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  1. If we are to to make SL2 in 2024 then we have to finish top 6 in 2023 which WILL demand money being spent this next close season. The alternative is travels to Wales twice, The Midlands, London Skolars....yes, we might win that league, whatever it might be called, but then we're back to square trying to attract players to keep us up. The lower league, our big boast is never having been in it can be and has been a graveyard and a step towards The National Conference. Vicious circle so the bullet has to be bitten sometime.
  2. KTF IMO Walshaw is best in 2nd row not swapped round with Buchanan. Centres are Buchanan and Hodson, with DaleM in the mix, Whiteley is primarily a winger, why play blokes in an 'I'm OK there but...' although that's often the Batley way! As for forwards....one or two growing into the job, some on top of the game, some gone as far as they might and a bloke who last strapped on a boot 6 years ago coming back to strengthen us. Can they shoulder another year's improving effort? This is why I previously said elsewhere ' no further comment at this time' but you forced my hand. Ready for the bombs dropping but be sure I'm not alone in my thinking. Everybody moaned at me when I talked about ducks in a row after a brilliant season, backing up yet another fan already said he'd be happy finishing 7th. Really....
  3. Levi has a squad number in the first team now so it's doubtful. It's not his position though where we need recruitment, we needed a couple of experienced forwards to help us around. We're mown out with backs, 4 who can play no1, at least 4 who can play wing, bit skinny on centres (should have got Logan back) and now got 3 halves.
  4. So this looks like our only home pre-season game....
  5. Getting a testimonial in 2022 season, would be nice if we were asked or offered to be a part of it. Well deserved, hope he still thinks about us!
  6. As I said Rog, back of the queue...
  7. So Rhinos are going with Fev again AND Bulls. Are we interesting or interested in anybody?
  8. phildog


    Squad meeting and numbers has usually been mid November as far as I remember as Ravensport are usually wanting time to get Christmas orders out. and Nash night is usually in December. Umpteen clubs have been putting their kits out over the last month and several have already posted their squads. Sad to say, like a few things, we're behind the pace. That's before we even think about every club in our league with umpteen signings. I'm now going into the bunker for the onslaught, but I won't be on my own.
  9. phildog


    Go on then, I'll ask as it's well overdue going by previous years...when are we to expect squad numbers night and new kit for Christmas? We're also due the sponsors' night which usually is early December at the Nash. Why is everything so late?
  10. There will be no further comment at this stage, a statement will be issued by my solicitor in due course....just sayin'.
  11. 40 to 1, puts us 7th in the league. Thoughts?
  12. DrigDog, remember the team bus arriving at Blackpool about 10 to 3, Paul Jarvis first off in everything but his shirt?
  13. Is this our Ben White who is eligible to play for Germany as per LoveRL piece on Andy Hay and his hope of getting them to the 2025 RLWC? If so, more power to The Bulldogs standing.
  14. No Yates, Galbraith or Big Joe?
  15. Possibly CF! 1st Premier Sports match York v Fev.
  16. Was at Thrum Hall for the 3-0 1964 Cup win, Malcolm Shuttleworth try, should have been 5-0 but Peter Bateson missed the conversion from less then 5 yards to the right of the posts, watching from the scoreboard end. Oops, sorry, old git!!
  17. Yeah hope they haven't got it together at the beginning.
  18. 2011 Rog. The Diskin years were dire, especially 2017 when we really should have done better with 98% of our top 4 squad. His appointment was one of the very few mistakes our board have made. It appears to be a sad pattern though that we never seem to back up on a good season; 2010 NRC Winners 2011 out on 1st round. 2012 Grand Final 2013 not even in positional contention leading to a last match relegation decider later. 2016 Top 4 then a spiral. 2021 Championship semi-final....no, no, NO...
  19. I'm glad and surprised that he has chosen us to further his horizons, probably the smallest club he's been at and he could have gone to any of his former clubs for the kudos. Cheers JB.
  20. Surely by the end of 2023 the TV deal will be known and will filter through to clubs? If not then the RFL board will have learned nothing.
  21. So SL 2 is deferred til 2024 when the new TV deal comes in. Will we be better off for that? Will we be able to recruit in the off season after 2023 when we know the monies available? In 2023 we must finish top 6 or it's down among the dead men.
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