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  1. I don’t think it’s the rules that are the problem it’s the coaching. Not that I have watched much rugby this season but what I have seen was all one man drives to get to the kick. There was another post on here about the demise of the ball playing loose forward I think it’s a lack of ball players full stop. I just think it’s coached out of them at a young age.
  2. The big problem in the game is an over reliance on rich owners, particularly at SL level with clubs spending money they just don’t have. This is fine until something happens to the rich owner then the clubs in trouble. In my opinion clubs need to be built around sustainable business plans and need to look at ways to generate more money through the business rather than the owners which would lessen the chance of failure. That being said I do appreciate that with Covid-19 clubs probably have had to rely on their owners which is right under the circumstances.
  3. According to FB 5 new signings to be announced this week starting at 6pm tomorrow
  4. Yeah agree to an extent but to be fair Wigan Saints and Warrington all have owners who have put large sums of money in over the years which has generated success and as we know if you are successful it will generate more support as happened at Bradford.
  5. I bet the 21 men who met 125 years ago are turning in their graves thinking why the hell did we bother.
  6. Well certainly in the case of St Helens, Wigan and Warrington all have rich owners who bankroll the clubs so they can look down on others and I think they would get rid of #### in a heartbeat
  7. No I would rather have a game where all teams were treated equally and not sneered at for being from northern working class towns. The game is going further and further from its roots and is dominated by clubs with rich owners who only want a big city global game.
  8. They are probably turning in their graves thinking why the hell did we bother.
  9. No one wants to see any clubs lost to the game but unfortunately clubs have to live within their means there are currently far too many clubs spending money they don’t have and unfortunately it’s the fans that miss out.
  10. Lots of businesses are going to struggle through this crisis. The majority of SL clubs have survived because of the tv money they received, owners input, furlough and I know some have applied to access the money from the government. Ultimately Toronto agreed to participate in the competition without TV money and that was their mistake and nobody else’s whether you and I agree with it or not. Why should Toronto have been admitted straight into SL any other club has to go through the promotion and relegation process, I don’t see why Toronto should be any different.
  11. Toronto agreed to participate in the competition without TV money which was their mistake, the guy that owns them is a business man and surely must have had a plan to do it, agreed no one could see the lack of crowds coming but they have had to adapt, owners have had to put money in. The fact that for whatever reason the owner of Toronto hasn’t been able to do this is unfortunately his problem.
  12. If you followed Rugby League you would know that Toronto agreed not to take a cut of the television rights and as such would have had to include that as part of their business plan. The money given to RFL as far as I am aware has been largely untouched with in most cases clubs owners putting in the money for example the Wigan chairman was reported to have put £500k in. With regards to visa issues that is what happens if you choose to play in a foreign league. It is the ultimate responsibility of the owner to cover the costs he agreed to and nobody else’s.
  13. Every other club have had the same circumstances and survived. The problem was the business owners lan was based around the owners input and that’s why it failed.
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