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  1. Bye bye recreation ground welcome the LEL Arena
  2. Thought we did OK against youse for 60 mins. Class showed last 20 mins hopefully youse will finally go up this year. Would have been interesting what score it would have been if we had anywhere near our best team youse would have probably stepped up another gear
  3. No some people pay 100+ a month for sky and more with ppv,s firesticks get it all for nowt after initial one off payment
  4. Get yourselves a good firestick covers all our league games for nowt
  5. Andy Thornley latest addition
  6. Back lines basically right although I've heard Sean Croston we've signed is very good. Hard choice in the pack this year mind
  7. James Worthington the latest signing replacing Sam forrester and Dave Thompson surprised to hear of Dave leaving
  8. King supposed to be flying over before New year
  9. Gregg McNally back home to haven big signing this one
  10. Good luck personally believe it should be barrow but who knows how they're gonna judge who it is
  11. Gotta fancy your chances of promotion next season with no ottowa and barrow/newcastle not getting promoted to championship. Jake Moore in my opinion was our player of the year until he got that bad injury and missed a big chunk of the season in 2019
  12. Need a good centre unless lachlan walmsley can fit in there plays right across backline i think
  13. yeah him and i,ve heard theres another aussie coming over . Heard jordan as spoke to town not sure if we.ve spoken to him
  14. Ellis Gilliam the latest player to sign back on another winger and centre and we'll be fine
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