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  1. Jake Moore as left us to join Ottawa good luck to him
  2. Lachlan walmsley the latest signing absolute points machine should fit in well
  3. Fast enough to go on the wing
  4. Supposed to be another fullback/halfback coming over
  5. Guess it means Karl Dixon could be off to town then
  6. Karl Dixon. Town want 5k plus dixon to let us have Doran
  7. No reason why he shouldn't just that he only signed a 1 year deal
  8. I thought it was 14k but thats still 56k which is still a big chunk
  9. Was 13 signed last season on 2 or 3 season deals the rest on 12 month contracts
  10. Carter , Coward and Thackeray think they've retired rather than been released
  11. Possibly find out more next season with a few more players onboard . Was looking forward to see Karl Dixon when the pitches dry up looked quality on 4g pitch at widnes just have to see if he signs bk on for next season
  12. Absolutely no idea . Only guessing 4 young hungry aussies are cheaper than 4 past their best super league players.
  13. 3 players have left aswell supposed to be 4 aussies coming ones already signed the other confirmed soon . No names yet for the other 2
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