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  1. No income coming in to pay players contracts gonna be hard for town and haven if there's no games for a length of time . Would say both clubs are paying fair contracts to a good few player's.
  2. Was bradford academy before haven wasn't he
  3. 2 or 3 loans will be fine for us even then it'll be an uphill battle to avoid relegation
  4. I took toulouse to do Oldham with 34 start was 58-6. We'll do well to keep them under 32 pts
  5. donald

    2020 Squad

    Top heavy with halfbacks probably only bought them all to stop challengers getting them . Beaumonts back in charge at leigh now.
  6. donald

    2020 Squad

    It's true he's after 40k for the season on loan ridyard wants 20k shorrocks wants whatever he's on at Wigan all 3 just season long loans
  7. donald

    2020 Squad

    First I've heard about it just thinking maybe Gillam got left out last couple if games last year and yesterday Bradley got in before him . Great young player if offered him youse would be mad to say no.
  8. donald

    2020 Squad

    Predicted us 7th last season . Be hard to look past Newcastle and Donny then there's barrow town and a few others.
  9. Let down by my own team should learn always get let down by United nearly every week !!!!
  10. 40k for sammut on loan 20k for ridyard not sure about shorrocks
  11. Was painful listening to today's game on radio thankfully couldn't make it today got mumps . sooner we get new half back to play with dixon sorted the better the 3 offered so far are wanting too much coin to come.
  12. My bets still up leigh last night toulouse tonight waiting on haven +4 Widnes-12 tomoz
  13. Would say 17 quid can't see it being lowered
  14. Heard nowt about ridyard , shorrocks yes and an Aussie fair play to town done well today wouldn't have argued if they won
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