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  1. Depends if there’s no P & R what’s the point of signing players and finishing the season?
  2. I think it’s time to write to my MP to investigate the money given to RL to support the sport through the pandemic. This money should be used to support testing across all levels of the game and allow the season to be finished and inline with the rules at the start of the season including promotion and relegation. I will call on the government to claw back the money if the game is not prepared to be inclusive for all its member clubs and I would love like to the accounts for how the money has been spent.
  3. Amazingly despite the global pandemic other sports can still manage to have promotion and relegation. Just an excuse to manipulate the game and exclude who they want to and people are happy to just go along with it. As I said it’s a joke
  4. The game’s a joke just wrap the whole thing up and forget RL it has no credibility and would be better off consigned to history
  5. Cardypaul

    No PR

    The game’s an absolute ##### joke.
  6. I think there are a couple of ways to look at this yes he’s clearly a very rich guy and may be able to throw enough money at the Wolfpack to win it and let’s be honest that’s what most chairman in SL do to win it. But what happens then does he get board and walk away and if so what happens to the Wolfpack will they have gained enough of a foothold on people’s imagination to keep going or will it all fall like a house of cards? Guess only time will tell.
  7. So does this mean the club is confident that the season will continue?
  8. Yes but to be honest I can’t see that ever happen we have been trying to do it for 40 years and not even close
  9. To be honest if there was a return to franchising (which I am totally against) why would you give one to London? Yes they are currently producing some good young players I will give them that but they don’t really have any competition for those players. But look at the rest we have been trying to plug a team in London for 40 years and the current set up have poor facilities, poor crowds and are totally reliant on a multi millionaire to keep them going. Sorry I just don’t see the attraction.
  10. Haven’t bought it for years. A pile of ?
  11. What a complete cock womble he is. Yes the chances are that if fit rugby players catch this virus they will be fine but there is also the chance that it may cause irreversible damage to their lungs which makes it a bit of a lottery before you even talk about spreading the virus and the effect it could have on their family, friends and the wider community. To be honest if I was a player I would really question whether I would want to play for a club with that attitude.
  12. Can’t fault them at a time like this you should be with your family
  13. To be fair it’s going to be a lot longer than that!!!
  14. I think for Friday I would rotate Parata and sweeting at hooker and allow Bussey to play as a middle.
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