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  1. If it’s Colton we were getting is that to replace or add to what we already have ??
  2. Gutted to be losing elliot,shame he couldn’t find work up here, believe he’s going to uni in Leeds so a great pick up for you guys, good luck marra
  3. What are the chances Nathan mossop could move on for next season,seen as you’ve signed Shaun Lunt
  4. It would be great to have two successful teams,and it’s nice haven hope to do better than last season , but I’m still quite chuffed with towns signings so far with more to come utt
  5. I think he means Simon Woodford lol
  6. Great to have Marcus back for the 2 year, great potential and what better coach to reach his full potential under
  7. Looking forward to tonight’s signing new or old , not bothered just great to have some news utt
  8. Don’t know about burns(doubt it ) but am fairly sure Dixon will stay at haven
  9. Don’t think he got on with the barrow coach, would prefer he just missed playing for town
  10. Hopefully marra you’ve just got to think that he’s well thought of at the giants, you would think it’s only a matter of time before he ends up at the giants, but hopefully not for a few years yet at least until he’s finished his plan for town utt
  11. I see Simon Woodford is leaving the giants at the end of the season, hope that doesn’t mean they show interest in you no who, .....thoughts
  12. Just when you think your over the worst,the worst goes and happens stay strong marra
  13. Hoped he had got himself clear,thoughts with his family and friends at this awful time
  14. It was a draw, I. Won’t tell you the score, it was a good night,it was just nice to have a few pints with like minded people, I’m just pleased town players can catch a rugby ball better than a cricket ball utt
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