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  1. True If we use it there will be a 10 page thread on the main forum that Fev shouldn’t be allowed in SL because they are reliant on DR
  2. Yes they were, but it still remains if it comes back next season the likelihood is we will use (and get slaughtered for it) and this will have an impact on the squad we need for next season.
  3. The other thing which may impact is whether DR returns next season, personally I hope not, as on another thread Leigh are in talks with Saints and Oxy has already said he believes Fax are in talks with Huddersfield so that may impact on our recruitment for next season.
  4. When do players contracts run out I want to say November but not sure, maybe waiting until then for courtesy. Is Webster contracted as coach for next season?
  5. I have been saying for years that clubs need to own their own grounds, not only because they can use them to generate money but also you have control over what happens unlike what is happening with Wigan. However that being said it would be virtually impossible for London to do anything with the property prices down there.
  6. Ooh it’s lucky you’re not small minded
  7. Happens every day every where, I work in Leeds and it’s a toss up whether your car will still be there at home time
  8. I hope not too and may not be true let’s just wait and see
  9. I know it makes me laugh that all some people can do is obsess about what happens at Fev, supporting their clubs must be really boring
  10. Well rumour doing the rounds is that DR is back next year and Leigh are already lining up an agreement with Saints, no idea if there is any truth in it but if DR is back will change the complexion of the championship again
  11. Ooh good just what we need another anti Fev topic, it’s been a week I wondered where it was.
  12. Don’t next year is operation get Newcastle promoted “for the good of the game”
  13. Well apparently they are the saviour of Rugby League with new TV deals and major commercial sponsors, we’ll all be rolling in it
  14. I think the real conversation is above the quotes from someone on Facebook because he shares a lot of what people in Featherstone think. When SL started if we had taken the top however many clubs were in the first season of SL (want to say 12 but not sure it’s a while ago) Featherstone would have been in it but were excluded for London and Paris to be included. This had a big effect on the club who ended up in the 3rd tier. They fought their way back to become the best club outside of SL for a number of years in the early 2010’s but were excluded because of licensing. Imagine if this was your club would you feel a sense of injustice and resentment towards expansion clubs? If you’re honest the answer is probably yes. There is also a big anti Fev bias on this forum personally I don’t care but sure it annoys some people. Lastly to op does the person who you have posted their opinions on Facebook know you have done because if not you are bang out of order.
  15. I think a lot will depend on how the game is refed Toulouse will try and slow down the play the ball, loads of wrestling with 3rd man on top until the defensive line is set, if the officials clamp down on it and let the game flow Fev will win. If not probably Toulouse.
  16. I have got to be honest it really amuses me when everyone talks about the huge commercial benefits and tv deals that are going to happen if Toulouse get promoted when the reality I have seen absolutely no evidence of this. Toulouse is a town dominated by Rugby Union and with one of the best teams in Europe that is just not going to change. As I understand it Catalan were having to pay broadcasters to cover there games so I just don’t see a second club having a great effect on that. Unfortunately the reality is if Toulouse get promoted they will bring nothing to the game. Clearly as a Fev fan I hope we win however if we lose we can at least look forward to the huge amounts of money Toulouse are going to bring to the game.
  17. What a sad and pathetic thread this is and a sad indictment of too many people on this forum. Rugby League is a sport and is about teams competing and winning and losing and respecting the pyramid of the team you don’t want to promotion wins then it’s tough.
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