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  1. There is only so much you can do with only 20 juniors team.
  2. The difference was huge. Hudds were good but we were shocking. Had we put on a similar display I'm not quite sure we would've lost the first game.
  3. Sam Tomkins was phenomenal. Tigers were scared shitless of our kicks to Folau. Still don't understand how Joel Tomkins gets in the squad. Best game we played for years, footy skills related. Langi is becoming a fan favorite, Baitieri less so.
  4. Romano dropped for Tierney. 4 French in the starting 13. 7 out of 17. Getting a bit tired of McNamara atm.
  5. I'm being told Albert isn't focused on his rugby and hasn't been for a while. Mourgue probably ahead of him in the picking order as he rose up to the occasion last year.
  6. Being 10kgs overweight the main one.
  7. The only thing keeping Albert from a SL club is his mindset. Kid behaves like an idiot.
  8. They did the same set up play 3 times in a row and each time Senior got past Romano but tbf there were 4 on 3 each time. The last try is definitely more on Jomkins. He stays a couple meters behind the line, doesn't shoot on the carrier, doesn't close the distance, makes it so much easier.
  9. Baitieri and Simon haven't been at SL standards for years now. The Jomkins Maloney Langi side is already found out in defense.
  10. Corentin le Cam. Tallest player in the league. Possibly tallest in the world??
  11. Miloudi must have made 300 meters... But sideways. Navarrete and Seguier way ahead of the others forwards. Marguerite light years ahead of every other back.
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