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  1. Assume this is to cover weekly match pay as I can't see how we can expect players to take a cut in their agreed signing on contract.
  2. Reasonable John but I would swap Rowey for Lillycrop and Leaky would have to be in.
  3. Read up in this, and it was all Rimmertalk....no reporting of chairmen expressing opinions on survival etc.Rimmer says we'll get through, others say the game won't recover. Thoughts?
  4. Ok, of a population of +-65m, what % us tge death total? China has now reported it's 1st day of zero new cases, which must be a plus. However, I had no intention of setting in motion a worldwide diplomatic incident!! It was simply pointing out the small chance of catching this thing in say in a 500 crowd, reasonably spread, at The Mount. I also now doubt that there'll be any further action before August, if in fact at all of the 2020 season.
  5. What consequences GittinsFan? It's forum for opinion, as long as it's clean!! I stick by my l comment, and as for it being a killer disease, Spanish Flu in 1918 was a killer disease, this gives 99.999% of suffers a bad cold for about 5 days, genuine flu will kill more people, fact.
  6. This is a calamity, clubs are bound to pay their players signing on money without gate income, they have overheads to cover which I doubt will wait 3 months, yet Rimmer goes on TotalRL bemoaning the fact that some clubs may not recover....your fault mate for cancelling 3 months of the season. There were around 10 games over 5 days last week, how many people at those games have developed symptoms? The RFL could have led from the front here and bottled it.
  7. Just read about it in the News page of the website....tells me that the next match us against Sheffield in the Sundecks Cup....last year!!
  8. KTF, he keeps getting picked in the squad....
  9. Am now greatly confused by Scotty's position in the scheme of things after seeing tonight's tean-sheet....
  10. 48-14, keep em under the half century. Everybody talking about a strong forward pack but last week they lacked collective courage, Everett, Walshaw and Bowman were invisible af the start, only Wardy off the bench looked interested. The famed (or not) Bulldog spirit was well missing after the effort put in v Fev and Widnes.
  11. Don't know if Joe is naturalised so that may be a problem with a visa, Louis either hasn't got one or has been a bad lad! GOR or Coolie might have the answer, did he travel with them last season?
  12. Doggystyle, need to see him in competitive action to determine that!
  13. Brown Manning Leak Ward just missed out, rest lost all courage.
  14. Well, I've waited 2 and a half hours, have tried to take something out of that but honestly I can't. A team 99% bereft of courage above all else. I really expected an upturn in commitment under Linners to balance out the fact that we didn't have the largest or overly talented squad, which I thought we got against Fev and to a lesser extent Widnes. Today we met another side in a poor state, yet let them look a cut above us after the first half hour, let them cut through almost at will, in Brown and Thackeray, 2 relatively senior citizens, they had the game in their hands. Somebody commented about our centres, yet Brown, better known as a 13, even at his age was head and shoulders above our 2. At 18 all we had more than 1 chance to pop over a point but looked either incapable of manoeuvring the position or void of a leader to take it on. Again we were architects of our own downfall, poor handling, indecision, the usual indiscipline and other than the periods Brown and Ward were on, we lacked forwards with any command. This already looks like a relegation battle over the next 5 months unless somebody stands up or we fall across 4 star players.
  15. No info on Twitter, web etc, folk trying to organise their day.
  16. No word as to on or off....
  17. Accept card payments in the shop?
  18. We are in dire need Rog, struggles in the centre where he might have been useful. Such a small squad to start with, we've signed the trialists on yet can't give Danny a crack first to see if he stands up. We BOTH know that our record on recalling loanees isn't great and a few have come back to haunt us, McComb tomorrow may be a case in point. I'm disappointed with this move.
  19. Toronto offering centre Wheeler out on loan....
  20. Creditable on a ###### night. Didn't know we had enough players to describe any as fringe!!
  21. For a couple of seasons he was our only option for getting a ball out and perhaps it's hard for him to forget it. Is he better still doing it for the team or better being the hero and going for it?
  22. Seen the latest squad list, do we STILL have 4 trialists now that Nyle and Sam have signed? Thought Horn had also been signed? So who is on trial now?
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