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  1. Moa is off to √Člite 1 and I reckon Casty at 13 is a bad idea. Goudemand is up there wondering how those 2 got in front of him.
  2. We need to get rid of McNamara first. Keeps making bad choices. Selection is all over the place.
  3. Elite 1 is dead. Nobody turns up to watch Lezignan and Limoux for the 4th time in 3 months. It's a good feeder comp but it will never be marketable.
  4. With McIlorum and another 2 guys playing rugby as 6 and 7 we might have been okay. We were in no position to win. Saints defence too strong and logical. In the end it comes down to club culture as well. If the team were swapped we'd have got 50 past us just the same. We hit them hard, they got concussed players, they kept their calm and spread the ball. Better team won square. We need to watch them and what they do.
  5. We broke the bank with Carney, Taylor, Maloney, Folau, Kasiano... Those things add up quite a bit.
  6. Sorry, if he can do something productive in rugby terms at Carcassonne I might say something positive. I've backed him up for years but right now I can't bear him.
  7. Guasch is going to kick some of those heads in. Most of mcnamaras choices have gone wrong.
  8. Folau is a door saloon, usually gets back with attack but he's been unable to do one thing right going forward.
  9. Hes equally bad. Less expensive though. Given plenty of chances, cares more about hunting than rugby. First opportunity he gets he's back to his hometown living with mommy please stop it. No ambition that lad.
  10. Who is the ###### half throwing those kind of passes? NRL veteran 200 games NSW Australia blabla he's worth nothing. Get out of our team and back to ya home.
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