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  1. They're clueless and they're supposed to manage the 2025 world cup
  2. I'm going to be very very upset if May gets the utility spot ahead of Mourgue but I'm saving some energy for you know... When May plays ahead of Mourgue
  3. Nah I'm not. I was initially just replying to Saint Toppy having a fit. Nothing against you I was pulling your leg.
  4. Maybe we would have more homegrown player if Saints didn't poach them, the dirty ones! Or does it only work one way?
  5. I wonder what some may think when they see Saints have signed 6 players for 2022, none from the academy, 5 of them not even British. They bring so much!
  6. Saint Esteve pack is sub-par. As you said only Salabio has size, all the others won't make it to the SL level at prop forward. Jobe isn't a physical centre and having him at second row is more a lack of players than anything else. Leo Laurent played second row as well and he's like 85kgs. They will be better when the guys training with the Dracs come back down. Also the halfback pair isn't anything good.
  7. Jullien is hit or miss. There is no in between. Unfortunately for him, he's not as busy as Whitley and not as strong a runner as McMeeken. He misses a lot of tackles and is guilty of reading the game sideways at times. He's decent but probably not as good as he could have been.
  8. Smallest bloke on the field. Always managed 100m+ per game running into prop forwards two times his size. Not the greatest ever but a solid player.
  9. The dude running the club is... Something else... The guy contacted every body and their moms its become a running joke.
  10. He's big and strong. He makes awkward errors. Can still put on a big shift sometimes.
  11. Joe is a kiwi as of now. Qualifies through residency but does he want it? I dunno.
  12. There's no point in arguing. Those who like to complain will complain and will always find a way to complain. Whether it's the score, the location or anything else. For sure it's easier to not fail at something when you aren't doing anything productive. Better not try to do something you might fail.
  13. In my humble opinion the fact that both Seguier and Le Cam did well against England should warrant them game time next year. Gutted for Jussaume but Jullien did his best game this year at centre, could it be a new thing for him next year? Goudemand still immense as usual.
  14. Justin Sangare. Has a little brother, same size. They're big guys.
  15. One man down and they score on the wing. Wtf Gigot shooting out
  16. M Casty has been a very good ref so far and I fear he will get thrown under the bus by some French fans for invalid reasons
  17. Le Cam and Seguier have been bossing the whole second half something spectacular.
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