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  1. How long until he's back in Elite 1 I wonder.
  2. Julien declined because he wants to have a full preseason. Simon does not want to play for the NT anymore. Escare and Fages are injured.
  3. Well if a national selection with players that have played all year long in Elite 1 can't beat a local u20 side I'd be worried.
  4. Let's not get carried away. It was only against Canterbury U20 not the whole NZ.
  5. The problem is the game is so weak France can't play anyone. England, Australia and NZ kill us in 20mins. The rest can't field a team in a non world cup year. In union the lesser sides can always play Italy, Georgia, Russia or Uruguay.
  6. Because they have players that train all year long for 7s.
  7. The team france is gonna field at the 9s is almost a joke. Most of the Catalans players won't play, Fages and Escare neither. We are clueless when it comes to international rugby.
  8. What???? First time hearing this. The French u19 are down under but the senior squad is nowhere near.
  9. Senior had four tries and Brochon had nothing on him. That being said, getting this close with half an Elite 1 side is interesting especially Mourgue who left Hudds for dead to score his try.
  10. 5 catalans players suspended. 1 Warrington. And it's not even Mamo. Farce.
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