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  1. Picked you up wrong it was 7 on the bounce might have been over 2 or 3 seasons
  2. donald

    2020 Squad

    Been training for weeks
  3. No marra I asked whether or not anybody is voting for the clown who stopped your new stadium getting built . Look at the title of the page
  4. Off topic this is any of you voting for the tory/UKIP/independent/ back to tory clown tomoz . Looking bleak everyone I wrk with from allerdale is voting for him need as many labour as possible in cumbria but could end up with none !!!!!
  5. Brett Carter will be a very good signing if Jordan Burns is having a year out he'll be fine as a replacement don't think he's even 30 yet
  6. donald

    2020 Squad

    Salford every week as good as they are
  7. donald

    2020 Squad

    Used to be minimum 150k in championship and everyone 75k in league 1 all changed I think now crack is haven are getting 30k more rather than 75k where as teams like york fev London and toulouse will be getting double or 3 times as much
  8. donald

    2020 Squad

    Supposed to have signed for town remember that pic the other day with 4 blanked out faces only 2 have been confirmed.
  9. donald

    2020 Squad

    Fran King can play in the halves aswell as centre
  10. Worst home shirt of all time that un
  11. Super league teams have reserve teams next season which will hit a lot of champ clubs hard
  12. Be a dogfight anyhow between us Oldham and swinton . Crack going round is we've signed Karl Dixon, asa boas and Karl Olstrum is coming bk and the Brett Carter crack is right he'll probably replace Jordan Burns who wants a year out
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