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  1. Senior had four tries and Brochon had nothing on him. That being said, getting this close with half an Elite 1 side is interesting especially Mourgue who left Hudds for dead to score his try.
  2. 5 catalans players suspended. 1 Warrington. And it's not even Mamo. Farce.
  3. Wire fans broke into the terrace. Unlucky they were, as they found actual rugby league players including Ben Pomeroy at the top.
  4. Wigan shouldn't throw the offer too hard, he might knock it on.
  5. Our defence is decent, our main problem is that we gass out in many games due to poor rotations or at least its my opinion. Blake Austin running game was always gonna be a threat in SL and Maloney does not have that in him but his organizing skills are among the best. Plus, he can act as a beacon for his teammates. He's at the top of the game, established player, match winner... If he doesn't come as an already retired player hell be deadly.
  6. Lack of halfback quality that made the reserve grader Hastings into a deadly weapon in England...
  7. Sammut looks like the funny character you create in Rugby games when you're bored with max muscles and lowest possible height.
  8. Vincent Calvayrac from Lezignan. Has played for the U19 a bit this year.
  9. Cesar Rouge from Limoux, Mathias Formosa from Toulouse and Arthur Salles from Lezignan.
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