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  1. Either that or Toulouse just choosing to play the easy games!
  2. Hey if they earn the right then they should have just as much right to be there as anyone else.
  3. Going to York without Blackmoor, Welham, Harrison, Ferres and Ferguson was always going to be a struggle. Add in the fact that annoying person Kendall was in charge I can take a narrow win.
  4. If Welham and Blackmoor aren’t fit we look a little light in the 3/4s
  5. To be honest I have had this argument on the main forum but came to the conclusion you can’t educate pork and have walked away
  6. Except there is a hardcore of people on here want some form of licensing or cherry pick clubs based on their location or what they perceive as their value to the game which is as bad as what is going on in football but at least they have got the balls to stand up to it.
  7. Not respecting the principle of all clubs having the right to compete at the top level irrespective of where they are from or who they are is wrong within any sport.
  8. Nothing to do with the size of clubs it’s about respecting the pyramid and integrity of the game. But thanks for proving my point
  9. Amazing a group of clubs in football want to hijack the game to create there own league where they can’t be relegated and new clubs invited in. The condemnation has been virtually unanimous ex players and fans turning their back on the idea. They have thrown their support behind the pyramid which allows clubs from the bottom to reach the top and vice versa. Compare that to the opinions on here! Never thought football would have the moral high ground.
  10. Quite interesting looking at the going’s on in Football with the proposed Super League and the huge outcry there has been. People from all levels of the game including fans of the big 6 talking about how this would damage the game and the pyramid that allows clubs to rise from the bottom to the top and vice versa. Then take a look at our game where people want to promote clubs on the basis of where they are from or what they offer the game (whatever that means) and hold back the clubs that they don’t want. Can’t help feeling we have got this one wrong.
  11. Saw this a few weeks ago on main forum there was a copy of the tweet he made and unfortunately it doesn’t look great.
  12. According to Twitter now 26 nil to Fev tries from Day and Davies converted by Brown
  13. No Chisholm or Hardcastle today! Clearly ringing the changes although Davies is on the bench.
  14. Common sense is in very short supply everywhere at the moment
  15. Looking at it I am not sure Chris Welham, Tom Holmes and Junior Moores are that much worse than the lads on DR from Leeds. Will Hull win by 40+ points? Possibly but they may well beat some SL sides by 40+ points
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