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  1. Super league teams have reserve teams next season which will hit a lot of champ clubs hard
  2. Be a dogfight anyhow between us Oldham and swinton . Crack going round is we've signed Karl Dixon, asa boas and Karl Olstrum is coming bk and the Brett Carter crack is right he'll probably replace Jordan Burns who wants a year out
  3. After a year out due to new job but wanting to play for kells which he can't unless haven release him.
  4. Karl Dixon or 1 of the other brow players for us Marcus O'Brien for youse
  5. Not boas theres a teasing video on Twitter he's white ruling out boas looks too small for a forward I'll go for Karl Dixon
  6. Heard at wrk today he's having a year out because of new job and is going bk to kells. Although it's no secret town have offered him a far bigger contract than us.
  7. Jordan lilley and jonny goulding aswell watch this space
  8. Marcus O'Brien aswell
  9. Shaun Lunt be confirmed soon
  10. Also heard town could be signing one of our better players not gonna name him as I hope it's not true
  11. Kris is signing back for haven next year need 7 or 8 props in championsip him and Thackeray will be back up behind Kelly shacks Riley and walker think we'll still need another couple to go with them. 2 more PNG players coming over know one name not sure of the other . And one big amateur signing to be confirmed shortly
  12. What I've heard a director didn't want all the players he had agreed to sign being the reason he pulled out
  13. Absolutely no idea my gaffas his cousin and he's no idea
  14. That he's in for talks tonight, already been for talks with haven see who his choice is gonna be in the end
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