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  1. It says on club statement plus he plays for avignon the money bag team be playing alongside James maloney next season
  2. Been offered more cash by fax than what Wigan offered. Plus Wigan deal was supposed to include a season loan to Newcastle which he didn't want
  3. Youse need to pump some big money on town on skybet youse have got a 6 point start crazy pricing
  4. Got the pace and skills just needs to beef up . Seen that game on our league Gareth Gale is a battering ram as a winger best by far in the Championship
  5. Supposedly with his contract money and job down fax he's supposed to be on around 50k which would probably be more than a super league contract
  6. Honestly you need to see highlights of bulls v haven at 16 nil down I was waiting for a 50 plus spanking. What a last 50 mins it was still partying to ABBA on the bus now like being in cafe bee
  7. Andrew bulman 2 year deal
  8. Yeah 10 quid if you go in before 1 o'clock 18 quid after that
  9. Seen town twice this season on our league . Both times they looked really good . Scholey Moore Barnes Fitzsimmons out of the pack would certainly do it . O,donnell and o,brian the hookers would . Miller singleton and Doran would . Can't comment on the travellers and the new young lads haven't seen them enough.
  10. Too right champ is #### poor haven put over 60 past widnes
  11. First new signing for 2022 confirmed burleigh bears centre Will Evans
  12. Ellis been stand out for us last 3 seasons him and Connor been excellent this season.
  13. Next 3 winnable too big a gap I reckon to chase down London and Bradford. Think batley and fax are out of sight
  14. If you remember summit similar happened a few years bk didn't haven town barrow and donny get promoted in one season . Was gonna be 2 going up then they changed it midway thro the season . Think you lot finished 3rd we where 4th
  15. To be honest there's not much of a gap between top 6 in league 1 and bottom 6 in championship.
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