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  1. Also there is Harrison as well in that reckoning. I also thought Brad Day was out injured with an ACL which will put him out until mid season.
  2. Very good news especially with his ability to play play at centre or on the wing.
  3. Mcelland was fantastic at Fev last season and would love to see him back especially with the additions already made to the squad.
  4. How did last nights meet the coach evening go? Was there any news on potential signings?
  5. So how many SL clubs are going to Catalan on a Thursday evening? I believe the answer is none, so it’s ok for championship clubs but not Super League clubs.
  6. Absolute insanity clearly haven’t thought that round through
  7. It depends on what the goals of Super League are, as I recall when it was set up the goals were around improving facilities and standards at international level. This has clearly failed. Super League has been successful at becoming a tool to generate income for the clubs within it, fast tracking these clubs in may make it more successful in these terms but is highly unlikely to improve the game. The game in GB needs to decide what it wants to do before it does anything.
  8. Only for the 5 a side league
  9. Must admit I do struggle with the rules the only one I did seem to get was if in doubt it’s a penalty against anyone wearing white. The game has improved which I put down to league coaches.
  10. On Twitter says we have signed Jake Sweeting from Castleford Tigers. He is a 20 year old half/full back who played against us on Boxing Day and scored an 80 metre try.
  11. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me as an option, either way it’s looking good for next season already
  12. Yeah when I saw the story thought he would be good cover for Day. Does come with some baggage and I can understand some people’s reservations but may prove a good test of the new coach’s man management skills
  13. Unless it’s changed and I very much doubt it has there is too much emphasis on full contact rugby and not enough emphasis on skill based games.
  14. With all the speculation where do people think we are short? I think we need a couple of middles and at least 1 second rower and another hooker. Must admit I’m quite happy with where we are in the backs particularly with dr to back us up.
  15. Fully agree to be honest not sure Joufrett is a real organiser although I have not seen that much of him in action. Hasn’t Sammut played at full back before? Maybe an option to pair Hall and Minns at centre which would give us some real strike power.
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