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  1. Are you mad?! Mantet has to be the worst road in Catalonia.
  2. They're a joke. A bunch of clowns we are.
  3. Toulon will either play in elite 1 or the 3rd tier based on the fact Élite 12 has been announced and closed at 12 teams earlier. Fine management as always.
  4. The Montpellier dude went crazy, he shopped everywhere for players. Contacted everyone from Élite 1 to 5th union league. Nobody wants to play for his club.
  5. Except Bousquet, Garcia, Goudemand, Mourgue, Yaha and co are on much better form than what we had last time. Fingers crossed.
  6. Mourgue isn't the quickest in the team (Davies is) but he's got a mean step on him and the ability to switch it up on a heartbeat, turning the opposition nervous. He's a very dangerous young man.
  7. Yes and still Leeds committed a lift tackle got away unpenalised. Maloney gets pushed off the marking spot and nothing. They sit on you for 10s it's not a slowing down offense. Were bad okay but he's one sided.
  8. When you see Maloney's career you begin to understand. The guy has been in consistently performing teams. He's not a passenger and we'll miss him when he goes. It's no coincidence that we're clicking when Maloney is on the pitch with Tomkins running riot. He's vocal, he knows the game, he's just better than most a leading a team.
  9. My 2 cents but Belmas and Cozza are undersized. They are fine in the Elite 1 but in SL? Romain Franco is okay, not sure if he's got SL potential though. Flovie is a good Elite player, might get the job done in championship but not at the top level I'm afraid, he's Escare without the passing game. Maxime Jobe we poached him from an Union 4th division junior club. He's only in his first couple years of league.
  10. Left side was Jullien Laguerre Yaha and held up well against saints. Jullien even more so, his game yesterday was immense. He tackled everyone and their mothers.
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