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  1. It would be great if they could have 13 teams in Superleague next year, but we're not even sure if next season will be impacted by the delays from this season.
  2. Tourist related - What are you talking about? The maritime industry around Liverpool employs over 50,000 people - What's that got to do with tourists? They're port workers, logistic people, seafarers, ship builders, office staff doing their jobs and going home to their family's. What are the universities to do with tourists? They are major employers with thousands of people working and living in and around Liverpool. I've no idea what the old Chinatown has to do with tourists - this was set up by people who came to live and work in Liverpool from China and many of their descendants still live here now. and Liverpool was awarded the European Capital of Culture as a result of the work done by lots of organisations based in Liverpool by people who live and work in the area again nothing to do with tourists. Your three little words, Scouse not English, they're often used to proclaim a difference from the rest of England because all of the outside influences have created a slightly different culture. That's not inward looking, that's outward looking as there's far more to this world than just England.
  3. Liverpool the most inward looking city - You really are talking rubbish. I'm not really sure where to start from, is it the huge size of the maritime industry connecting the UK to the rest of the world, the 3 Universities with tens of thousands of students coming from all over the UK and the world, the oldest Chinatown in Europe, the huge visitor economy, or the European Capital of culture thing. Liverpool is many things - one thing it isn't is inward looking. Anyhow, back to the rugby. I'm not sure how worried St Helens should be about attracting Everton fans, I do know some people from Liverpool who go and watch Saints already but the reason they do that is because St Helen's is such a good club and it's down to the hard work of St Helen's people along with a number of friends and colleagues from outside the borough.
  4. The fact you are asking the question suggests that if you don't try it you might spend the rest of your life regretting it. If you're worried about being a beginner, just be honest with your team mates, I do find Rugby players are more supportive of other players than some other sports, or maybe that's just my experience.
  5. Don't need to be great or good to see that Germany is doing better, you don't even need to read any papers, just look at the figures. Germany 155,782 cases 5,843 deaths UK 148,377 cases 20,319 deaths
  6. There does appear to be lots of variations being proposed but I feel it boils down to 2 options. The first option being to try and complete this season as fully as possible with next season curtailed to some extent - Martyn Sadler's plan is an extreme version of this. The second option being to shorten this season, and play next season as a final season. I'm more in favour of the second option especially, as this season has been so disrupted already. Maybe we could even use a bit of imagination with the fixtures depending on when we get started again. There's going to be no Magic Weekend, so lets discard the results so far and just have a season of 11 games with each team playing each other once with a shortened play-off system. Then with 3 rounds of the Challenge Cup there may be time for an additional competition trying out a different format. All this depends on what exactly happens with this virus and we simply don't know yet.
  7. Sounds like a really important move, I hope it goes well for you. If the new set up does work out, maybe you'll be allowed out of Lincolnshire occasionally to watch RL on good behaviour.
  8. Oh mate, it seems to be getting worse. My son has an account to put his pocket money in. He can actually access the account online but for some reason he got the password wrong the other day when he was trying to see how much money there was and he was locked out of his account but given a reference number to ring the bank. I tried ringing 5 times, each time you have to answer a load of questions before then being put into a queue anyhow that rings for ages, I gave up 4 times. Finally, I rang early in the morning and I only had to wait 20 minutes. I went through the details with the advisor who told me that she can't do anything because he has to register for telephone banking. So, now they are sending a code for him through the post which will take 5 days before it reaches us. Hopefully, he can then use that to register for telephone banking and there will only be another half a dozen steps to reset his password. All this just sums up how ###### the 21st Century is, a generation ago my son would have been able to walk down to the branch in 10 minutes, get someone behind the counter to scribble down his balance and then he could walk home. All done in 30 minutes tops. Now it has taken 3 of us (Me, my son, and the advisor) over 2 weeks to still have no idea how much is in his account. I reckon the human species peaked with the moon landings and it's been all downhill since then, thank God Coronavirus has come along to put us all out of our misery.
