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  1. Suppose I could step in at a push....... but they would have to fly me back on sundays for towns matches,not too much to ask is it ???
  2. Damn those dark fruits I need to know more
  3. Ye I agree Jamie had his finger prints on most things good in that game definitely my mom, but I suppose highlight of the match had to be laddo thinking he could dust Caine off, peeled him a pearler probably thought won’t try that again
  4. Get down wid yr dustpan and brush marra, I’m sure it would be appreciated
  5. We haven’t been told otherwise so I would think so marra
  6. Didn’t realise there was so many possibly missing,where was that ??
  7. I think if they keep the intensity up as in the last couple of games it could be a long afternoon for wales, but if we take the game as won now it will be a frustrating afternoon for the fans,and then of course there’s the conditions so I’m expecting a 50 plus win utt
  8. Well I hope the rl take note and get that table put right
  9. Who knows marra,your guess is as good as ours Karl often gets named but not picked
  10. Really enjoyed that great performance 1 to 17 defence was awesome,Caine only got a cameo but seemed very strong in defence, special mention to larl rookie chased every kick through as if his life depended on it,and with a little bit more luck could have created 3 or 4 try’s, and great to be back at dp with the pitch looking superb utt
  11. I wonder if Caine will get off the bench this week, fingers crossed utt
  12. Nice to see a few more bodies back for this one,take a bit of pressure off lads having to do big minutes, although they seem to up there game when short utt looking forward to being back home
  13. They are not also Allerdale councillors in there spare time by any chance
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