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  1. I thought referees were meant to be fair and impartial clearly I was mistaken. Yes I know im banned.
  2. This is what happens when you neglect the grassroots of the game as RL has done for years.
  3. I guess only time will tell, not confident about Saturday as it looks like we are struggling for a fit 9. Whatever happens I’m sure we will enjoy the journey.
  4. I think a lot will depend on the forward battle if Fev pack can give the half backs the room to play Fev will score points if not it will be a struggle and Leigh will be thinking the same.
  5. Looked like Cuthbertson was warming up with the team on Saturday, I had assumed he was 18th man in case anyone got injured in the warm up so guess he’s fit.
  6. I don’t think results like today are good for game, I felt sorry for Whitehaven today they were on a hiding to nothing. The simple fact is both Leigh and Fev are too good for the rest of the teams in this division on a weekly basis.
  7. The thing I like about Khierallah is everything he does is at pace which really helps our attack.
  8. Doesn’t really matter they are 2 very evenly matched teams and the game could go either way just depends on the day
  9. Thought Leigh were excellent tonight all over the field. They kept Batley under pressure and they simply folded. Will be interesting when they play Fev I think it could go either way depends on what happens on the day.
  10. Is it likely or just paper talk?
  11. If he’s fit I would have thought so. Being saying for a while we could do with another big middle and he would certainly fit the bill.
  12. Trouble is the state Leeds are in at the moment they don’t have a lot of fringe players
  13. What is meant by all attendances shared? Does it mean it includes home and away or are these home attendances?
  14. Fev have done it too but Barrow are a long way from real Super Greed competition and I bet the best players don’t end up at Barrow. The reality is Fev have signed a number of young British players but unfortunately they weren’t at the required standard and they have loaned them out to other clubs to play some rugby. As a result it leaves little option but to look further afield. I maintain the real reason for the state the game is in is Super Greed monopolising the money in the game for their own good rather than investing in the grassroots of the game.
  15. So your answer to a rigged academy system is to criticise the top 2 clubs in the championship for getting in the best players they can find because they are not British, no wonder the game is in the state it’s in.
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