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  1. Just in case anyone is interested bulldogs v storm is on bein sports 3 France now...
  2. I just checked and there are tickets for all categories available for the final.
  3. Ha ha tbf i graduated 22 years ago, sure it's a up there with Oxbridge now though.
  4. Ha ha, I'll let you have Breadcake but Barm, no, never. Refused to say it in the chippy when I was at the glamorous University of Central Lancashire (I know, I should have worked harder at my A Levels).
  5. Crazy price, cheapest I can find to fly up from Dunedin is $418 return.
  6. I'm off to bed now (9 30pm) and getting up at 3am for the game. Back to bed at 5am and up at 7am for work..I bloody hope it's worth it.
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