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  1. Consequence of having no threatening players other than Tomkins. Spot him effectively you're fine. Neither Maloney nor Drinkwater can take on the line. Our team is made of slow players we're short on speed. Unless we can bully the opponents pack we're toothless.
  2. Gil Dudson is dumb to do that right now but the face thing didn't get penalized on Maloney.
  3. Joel Tomkins is a very sad excuse of a player. He's passed it onto nothingness twice. Experienced player my bottom
  4. Too much unforced errors. Langi, MCmeeken and Drinkwater coughing up the ball. It's a miracle we're only 14 Behind
  5. Tomkins can only do so much. Both of our halves are ###### poor at managing the pace of the game.
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