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  1. Just seen it announced that James Webster is confirmed as head coach on a 2 year contract
  2. The guy has his favourites and it shows. The Salford try why not go to the video ref if wasn’t sure. I think he is one of the poorest referees around yet has got 2 grand finals??? He has referred us a few times and we have got nothing from him.
  3. It is just been dragged round Meadowhall!!!!
  4. Sounds like a good idea to me
  5. Kear definitely not going back to the dinosaurs. Webster not sure my personal preference would be to go back to Australia and look for another up and coming coach with something to prove although you could argue that Webster fits that criteria.
  6. Best wishes hope he goes well apart from against us
  7. So speaking of next year does anyone know what the state of Day’s injury? I have heard rumours he has done his ACL but not sure if there’s any truth in them but if it is true will miss the first half of the season.
  8. I think it’s safe to say most of the players who have not signed new deals will be leaving. I think squad wise we are in a good place this season has shown there some gems available down under if you look for them. If Carr does leave particularly to go back down under he may be in a position to recommend a player or two although I would imagine the new coach will want to have his say.
  9. That’s true but it’s about learning from that and trying to cut out the loop holes because the big clubs will try to cheat
  10. Shows what a toss pot he has become. What the game doesn’t need is more clubs that are unsustainable spending money they can’t cover through income and relying on rich owners to bank roll them who can withdraw their money at any time and effectively bankrupt the club. I read somewhere Wigan lost £1.4 million last season how can that be a good business model? What the game needs are financial fair play rules where clubs are limited to how much the owner can put in and force clubs to be more business leaders like.
  11. From the tv Toronto were constantly slowing the play the ball down and it looked like Bussey was trying to play the ball quickly and pushed him away. Probably one of those 50 50s but as always with Kendall went against us. Made me laugh in the 1st half threw the ball against Johnson’s head and ref said he’d played at the ball. Have a good time out there.
  12. Fully agree although to be honest I think we had just about run out of steam anyway. I am still really proud of the lads and looking forward to next season already
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