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  1. Wouldnt be surprised if jjp goes barrow or town next season hardly played second half of season for haven
  2. Second best after Newcastle they averaged 1100 I think, town 1013 haven 1012
  3. Glenn Riley was the only one they said could go and to be fair he would improve both of our squads if he decides to leave
  4. Mind you the town players who king leon said where surplus to requirements at town didn't do to bad
  5. How did rangi chase go on Sunday we where lucky to get him first game bk
  6. Gillams from barrow but lives Lancashire way then there's fozzy Taylor and Thompson. Would class jjp and dion as being local as they've been with us for years but realistically they are travellers.
  7. On the plus side you'll go to hunslet next week who you've already beat 3 times twice with depleted squads
  8. Haha meant achievable was on amstel yesterday old tight git that was best deal in nisa
  9. Was a very long day yesterday thanks for all the positive comments and good luck in the play offs be hard but unachievable
  10. donald


    Rumour mill is 3 from barrow although ones in talks with Fev . A png player from fev . 1 from town 1 from Wigan although the town one is apparently just a rumour and untrue. And 2 or 3 could be leaving for town. Just rumours though.
  11. donald


    Dowsett as been our best hooker this season wilkinson a machine grafts non stop can only assume they'll be after more coin if promoted and contracts will be amended.
  12. donald


    Wilkinson and dowsett have signed 2 year deals at haven Ethan Kelly was only signed till the end if the season hopefully he'll re-sign for next season
  13. As it is now only the losers of donny v town wherever its at goes out everyone else can lose a game and get another chance
  14. Another booboo by the RFL was only 11 teams in the league not 12
  15. Dunno much about Henson but them 3 brow lads are top quality won't have any probs stepping up
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