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  1. I don’t think they are getting shot as such, just giving him the option of first team elsewhere if he wants To go just like Bennett did with arrow at the broncos.
  2. They are going to be top heavy with backs,and a bit light on forwards unless one or two reserves step up this year, as there’s talk of an English prop signed for next season ???
  3. Does anyone know if this match is going to be streamed, unfortunately I’ll be in goa at the time but it would be great if I was able to watch the game over there, thanks in advance
  4. No way will the bunnies swap Murray for jai or anybody else, cams a future captain of souths
  5. A very exciting season would go up another notch if true,as long as they put more in than the last couple that landed and obviously no limps
  6. Well well well, who would of seen that coming total shock lol
  7. Unfortunately marra you heard right
  8. I guess if they can get John, that will mean an early release for arrow to join the bunnies for this coming season
  9. Is anyone able to update the squad on this topic then we now where we are
  10. He was signed for this season,but you never know what’s round the corner, but until it’s official he’s still a townie
  11. That’s ok marra,it’s becoming a bit of an habit, you are obviously slower at getting out of bed than me
  12. Well this lad should do to bad under the high ball on whatever side he plays, welcome to town marra and well done again to all concerned just the pack to bolster then the season can’t come soon enough utt
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