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  1. No you had a go at Davies for not being happy about a big hit which was actually a penalty that he got away with. Every team commits fouls and yes players will get away with what they can but don’t try and pass off your teams thuggery as big hits because I played the game too long.
  2. There was a late tackle on Davies and was closely followed by one on McLelland. Amazing how they happened within a couple of minutes but f each other but couldn’t possibly be a ploy by the York Angels. For what it’s worth York were the better side today but far from angels
  3. By big tackle I assume you mean the late tackle that went unpunished by the officials
  4. Thought we lost the game through a combination of poor finishing and poor goal line defence, been a man down we shouldn’t be conceding from acting half. I also felt we got our game plan wrong in the second half far too much down the middle when we should have been a bit more expansive.
  5. I guess it depends on where Leeds see Luke fitting into their side, if they see him as a player who will come in for a game or two they may not worry because they will look to sign someone in the off season, alternatively if they see him as a long term replacement we have no chance of getting him. Only time will tell.
  6. Assuming Leeds are not in the playoffs are we likely to have Luke for the playoffs?
  7. I think there is scope to do what Leeds United did and price according to their opponents normal prices for big draws and charge less money for less attractive opponents
  8. To be fair it gives the club chance to look at him and for him to try and earn a contract for next season. Could be win win situation.
  9. I think there is too much of an emphasis on kids playing full contact sport at too younger age would rather see them playing skill based games to develop their skill level and can learn the contact side later.
  10. Could well change tomorrow! Think 2nd to 5th place may go down to the last day.
  11. To me the only surprise is that anyone is surprised. It was inevitable that it would all be done for the benefit of Super Greed and sod the rest of the game
  12. Clearly need to bring in a half back on a permanent basis all this chopping and changing can’t be good for the team. Not sure how good this kid is but we will have to wait and see if he joins.
  13. To me the question is why do you want to introduce franchising if it’s just a way of trying to ensure the current batch of clubs keep their noses in the trough then no. If you are going to do it I would suggest 2 alternatives clubs are assessed on range of criteria such as facilities, business plans, academies second teams and sustainability. This should include a limit on the amount owners can put in on a similar basis to footballs financial fair play rules and force clubs to be innovative and play on a level basis. Alternatively you decide how many clubs you want, how many you want in each area ie 4 in Yorkshire 4 n Lancashire 2 in south of England 2 n France and 2 in North America and let people bid for hem either existing clubs or new people and make it a free for all. Personally I prefer what we have now.
  14. I do worry that it will have a knock on effect on the championship, take Ormanroyd and Walters as an example would they have left Leeds and come to us if Leeds still had a second team? Think we may see a drop in the standard of the championship.
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