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  1. I might be prejudiced but Michael Gove doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would know when the Rugby League World Cup is due, so it is interesting that he would talk about it on TV. Especially now, I mean they've hardly had time to sort out the photocopier key or where the biros are kept but apparently the House of Commons already has the RLWC Chart on the wall. Let's see how this one plays out. It feels a bit like when the new boss starts and at first everyone says he/she seems very nice but you know deep down that it is only a matter of months before you're scanning their diaries to see when they are on leave and isolating any work colleagues you feel have become 'collaborators'.....or is that just me?
  2. I'll reserve judgement on any deal for the moment. It could be positive with injection of cash, it may bring in some commercial expertise to the sport depending on the partners. It may also dilute the influence of the chairmen at the bigger clubs. However, there are some potentially negative effects any deal might have, it could drive a bigger wedge between the RFL and Super League. Any cash would be a one off windfall rather than an income stream, what would Super League spend the money on, we've got an awful record in terms of investment in this sport. As soon as any money comes in we fritter it away and then can't make ends meet after a few years.
  3. Yeah, that Paris eh, isn't it rubbish. I mean why would France be the most visited country in the world.
  4. That sad to hear Southwalesrabbitoh - I hope he gets a good sleep and a rest from the discomfort for a while at least.
  5. It is worrying that Catalans have no TV deal, although the existing TV deal wasn't that great. I haven't got a simple solution to this but there does look to be a lack of unity in RL at the moment. Super League are looking to concentrate on them selves and worrying less about the Championship/League 1. Even those 12 clubs in SL aren't working together with the share of Sky money being withheld from Toronto and Catalans being asked to pay for to enter the Challenge cup.
  6. You're right about the need to strengthen the French competition. But earlier you dismissed Toulouse's ability to draw crowds. Their average last year was almost 2,500 not just 2k. That's 2,500 in the second tier where all their home games are against clubs in a different country. Even if they only managed the 135% increase that London did, that would give them an average of almost 6k.
  7. The chances of Amazon being interested may change depending on how their customer profile looks. If they are ABC1s living in places like Twickenham then we've got no chance. if they live in more Northern areas then you never know.
  8. I could play for Ireland or England except that I'm past it and wasn't even that good when I was younger. I have to say that given the chance I probably would have preferred to play for Ireland as I'd imagine that they'd have more of the Craic.
  9. Back in 83 I got £63 working on the production line at the Lyons Soft Drinks factory in Hammersmith. After about 6 months I thought I was going to loose my mind with the tedium and I moved to another factory.
  10. Excellent news ...I'm already looking forward to next season.
  11. Rugby League has done very well to get a functioning salary cap in place and to get rid of it risks suicide for the sport. We've already seen how things turned out in the 90's when we got to the situation where before the season kicked off we already knew who would win the league and cup double. Wigan had plenty of stars playing for them but it wasn't exciting or entertaining and I stopped watching RL as this period continued and it took a few years to go back to the game. Football is a good example of how not having a salary cap means that the huge amounts of money are soaked up by the ridiculous level of wages because in sport the most critical way of achieving success is getting the right players into the small number of people that make up the team. All other things such as training facilities, stadium, administrators are marginal. Even in the Championship in England the average wage is £16,000 per week. That's a level of pay close to what a CEO of largeish business with a couple of billion turnover could make. There's relatively few such CEOs in this country whose decisions could wreck local economies if they get it wrong, but you can get the same pay by being a reasonably good player for Charlton. As a result the Championship is leaking money - around £500 million last year. Be Careful what you wish for.
  12. Should be a good match if it's anything like the World Cup clash. It's fantastic to have competitive matches against more teams than just Australia & New Zealand.
  13. As we're talking about the BBC - I was shocked this morning when the Radio 2 breakfast show had a section on RL before 9am. It concentrated on Salford's incredible progress this year as well as Toronto being promoted to Super League.
  14. I went past an AB Sundecks lorry on the way to work this morning and it was advertising the 1895 cup.
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