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  1. I do worry that it will have a knock on effect on the championship, take Ormanroyd and Walters as an example would they have left Leeds and come to us if Leeds still had a second team? Think we may see a drop in the standard of the championship.
  2. Most clubs in SL are unsustainable because they are reliant on n a rich owner to make up the shortfall. The Wakefield ground is very poor and rather than getting off their backsides and improving it all they can do is moan about how someone owes them a ground. Get off your butts and do something for yourselves instead of relying on other people
  3. After the stick our half backs have being getting over the last few weeks I’m not surprised the players are going to protect them.
  4. No mention of a visa is he exempt?
  5. Will be interesting to see the championship next season if all SL clubs are required to run reserves next season a number of the fringe SL championship players may well be playing in that competition rather than the championship which would weaken the championship. Guess only time will tell.
  6. Not a huge amount between the top 7or 8 clubs in championship. Toronto are the best but not unbeatable that’s why you have to be on top of your game every week or you will get beaten. As I said a few weeks ago you just have to take one week at a time win your game and move forward to the next week and see where you end up.
  7. How many clubs have already hit trouble spending money they haven’t got, even football with its financial fair play rules have recognised it is an outdated concept that doesn’t work for the game as a whole
  8. To be honest I’m not a big fan of dr but it does give clubs without a rich owner a chance of a level playing field. Personally I disagree with clubs having owners putting hundreds of thousands of pounds into clubs every year, these clubs are basically unsustainable as they cannot operate within their means. This means they get the pick of players and it gives them an unfair advantage.
  9. Ben Reynolds’s back on a months loan and eligible to play on Sunday
  10. Remember when Deryck Fox played anyone who laid a finger on him had Gary Rose to answer to
  11. To be honest after the last couple of weeks I think our half backs are being targeted maybe if referees aren’t going to protect them the forwards need to step up and sort it out?
  12. Need to take it one game at a time, keep winning and let the table look after itself
  13. Does anyone know what the rules are regarding DR on Wednesday? Would imagine teteh and maskill will play but will we be able to bring in players from Leeds although it would be better to blood our own reserves
  14. Ok I have held off as long as I can he’s a very naughty boy
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