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  1. Samoa will get plastered by any team matching them down the middle. Theyre very weak in defense. The england game was no mirror of smoke.
  2. Youre cherry picking. Read the thread Ive said multiple times we were very bad. It doesnt change the rest!
  3. In 2013 we got robbed against Samoa with their players knocking out our halves illegaly and the ref, heritage samoan Henry Perenara, doing nothing. This time were not robbed because Theyre better but the ref is still a lying piece of garbage. Mark my words, if England wins this cup despite this bias Id demand the nationality
  4. Lets start smashing them illegaly. Bring Ferriol back.
  5. The vidéo ref just said there is no fault play What the hell?!
  6. Frayssinous thinks its good to have them attacking because it tires them
  7. Give us a group with Wales, Ireland and Serbia. We have had hard groups for since I remembee
  8. None of them runs it like the samoans. In union also the french clubs rely on polynesians to get meters with the ball in hand. The particular ruleset in Union allow us to work around that. The League ruleset favour absolute strength down the middle.
  9. This is not on power or anything. Theyre splitting us down the wings because we are not coached. We are not adressing our errors.
  10. Next France Samoa in Union you bet ill be watching it and cheering when we crush those ones.
  11. How come were smaller, slower, less fit and less rugby brained than them? We are dire
  12. Theyre wrestling the sht out of us. We are not allowed to wrestle them.
  13. We would not have a world cup without heritage. Wed have 5 teams. Im furious that were destroyed every time by those but theyre not going anywhere anytime soon
  14. Today in the newspaper we had an article. It was the France staff that told us how we were going to beat Samoa : spreading the ball and tacklikg to the legs. Make of that what you want.
  15. Nah it was clear from the get go we would not win. England crushed Samoa because the brits pack is huge. Ours is not.
  16. Romano is playing out of position. Not adressing that is criminal from the staff. We needed a plan B and we do not even have a plan A.
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