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  1. They are not also Allerdale councillors in there spare time by any chance
  2. He just looked he had got out of bed the wrong side from the off, mind you’ve got some big lumps in the outside backs shame the game was tainted by indiscipline
  3. Ha ha sure have heard that somewhere before
  4. Just off topic ididnt know cricket could be so exciting a canny finish,well done england
  5. Was disappointed with the number 4 from Skolars all he wanted to do was take our fullbacks head off on several occasions, not helped if I’m honest by his bodyguard the ref
  6. Think you will find he came over to coach Workington marra,Ben went to school in Workington
  7. Fair play to haven they are certainly holding there nerve
  8. They must have been going for the world record head tackles on poor old Tyler
  9. I know we can blame refs for everything but dear me he was beyond ,if he had had control Declan would never have been sent off, yes he doesn’t pass a ball forward or knock on but at least get the simple things right, palms face
  10. How many will read these comments or hear these cracks, and think well if the players can’t be arsed and give a f£&k, why should they as fans be bothered and pay 15 quid for dross, I’ll be there but I’ve probably seen worse ###### than this along with plenty of others, but I’ve got to say it’s starting to wear mighty thin
  11. Got to agree Keith, if as some say it’s a local coach next year let’s have shot of these well paid travelers and concentrate on a majority of locals if possible, like most am not averse to the select outsider
  12. No surprise no common sense in Workington marra, just knuckledraggers, fu£&#ng pathetic
  13. Never had the pleasure to see Harry play but heard great things about Harry and others of that era, a sad loss sympathies to his family and friends
  14. Great result for you guys fax a very good team, well done the raiders
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