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  1. Maybe link up with Hull again like last season
  2. Aye but it's a bit short of numbers that couple of injuries and bans and your soon struggling for a team
  3. Sounds decent that . That's 23 signed could do with another 3 at least
  4. Chris Taylor latest re-signing
  5. No idea marra just noticed he signed for Bradford maybe offered more coin
  6. The 2nd rower as signed for Bradford
  7. Was quality for us the 2 or 3 seasons we had him
  8. Ryan King was in sports direct yesterday new marquee signing for town
  9. Looked before couldn't find any been playing in nsw cup good level
  10. Aussie prop lucas castle the latest signing
  11. 35 year old but prolific try scorer maybe a la bit too old though
  12. Sellafield rumour mill saying that Jason Tali is one of the 2 png players we're getting
  13. Carl Forster gone to north Wales as coach
  14. Gav Rodden announced as leaving North Wales be a quality signing for youse if Murray as got him to follow him
  15. First 2 sound like guy graham and Chris Taylor
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