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  1. It’s great the resignings of our players, but I would love to see an extension for Chris as I think that’s probably the most important one we can make at the moment utt

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  2. Absolutely gutted to hear of geoffs passing,used to drink with Geoff a few years ago you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer man, I would like to pass my condolences to Scott and the family, it makes you sick when you see these junkies crawling the streets and good men are taken early, sleep well big lad you will be missed

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  3. Welcome jake lightowler to town,weather there’s going to be any big robust forwards is anybody’s guess,it’s maybe going to be a young fit and mobile pack,the reasoning behind losing fui and bruie, it’s looking good utt

  4. Another brilliant signing, it’s go a be great watching all these hungry young dogs, fighting it out with the older heads it will certainly keep the pressure on,can’t wait to see them given their chance, keep them coming town 

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  5. When you listen to Chris and Gary,it does excite you with their professionalism we may not take the league by storm but you can’t help but look forward to the season and where the club could be heading , and we’ve some great signings to come as well utt

  6. 15 minutes ago, Callum Linford 98 said:

    🤷‍♂️ Who knows. We've only just got mild confirmation we've a sport to go back to in 2021. If they're full time in a part time league as they were going to be could they be dispensated on our Salary Cap?

    Only time will tell marra

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  7. 18 minutes ago, Callum Linford 98 said:

    Moimoi and Dawson need replacing now. As our friends up the road are showing us you can't have to many forwards 😂

    Do you not think it’s already sorted though

  8. 1 hour ago, wonky said:

    Sounds like Dec and Calvin will be back at town. And possibly Moore? 

    Do you not think we will have done our signings for the season, apart from the odd one,like you good players to have back???

  9. 3 minutes ago, Town utd said:

    fui gone that leaves a big gap in towns squad,not the biggest pack so interested to see who town sign to replace him👍

    Like you I’m excited to see who comes in ,but I’m sure Chris has it covered, sad to see fui go good luck to him always have a soft spot for the moi moi utt

  10. Watched Warrington v Huddersfield last night and josh Charsley hurt his arm, the medics ran on wrapped his arm in his shirt, and you thought that looks bad, the medics then tapped there heads to say it’s an hia injury, talk about taking the ######, is the ref blind or have I just got a wild imagination lol

  11. 5 hours ago, Derwent said:

    Rumour is that Fui will be playing for Rochdale next season.

    I’ll be sad to see fui go if true always enjoyed it when he came on, always gave his all, but maybe the time is right for A younger more mobile Type of player, the way the game seems to be moving with set restarts  and no scrums it has just got so much quicker, look forward to his replacement utt

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