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  1. I thought referees were meant to be fair and impartial clearly I was mistaken. Yes I know im banned.
  2. This is what happens when you neglect the grassroots of the game as RL has done for years.
  3. I guess only time will tell, not confident about Saturday as it looks like we are struggling for a fit 9. Whatever happens I’m sure we will enjoy the journey.
  4. I think a lot will depend on the forward battle if Fev pack can give the half backs the room to play Fev will score points if not it will be a struggle and Leigh will be thinking the same.
  5. Looked like Cuthbertson was warming up with the team on Saturday, I had assumed he was 18th man in case anyone got injured in the warm up so guess he’s fit.
  6. I don’t think results like today are good for game, I felt sorry for Whitehaven today they were on a hiding to nothing. The simple fact is both Leigh and Fev are too good for the rest of the teams in this division on a weekly basis.
  7. The thing I like about Khierallah is everything he does is at pace which really helps our attack.
  8. Doesn’t really matter they are 2 very evenly matched teams and the game could go either way just depends on the day
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