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  1. I think fui fui moi moi was on that last season
  2. Sad to see pez go ,certainly won’t let you down whether he plays centre or in the pack but can understand his reasoning cheers marra good luck
  3. Really I’m surprised didn’t get the time he probably deserved to see what he could do, but hey that’s why I spectate, and Chris is the gaffe am sure he’s got it covered
  4. So is Tyler going to barrow as well ??
  5. All positive or the club,new coach, new players, new board member all pulling in the same direction, it’s a exciting time for the club,keep it coming as I’m gonna bust can’t wait for the season to start utt
  6. Is Tyler signed up for next season does anyone know certainly showed potential in the few times I seen him
  7. More great work by Chris and the board, well done all involved a fantastic start with rebuilding utt
  8. New signing 7am in the morning, any guesses who it might be ???
  9. No whispers on who havens chasing donald
  10. Heard the same marra, wonder if ct is gonna play dec at loose forward as we have mad dog marwood as well to play 9
  11. I it certainly would fingers crossed
  12. You as a club obviously make some good decisions on selecting signings,because plenty of clubs come sniffing throughout the year, shame you couldn’t keep hold of these boys while you get established, but good luck for the coming season
  13. It’s been suggested that we’ve got 3 tourists signed, but I’ll believe that when they are standing outside Derwent park holding town tops up ???
  14. Welcome to town Marra, hope you can keep your prolific try scoring going and enjoy your time here utt
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