3. Diskin....best o' feckin' luck!! If he demoralises you as much as us....
  4. Walker assuming he can stay fit and Wardy of course. My wonder is, we have only 21 men at the moment, heavier on backs, are we still looking for inbounds or DR/loans? I keep banging on aboutbthe, but since first Hirst then Rowe left we have lost our trademark domination up front, Dickinson and Everett aren't the ram raid, busting replacements.
  5. Don't seem to be many options then....
  6. Linners, get the Stainburn drop-off pass back into our near line attack, Manu or Downs could bag loads, and the steepling Oulton kicks.
  7. See Keenan has made the squad v England Knights, hope Craig's going both in support and scouting any of his team-mates, might get a running prop.
  8. The Hoover's pass from PTB relies on there being a big mobile forward coming in to the ball. Having lost Rowey, there's only 1 guy we can rely on to be running on, that's Wardy. The rest of the big lumps barely walked onto a ball last season and that needs to alter.
  9. But should we be happy knowing that ambition has disappeared from the dictionary?
  10. Well I haven't,.too blurred and mine's Samsung. Thought Jack was bust or would he mend in time?
  11. Feeling quite laid back really at the moment! As I said, wherever we finish in 2020 it won't be down to lack of effort this time, the coaching team has a lot to lose, Rhino won't be expecting to lose face by having re-alinged himself with us, and players will surely be expecting more of themselves, so, win, win eh?? I'll back us now to win at least 12 games....
  12. Calm down dears!! We've appointed a coach with little experience, yet with a great knowledge and grounding of the game and this club in particular. We've got rid of an assistant coach who probably had less experience. If we wanted an 'experienced' coach he'd have been coach, not the assistant. Young, new coaches all start somewhere and personally I can't think of a better place to start. Thought I was the club's moaner-in-chief......it seems I have been relegated!! Craig's a clever bloke, he and Rhino will have gone into this in detail, trust them. Experience or no, I'd like to bet that even if we finish in the bottom half again this coming season, we will have done so knowing that there has been noticeably better effort put in all round.
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