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  1. They'll win well then last time they had 14 they gave hunslet a good beating
  2. Haha all the lager as been drunk dry today in the bar luckily theres somersbys cider or kopperberg black cider which I'm now enjoying
  3. No it wasn't peter sandy it was Glenn's dad
  4. No coz it was his dad who told me and he quoted "there's no way he'll join that shower of cows poo "
  5. Already been trying to tap Glenn Riley up for next season
  6. New signing tomoz rumours are its a young highly rated cumbrian forward
  7. 5 of the 6 forwards are pretty simple to name wilkes penky moimoi tickle and hopkins
  8. Nah decent football pitch though
  9. There's a full size 3g or 4g pitch at lillyhall , my formerSaturday league football team use it when lowca isn't available. Bad crack when a team from Whitehaven as to use a pitch in allerdale mind.
  10. Nowt to gloat about we're maybe top but I think we threw the league away losing last week
  11. Hunslet and donny beat them there this season
  12. Nowt to do with me this but I work with 7 lads from allerdale area all sports mad . 2 are Newcastle ticket holders 1 every Carlisle game 3 play Sunday league football and 1 plays for glasson he was the only one wanted the stadium.
  13. Only 1 team gets automatic promotion the winners , the rest are in the playoffs think Oldham will win it personally be nice for us if you beat them next week
  14. Tough run in now with us having 6 tough away games if we can win 6 of last 10 I would say that would be enough looked at towns remaining games having 6 at home can see town moving upwards from now to the end of season 3rd or 4th i reckon
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