  9. With Government debt predicted to hit £2 trillion in the near future, and that assumes economic estimates that are wholly over optimistic, I don't see RL making much of a dent in that give the modest amount that we run the sport on. I'm also pretty confident the RFL won't cause too much turmoil on the world financial markets. Besides, we are important. The players and support staff are all people trying to make their way and very few of them are on the mega bucks seen in other sports, and the clubs are important focal points for local communities, with some of those communities not having an awful lot else to shout about.
  10. but at the same time the situation is easing in China with just 3 new cases today. They are about 5 to 6 weeks ahead of us on this disease. To be honest 3k deaths in a country the size of China is nothing.
  11. Just seen the news now and I have to say I'm very excited about this, with the expected announcement about New York due soon it looks like the RFL are indeed very open to expansion. I just hope that Superleague are onboard with this. With the possibility of more applications coming in as well the whole game need to have a strategy on how to handle overseas expansion. Is it as simple as just adding new teams to League 1? Is one approach suitable when you have such different approaches from the likes of Toronto compared to Valencia?
  12. I'm viewing this thread as a success in itself. It doesn't feel that long ago we were struggling for teams to play in the World Cup now were arguing about who should be included.
  13. This is another great initiative by Toronto, I'm sure it will be a success, and gives them an opportunity to raise their profile in Canada even further after their first season is Superleague.
  14. Everyday is a battle when you support Rugby League, but it sounds like we've won another victory that could bear a lot of fruit.
  15. I might be prejudiced but Michael Gove doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would know when the Rugby League World Cup is due, so it is interesting that he would talk about it on TV. Especially now, I mean they've hardly had time to sort out the photocopier key or where the biros are kept but apparently the House of Commons already has the RLWC Chart on the wall. Let's see how this one plays out. It feels a bit like when the new boss starts and at first everyone says he/she seems very nice but you know deep down that it is only a matter of months before you're scanning their diaries to see when they are on leave and isolating any work colleagues you feel have become 'collaborators'.....or is that just me?
  16. I'll reserve judgement on any deal for the moment. It could be positive with injection of cash, it may bring in some commercial expertise to the sport depending on the partners. It may also dilute the influence of the chairmen at the bigger clubs. However, there are some potentially negative effects any deal might have, it could drive a bigger wedge between the RFL and Super League. Any cash would be a one off windfall rather than an income stream, what would Super League spend the money on, we've got an awful record in terms of investment in this sport. As soon as any money comes in we fritter it away and then can't make ends meet after a few years.
  17. Yeah, that Paris eh, isn't it rubbish. I mean why would France be the most visited country in the world.
  18. That sad to hear Southwalesrabbitoh - I hope he gets a good sleep and a rest from the discomfort for a while at least.
  19. It is worrying that Catalans have no TV deal, although the existing TV deal wasn't that great. I haven't got a simple solution to this but there does look to be a lack of unity in RL at the moment. Super League are looking to concentrate on them selves and worrying less about the Championship/League 1. Even those 12 clubs in SL aren't working together with the share of Sky money being withheld from Toronto and Catalans being asked to pay for to enter the Challenge cup.
  20. You're right about the need to strengthen the French competition. But earlier you dismissed Toulouse's ability to draw crowds. Their average last year was almost 2,500 not just 2k. That's 2,500 in the second tier where all their home games are against clubs in a different country. Even if they only managed the 135% increase that London did, that would give them an average of almost 6k.
  21. The chances of Amazon being interested may change depending on how their customer profile looks. If they are ABC1s living in places like Twickenham then we've got no chance. if they live in more Northern areas then you never know.
  22. I could play for Ireland or England except that I'm past it and wasn't even that good when I was younger. I have to say that given the chance I probably would have preferred to play for Ireland as I'd imagine that they'd have more of the Craic.
  23. Back in 83 I got £63 working on the production line at the Lyons Soft Drinks factory in Hammersmith. After about 6 months I thought I was going to loose my mind with the tedium and I moved to another factory.
  24. Excellent news ...I'm already looking forward to next season.
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