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  1. Welcome back for another year Jordan Thompson
  2. Welcome back cairan walker
  3. Another signing at 5 tonight
  4. We really need some genuine speed in the back line,and I know everybody is looking for the same but we have seen how important it is
  5. Pleased your staying in the blue and white matty lad,great start
  6. New signing tonight at 7.00
  7. It’s either your players or your sheep marra,you can’t have it both ways
  8. like the rest of us you’ll have to see what Santa brings
  9. Sorry didn’t see that neutralfan had already answered your question
  10. Could well be a few familiar faces back, but that’s for the club to announce,starting to look forward to next season after this seasons damp squib
  11. Anthony Murray it is then,welcome to town marra good luck
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