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  1. Losing Ford and Kheirallah didnt help but some players here arent sl material nor they are championship caliber. Albert, Pelissier, Bretherton and Marion should be looking for work.
  2. Eloi Pélissier has everything to be a world class player. Its just that ive seen rocks brighter than him. And they were not special whatsoever.
  3. He was the best kid ever when playing in the Academy. He was running through everyone, tackling props like wingers, kicking 40 20 on a regular basis. Even saw him win a game with a 45m penalty after the hooter and he was like 16 and I though he was a superstar in the making. He made Mourgue look ordinary. I was wrong. The kid cant play to save his life. He blossomed at 16.
  4. If you rely on your fullback to keep attackers at bay youre already beaten. There is no fullback in the world that coud stop either Ponga, tedesco or any worldclass striker the coming WC without support from his defensive line. Besides, Tomkins saved our ass multiple times this season including as a last resort tackler. He cant do that if the other guys do not cover him.
  5. And do not forget Tomkins was everywhere last night as all of our tries came from him.
  6. Tomkins and his family settled near Perpignan in a very nice country house. Hes known by the locals as the tattooed english man who goes around shopping for vegetables and fruits. His kids were at the normal school and blending in.
  7. They were dead on their feet. Completely miserable and have been for a few weeks.
  8. Yeah about that... We played without Napa, Dudson, Mcilorum, Garcia and McMeeken plus Whitley went out after 10m. So yeah your pack went better than ours but that was expected me thinks. Tomkins is not having a great year I agree. Very few shining lights for us. Were in the upper half of the ladder and so far weve been very disappointing.
  9. Thomas only con is his size. Hes a bit on the smaller side. The rest of it hes matured into quite the player.
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