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  1. There really is some interesting and eloquent people in rugby league ,and we are lucky enough to hear them cover interesting topics, highlight of sundays For me keep it up guys
  2. Thought the spine for the Bunnies were great, but I thought Campbell Graham was stand out in defence and attack best game yet
  3. Any idea who the guests are today.
  4. They wouldn’t be any good as tackling bags, they would fold like pillow cases no back bone
  5. Well it was great to get a fix of rugby league yesterday after so long without it,I thought parramatta were great to watch after spending so many years in the wooden spoon position I think they could finally be amongst the leaders this year,and.now on today’s Favre hopefully the bunnies rip the crooks a new one ?
  6. Am sure they are hoping to have him back on next week
  7. Another great effort from the boys there hasn’t been a bad one yet, i hope it helps some people to see they are not the only ones that be doing it tough, thanks guys keep it up utt
  8. Agreed another interesting panel and as you say jjb is just so easy to listen to, just wish they could sort them subtitles it’s as if they are on crack, it just seems to make Half of it up as it goes along ?
  9. Great to hear from past and. Present players and of course guests, but listening to Chris if he coaches half as good as he talks we’ve got one hell of a find, utt
  10. I was gonna say great minds and all that, but you didn’t need a great mind to see through the fake ?
  11. Latu (flipflops ) fifita, what a loser and a bigger waste of money
  12. Didn’t know George personally, but it’s always sad to lose another townie did shed loads for the club he loved, hope your at peace marra thoughts with friends and family ?
  13. They are certainly keeping it interesting, keep it up guys utt
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