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  1. It has become irrelevant because so few teams can win it. Personally I’d settle for winning on Saturday a money spinning game next round and bow out as gallant losers and get on with winning the championship.
  2. Are you sure I heard Cas team were undergoing astronaut training to get used to playing with no atmosphere
  3. Fev are sustainable because they have a good commercial side and they own their own ground which allows them to generate off field income. However without DR would struggle to compete with some of the clubs in the championship who generate little money and rely on owners with deep pockets to put hundreds of thousands of pounds in every year. But that’s not just a championship problem you look at SL there are clubs losing millions of pounds a year which is made up by rich beneficiaries which is why clubs like Wakefield who don’t have a rich backer will probably never win SL. Salford did really well last year and I hope they follow it up this year but to be honest I don’t think they have the resources to do it.
  4. If I’m honest I don’t like DR but one thing it does do is provide an opportunity for clubs like Fev to compete on a level playing field against the clubs who have a rich sugar daddy and run full time teams on lower attendances. By all means get rid of DR but peg the salary cap to the income of clubs through their income excluding what the owners put in. This makes for sustainable clubs and encourages clubs to build their business on and off the field.
  5. It was on Facebook earlier that Render has hernia and Carey isn’t quite over the ankle injury he got in Toulouse but was hoping to be back either this week or next. Of course it’s Facebook so you may want to take it with a pinch of salt.
  6. Also there are a number of players who have not played yet and it may be that they’re not going to be fit for the start of the season and the coach wants to have a look at his alternatives
  7. To be fair that probably makes a team a candidate for SL as most of the clubs have a sugar daddy and their fans sneer at clubs who live within heir means
  8. Also there is Harrison as well in that reckoning. I also thought Brad Day was out injured with an ACL which will put him out until mid season.
  9. Very good news especially with his ability to play play at centre or on the wing.
  10. Mcelland was fantastic at Fev last season and would love to see him back especially with the additions already made to the squad.
  11. How did last nights meet the coach evening go? Was there any news on potential signings?
  12. So how many SL clubs are going to Catalan on a Thursday evening? I believe the answer is none, so it’s ok for championship clubs but not Super League clubs.
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