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  1. 16 hours ago, jroyales said:


    We are both on the same points and the same points difference. Win this one and promotion is there for the taking.


    Think Dewsbury and Doncaster will have something to say about that don’t you? Roll on 23rd of June 😉

  2. I remember talking to Warren Jowett when he took over as head coach and he said that Dean Lawford was a luxury,especially when he’s sat on his ###### in the stand.

  3. 12 hours ago, NickD said:

    Def obstruction...Just ask McNally 😝🤣

    McNally must have spoken to the referee more in 80 than he does the whole week to his missus 😂

    Jeeze and we thought Paul Sykes could chelp😂

  4. 4 hours ago, The Art of Hand and Foot said:

    And nor as anyone mentioned , what appears to be, the blatant obstruction that led to the final try. But hey ho as they say! 😉

    Do you mean the one where Oldham player threw himself on the floor knowing he'd have no way of getting to the player. But hey ho as they say 😉

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  5. 20 hours ago, Crown Flatter said:

    I too want to see our discipline Improved, be it our defence (to obviate those silly lapses, as mentioned above), but more so the players’ personal discipline when frustrated and the tactical side, by avoiding being offside and by not allowing set restarts. This is the type of match to practise better discipline.

    It would be great to see our opponents nilled, but lately the Skolars seem to enjoy second half superiority, having scored the same, or more, in that second period (as in our game at The New River Stadium and at Doncaster last week when they scored 30 to Doncaster’s 24).

    I would imagine LF will select a “weaker” strongest side for this one, perhaps to the tune of:

    Restall; Davey Dixon, Jordan, O’Connor, Whiteley; Collins, Littlewood; Beckett, Butterworth, Coventry; Davies, Garside; Collinson (not sure who the goalkicker might be though).

    Subs: Sykes, Ferguson, Summers, Walker.

    18th man: Wilkinson 

    Dewsbury 62-16 London Skolars

    FTS: Whiteley 

    MoM: O’Connor

    Att: 402

    I wouldn’t make too many changes as we’ve got next weekend off. There’ll be no Whiteley as he’s away for his sisters wedding,and Jack Coventry as joined Midlands on loan. 

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  6. After the last two games against which I believe to be our main contenders for automatic promotion it will be nice to get a game that we can rest one or two players so they can get over their injuries.

    l think it will go down to points average at the end of the season so the next two or three games gives us a chance to pile up some points. I know Doncaster beat London 60-30,but I think they missed a massive opportunity to build up their points as I think they went 60-6 up.

    Anyway it’s all about us and not what other teams around us are doing. 
    I’ll go.

    Rams 64

    Skolars 10

    Fts Carr

    Mom Turner

    Att 450

  7. 11 hours ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Only seen the highlights but good to see Greg McNally whingeing and whining at the ref. Never changes.


    Watching the highlights I think McNally disputed every try we scored,but like you say somethings never change.


    9 hours ago, Rambo said:

    I thought Oldham were the better side yesterday and we were lucky to take a point. That said the last minute decision looks really harsh. I’m guessing but has the ref penalised Restall for tackling the Oldham man in the air? It looked as though he was challenging for the ball to me.

    Looking at the highlights Butterworth was not penalised for stripping the ball which is what I thought it was for at the time.

    With the signal the referee gave he’s penalised us for tackling the Oldham man in the air. Anyway we got away with one there and came away with a point,just shows what a great team spirit we’ve got this season under Liam.

    We now move on to London at home this weekend then a week off before our long trip to Cornwall.

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  8. Enjoyed the game on Sunday very much,massive effort from 1 to 17. A few fans on their Facebook page thought they were hard done by the referee,I did disagree with them with my opinion,I’m now banned 🤦‍♂️

    Watching the highlights I think Brett Ferres might be in a bit of bother for throwing the ball at the referee after he awarded us the penalty try,which I thought was the correct call as Restall would have got to the ball,that was one thing the Doncaster fans weren’t happy about even though they didn’t have a clear view as they were behind the posts at the opposite end of the field 🤦‍♂️

    Anyway onto the Oldham game,another very tough match against a good side. Looks like we will be without Paul Sykes due to a pulled hamstring though. 

  9. 11 hours ago, SUPERSTUD said:

    Hard work getting into ground when decent little crowd turns up. Only two turnstiles open at recent home games. Walk ups paying cash are fine as they can waltz straight in and relax prior to kick off. Although some are getting initially held up in the loyalty queue( Season ticket holders etc) due to the fact that nobody explains to them that there is a cash only turnstile. It needs sorting. The ticket scanning machines are poor. The big side gate needs opening to speed things up. Give yourself time to get in folks.

    Correct,it’s absolutely ridiculous the length of time you’re waiting in long queues to get your tickets scanned,it doesn’t look good, especially to visiting fans. 

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  10. Really looking forward to this game,but nervous at the same. If we are serious about getting automatic promotion this season we’ve got to win all our home games,yes Doncaster are a good side who’ve spent a bit of money but we’re a good side as well. I honestly do believe the weekend off will have done us good and given time for the players to get over their bumps and bruises. Apart from Sam Day injured and Perry Whiteley suspended we should be at full strength. 

    Dewsbury 22

    Doncaster 14

    Fts Lewis Carr 

    Mom Butterworth 

    Att who knows 🤷‍♂️

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  11. 15 minutes ago, NickD said:

      Are some of those named unavailable or injured?  

    Both I think. Wouldn't risk any players that are carrying any knocks. Weekend off next week before Doncaster at home then Oldham away. 

  12. 9 hours ago, SUPERSTUD said:

    Having watched the highlights I now understand why the London player Bieneck came storming through a massive gap. Dixon was injured and behind tended to by the Dewsbury physio. Both were in the line of fire and the ref failed to stop play at a previous play the ball. If you watch the highlights package the home doctor then runs onto the field of play immediately after the try has been scored. Very very crafty. To cap it all he then rules Dixon out of the next game failing him without an HIA assessment. If you were that concerned get yourself straight on the pitch and stop the play. This took place at a crucial point of the game. True supporters are not conned by these kind of actions.

    I noticed that straight away when watching the highlights,Ronan Dixon is down getting treatment so the referee should have stopped play. To cap it all off the London player runs straight through the gap where Dixon would have been. A another thing that stood out for me was how the hell that ground is up to professional standards?

  13. 1 hour ago, Crown Flatter said:

    I hope someone can tell us what made us lose our focus and discipline and give away successive set restarts, thus putting the Broncos on the front foot, leading to five unanswered tries.

    Let’s hope it was just a blip because I think our discipline and focus as been pretty good this season. London Skolars away on Saturday so it’s a quick turnaround but a great chance to get the defeat today and get it out of our system. We need to concentrate on getting out of championship 1 now.

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  14. Big game on Sunday and it’s a game I think we can win,plus only one game away from Wembley. London have had one or two players in on loan from super league clubs so I don’t think they will be able to play. Hopefully we’ll have Sykes and Ferguson back in this weekend,even though the players that came in last week didn’t let us down

    London 16

    Dewsbury 18

    Fts Whiteley

    Mom Sykes 

    Att Not announced 😉

  15. 4 hours ago, creditwhereitsdews said:

    Anyone know why we abstained from the vote today?

    From what I’ve seen on another site,we voted against.

  16. 14 hours ago, phildog said:

    His selection has been coming by I'm surprised that it's now as he's been missing from the Wire team for a few weeks. If it's been an injury hope it doesn't interfere with his participation! ALSO, note that with no8 on his back, he's in direct competition with our Alex!!

    He’s injured.

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