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  1. Well done Scott and all the lads and lasses, that’s a brilliant effort marra not forgetting all those that have supported all your schemes utt
  2. It’s great to see the trsc as set up a just giving page to help keep town going 520 raised so far off 12 donations brilliant, you just hope at a time when a lot of people are hurting it doesn’t affect the total to much hope people can dig as deep as able utt
  3. That’s a dvd I needn’t buy then
  4. Was that with Blaine on his back steering him
  5. Tried from there, but it continually buffered, was there any crack??
  6. Absolutely marra if there’s no club not a lot of need for players.dont think people will be as keen to donate( all be it’s still a great cause ) if it’s not to keep the club afloat
  7. I’m not tech savvy, so how would you go about setting something up to donate a weekly sum, can I do it or would the club have to do it, is there anyone else out there that would be able or willing to give something, how do you get more people to be aware of what we are wanting to do??? Any help or advice gratefully accepted utt
  8. But I am pretty sure your wife will still be here at the end of it all, but will the club if people don’t do something to help utt
  9. As not flush, but I would happily do a tenner a week for duration of the closure if something could be sorted, I think it’s cheap for something I love it’s our team and we need to keep it alive utt
  10. We just need to be on the ball from the off it’s a recurring theme this last couple of games defence seems missing first half, second half seems totally the opposite still real good effort from the boys as sure it will come as the season goes, gutted about the injuries opens it up for others utt
  11. Great effort marra no easy task to beat corky, hopefully plenty more to come well done carl
  12. Good luck today lads, let’s show the thunder it’s not all about throwing money at a team, it’s about unity fighting for each other and damn fine coaching and pride in the shirt and no little skill, Do us proud lads utt
  13. Yea,it’s good to know when your doing something right
  14. Why?? Did he not know which way to go.
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